Title: British WADpack Season 11
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/brit11.zip
Size: 995.63 KB
Date: 11/04/97
Author: Danny Lancashire, Stuart McKendrick
Description: 5 highly original DM levels, and probably the last from the BDL team as we know it (see ending note). Regardless of how Season11 turns out, we hope you can appreciate these wads for what they are.

Much, much more complex than previous Brit WAD's both aesthetically AND playability wise. Take the time to learn them, and enjoy what is the superlative BDL WADpack.

Brit11 : The only wad pack with *fantastic* looks which DON'T hinder gameplay!

The music accompanying each level is pretty good too, and suits the style.
Credits: The respective partners of both Authors, for their patience and understanding. Thanks Luv ! :)

All other forms of inspiration for the creation of this deathmatch compilation.

A.Czerwonka for some textures.
Base: All Levels (bar map 2) were built from scratch.
Build time: Hard to quantify ... around 4 months, all told.
Editor(s) used: Deep 97 v9.0 - v9.50, Waded 1.38 Beta, DCK v2.

WinTex v4.3 for putting all the levels together and for inserting graphics, sounds etc.

BSP v1.5x for final node building.
Bugs: During the build cycle the level authors found they were constantly having to re-think certain aspects of EVERY level in this pack. And all because the limits of the Doom ][ v1.9 engine had been reached !

This also accounts for why so many different titles were used in the making of Brit11.

Suffice to say that this should be near bloody immaculate !
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