Title: Cabala.Wad for doom2 by id software
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/cabala.zip
Size: 166.84 KB
Date: 12/02/95
Author: Zeppmaster.....(MOoOoNiE, dwango name)
Description: A fast paced arena deathmatch with an exit Simple in design. Makes for a great deathmatch Good layout of weapons. INCLUDES MUSIC BY METALLICA new sounds for pistol, singlebarrel shotgun, chaingun, missile Launcher, plasma gun, and a few new death sounds. A few of these sounds you may recognize from certain wads used on dwango... heh heh.
Base: new level from scratch
Build time: Like a week.. i know im incredibly slow
Editor(s) used: Doomcad, New wad tool, Warm
Bugs: As if........
Rating: (1 vote)
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Above-average duel map from 1995. This one is definitely going into a DM compilation.x

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