Title: Cage of Death
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/cage2.zip
Size: 11.25 KB
Date: 07/31/95
Author: Magus
Description: This is my first wad, so I'd appricate any feedback. This is a wad design for pure Deathmatch (as it was ment to be) only, which means, no BFG or Plasma! only one chain gun, but lots of shotguns, super-shotguns and a few rocket launchers.

The basic form of the level is a big oval with a giant cage-looking-thing in the middle. there are also a couple of coriders leading off from the main room. the trick of this level, is that most of the weapons are in that big middle cage... It's fairly easy to get into and out of (you can tp in [;) lots of opertunities for tp frags;)] and open the door via a couple of switchs, and you can get out by walking over certain spots in the floor (clearly marked).) BUT, if the other player/players knows how (you'll do it accidently alot before you figure it out) they can start/stop the ceiling crusher! crushing your foes to death is always fun >;)

Also, there's one monster... A cyber-demon in the crusher area... I just put him in there to make life intresting at the begining of the game.

Dare you brave the Cage of Death? Can you grab the rocket launcher and shoot your friend before the ceiling crushes you? play and find out....
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Great map, cool for shooting your so-called "friends" in the face.x

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