Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/catwalk2.zip
Size: 15.75 KB
Date: 08/16/98
Author: Sidearm Joe
Description: An arena style deathmatch for two players. The centrepiece is a "fake 3D" double bridge. The map has a Quake-esque look and atmosphere. It is an updated design from the original catwalk.wad, and has a few new graphics.

The map contains: Tons of snipe spots, plenty of telefrag action, many opportunities for mid-air frags and bloody deaths. There are no spots where someone can "camp" in complete safety.
Credits: Id Software for Doom Ben Morris (dck-help@islandnet.com) for DCK Marc Rousseau (rousseaum@pictel.com) for Zennode Rand Phares (phares@dg-rtp.dg.com) for Dshrink
Build time: Too damn long getting the bridge to work...
Editor(s) used: DCK 3.0, Zennode 0.98a, Dshrink
Bugs: The 3D Bridge isn't perfect. Projectile weapons don't always work properly when fired from and/or laterally across the bridges. Sometimes the projectile will disappear, other times it will explode in your face. This is obviously only an issue with the rocket launcher. Bullet weapons can be fired across, over and through the 3D sections of the bridges without a problem.
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