Title: Brick War Deathmatch
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/brickwar.zip
Size: 188.3 KB
Date: 01/26/96
Author: Michael R. Myers
Description: This is a new direction in wad creation for me. This time, there are human sergeants, wolfenstein soldiers and chaingunners to get in your way and to wear down your armor and health, as well as deplete your precious inventory. Try this level with monster respawn! The settings are also enabled for 4 player deathmatch, so if anyone out there tries it, please let me know!!! There is music by sOUNDGARDEN and new weapon sounds. I wrote some things on the walls.. Please E-mail me, if you really want to, with your thoughts, ideas, praises and/or criticisms!! Hope you like it--it took forever to build!!! There are also switches that are hidden that you'll need to find to get to key areas of the level--like the exit!!
Credits: Olivier Montanuy, the author of wintex 3.4, which I used to edit the sounds, musics and graphics for this level. He was kind enough to help me personally get a grasp on the basics of wintex 3.4 via e-mail. After you use Wintex, thank him by E-mail for his work, and try Wintex 4.x--much easier to use than 3.4!! Also--various authors on AOL for their wave and midi files--im didn't get yoour names, but I used your works. At least I mentioned the fact...I could've been selfish!!
Base: New Level from scratch
Build time: Way too long--maybe a moonth and a half, a little here, a little there. Longer than i wanted!!!
Editor(s) used: Waded 1.83, Wintex 3.4, MIDI2MUS(for music conversion) and MUS2MIDI( for musics again), Windows 3.1 Paintbrush
Bugs: I got lazy with texture alignment--this is a hobby, not a job!!
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