Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/bacardi1.zip
Size: 396.63 KB
Date: 04/29/96
Author: LORDUNUM (Samuel Lock)
Description: Ahem, here goez...
Credits: iD of course and the creators of THE BEST editor and the best node builder(s): * DETH *, WARM and ZenNode!

James Pelayo (The Red Baron) for helpin me through some tough times, and all those trips to Six Flags California, etc., etc. :)

DR. SLEEP for the aforementioned godly editor: * DETH * !!! And what a WEB page! NOW that's a dedicated person! =)

/\/ | \/\ Also to all my testers and fellow frag-mates on the Long Beach DWANGO server! A lotta thanx go to: R U L Z ! 2KILLU for his KICKASS BBS! <-- 2KILLU'S WAD HOUSE MIDIGUY for inspiration (in making great levels)! A L W A Y Z and the quality MUSIK! NOBLE for just being there (and also some inspiration)! ;) A N D NASH and FANG for all the great (and CLOSE) matches we've had! TRIGGER, SQWUTANG, ULTRAMAN, BARON, SEARCHER, TAL, 4 E V A ! FYRE, CHAEL, JAE, CRONO, DIO, KHARMA, DYNAMIX, BOND, ASSASIN, BSTILL, GUNNER, TMACK31, RYAN, GROND, HAPPYMAN, MASTERB, MEGAMAN, PALIJIM, EDZKY, JIM, BLISTER, ANONYMOS, heck and even GAMEBOY (hehe) for the endless hourz and hourz AND hourz of DEATHMATCH! SINISTER for the CPU brothahood... ;) CYBERJEN for all the hourz of chat she has provided for us on the Long Beach DWANGO server! -and- PARIAS for FINALLY getting Doom2!! Heheh :) ... AND TO THE REST OF THOSE AWESOME PEOPLE ON DWANGO! (Although I've been off it for a long time....all that damned college work! Maybe I'll get back on someday...although I find LAN gaming awesome now!!!! :) )
Base: New level from scratch (I patterned it after W00P)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DETH v3.0-v3.91, ZenNode v0.98a, WARM v1.6, DCK v3.x (only thing I use it for is cut/pasting) and NWT v1.3 * BTW editors SHOULD be FREEWARE Ben! * I used Paint Shop Pro v3.12 (32bit) for the texture and graphics..can anyone recommend a MUCH better graphic-modifying program? Crappy anti-aliasing as you can tell! Corel Photo-Paint did not do that well either. I ONLY USE THE BEST TOOLS NOW!
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5 pretty darn good DM maps, most of which can be found in LBDWANGO.wad. Using "Finish Him!" as a pain sound must have been SO ANNOYING, but other than that, 3.5*x
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