Title: CaCHoWaD
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/cachowad.zip
Size: 298.15 KB
Date: 06/09/96
Author: RiCHaRD D a D D ; BLM ; FCToR
Credits: ALL iD GoDS and The PeoPLe who Spent his lifes working in thiS ViRtuaL LeiSureS. anD to The GreY 64BiTS MaChine who SleePS in my room.And To the people oF ORigiN for HiS MaGNiFicEnT SySTeM ShoCK!
Base: NaSioEnLaSProFuNdiDaDeSdeLAVERNo!
Build time: MaKiNG a DEaTHMaCTH WaD iS no WorTHy,so DoNT SAy AnyThin! I WaNNa SEE SiNGLE PLaYErS WaDS,ok? LeTS the ReVeNaNTs be YouR GuiDinG LiGHT
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.2 , MiDi2Mus , DEuTEx , WiNtEx .SB SofT 4 SouNdS ANd PainT ShoP Pro 4 GraPhiCS & PatChESs!
Bugs: BugS? QUeSeSO?? LaM FaCToR HaS No BuGs ... DiGNiTy ... ALLwaYS DiGNiTy ...

If YoU ReAD -FRoM LM FCToR- you haVE . QualiTY,MaN. I MEAN -> NO BUGs,AwESoME WaD
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Maybe one of the most annoying textfiles ever written, the maps themselves are actually kinda charming, even as tiny singleplayer maps.x

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