Title: CNTRMSUR.WAD (Countermeasure)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/cntr101.zip
Size: 140.84 KB
Date: 02/07/96
Author: Ernie Miller
Description: A DEATHMATCH ONLY wad for Doom][. The general idea I had when designing this level was to keep it fair. Everyone starts in a similar area and gets a chance to pick up a shotgun before they enter the arena. Almost anything that one player may decide to try, an alert player can attempt to prevent. The exit is cooperative, easy to figure out. (Hint: There may be a little more than the exit switch in the red room! keep an eye open for it to lower when someone goes for the rocket launcher, and you'll be well prepared to handle them when they re-enter the arena! :) )
Credits: Ben Morris for designing the best DOS Doom editor out there, DCK! The entire staff at Renegade Graphics for putting out the only Windows Doom editor that doesn't crash every five seconds, DoomED Deluxe! (Soon to be called EgoED) The author of "Photographic," a MOD which I converted to MIDI and then to MUS for game music. Alexander Stock, author of the MOD2MIDI utility. Olivier Montanuy, author of Wintex. Virgil Itliong, for the sky texture from his well- designed CHURCH.WAD Herb Myers (EET) for _EXTENSIVE_ 2 player beta testing. The entire gang of Doomers at Surf Board BBS for comments and suggestions!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Way too long!
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.2, DoomED Deluxe, WinTex, MOD2MIDI, MIDI2MUS, TBSP
Bugs: So all the textures may not be perfectly aligned. Sue me! I did my best to get all the major ones though... :)
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