Title: AMBUSHDM.WAD (Ambush Deathmatch)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/ambushdm.zip
Size: 55.05 KB
Date: 01/30/95
Author: Moto
Description: This level was designed to be used in deathmatch mode mainly, but I did throw a few monsters in to allow a user to lump up someone other then a human opponent. This WAD has some real nice defense features that I have not seen in any other WAD to date.
Credits: Special thanks goes to GUNSLINGER for all the play testing and help with new ideas to make the WAD what it is. Thanks to CHAPMAN & SLUGO for playtest- ing development.
Base: Scratch
Build time: Phat Amount of time.
Editor(s) used: EDMAP 1.23 Best editor I have used to date.
Bugs: Completely Bug Free
Rating: (4 votes)
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Kinda strange map, but super sweet for 1994 standards!x
Hajimoto here the author of this WAD. man do I remember the fun not only making this level, but play testing it. The good old days :0)x
I remember this level. It had more secret switches and defensive positions of any level at the time. Awesome memories of this level.x
damn, its awesome. its also number 1234. lolx

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