Title: Brick Death Match: Skin and Heat version 1.1 (An internal demo is now included)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/brickdm.zip
Size: 49.38 KB
Date: 01/01/00
Author: Reviver
Description: This level uses mostly brown textures ( don't worry, it's not ugly.:)) There is a lava pit in the center of the structure. You can use this to damage your enemies if you can shoot him or her in there.

Another feature is a series of teleports. there are eight teleports that allow for quick transportation. They can also be used to cut your opponents off if you can predict thier general movement strategies.

*Important Exit Notice* The exit requires teamwork. Have a player get near the big eye switch(the one in the section with one one of the chainguns.) Have another player get near the headswitch that must operated to get the super shotgun. Player one will flick the large eyeswitch. Player two should open the barrier that blocks off the super shotgun. He or she should an eye switch in a dark corner. This the exit switch.
Credits: Suprisingly, E1M1 of Doom I. Greensting and his competitor, for providing me with a demo.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: This was built within a week.
Editor(s) used: Doomed 4.0 and Wintex.
Bugs: ???
Rating: (1 vote)
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A very straightforward DM arena. Even if you haven't played this map, you've likely played something just like it.x

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