Title: Avatar Collection #2
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/avatar2.zip
Size: 456.33 KB
Date: 06/30/95
Author: Mackey McCandlish
Description: 5 great Deathmatch specific levels, each well tested and including not only great technique but great amounts of texture alignment, too (and with the coming of Avatar2, new floors and walls). Be aware, however, that the Avatar2 levels are more complex then the Avatar1s and are not as immidiately appealing (a couple are downright wacky).
Credits: The DEU team, DETH authors, and Brian Hess for helping me test it. Additional credits go to the #doom IRC gang and the guys on a local game server I call (Multiplayer BBS): For Cavern: NoSkill, _Aryj, Ratbert, Genesisk (GKpak), Stragenl (Danzig#), _BADCRC_, Bar0n, and Slug. For Visplane: Rick, sysop of ME BBS, for mentioning an idea for a wad to me. I started working on it and then went off in a totally different direction. For Hilltop: Jonathan Pribble.. for being there when we were playing another one of my pwads and I got the idea of just trying to defend one area while the other guy tries to break in. For FotoReal: DBZ, Guyver, and Foolkiller of ME BBS. For FestHaus: The Danzig gang for getting me hooked on cool small detailed wads like Danzig19.

!!!!!RUN AVATAR2.BAT!!!!!
Base: Varied.. more time than Avatar1.. usually around 1-2 days.
Build time: About a month.
Editor(s) used: DETH and wad1to2.
Bugs: Maybe a river bug here and there..

!!!!!RUN AVATAR2.BAT!!!!!
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Hmm, some maps are way too cramped, some are pretty good. I like the sky texture. I can't knock it too hard, after all, this was 1995. This guy went on to write the story for Modern Warfare 2 - Yet ANOTHER CoD team member who was a Doomer 20 years ago! I swear, everyone who made the CoD games loved Doom, ironic becasue of Doomers hating CoD.x
and THIS is legendary? 1,5/5x

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