Title: Catch'em and Kill'em I
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/ck1.zip
Size: 17.96 KB
Date: 05/14/95
Author: Geoff Symanczyk
Description: This DOOM II pwad was designed with 2/4-player deathmatch in mind. It's got no monsters UNLESS you use -SKILL 4 or 5. This will present you with a "Final Enemy" like the dude on level #32 (I'm to lazy to put monsters in, so this way, it'll randomize it for me :) Lots of dark corners/rooms to hide in to surprise your buddy. All weapons except the Plasma Gun and the BFG9000 are there, you've just got to look for them (I dont like the P.G. or BFG in deathmatch... spend a long time getting ammo and one flukey shot from the BFG and your SCReWeD! and the P.G. is a stupid weapon! (:-)

Also, if you're wondering what the "jail" is for, well, notice the door can only be OPENED like normal. It has to be closed from another spot and CANT be opened from the inside. You take it from there... >:-)
Credits: Id Software - AWESOME GAME! Alan J. Post - for FRAGME.WAD which gave me a basic design idea for CK1.WAD (Good Job!) Greg Fudger - You and your Plasma Gun - Get a real man's weapon!
Base: FRAGME.WAD by Alan J. Post
Build time: 15 +/- 100 hours.
Editor(s) used: DEU 2 Complete v6.66
Bugs: None
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