Title: Crypt.wod (spooky, huh?)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/crypt.zip
Size: 36.5 KB
Date: 12/20/96
Author: Jake Locke, October '96
Description: Tied of playing badly constructed pwads with boring graphics, I've come up with this luvverly level. It's deathmatch only and centres around a church at night. I think the setting is quite atmospheric; hope you like it.
Credits: Dan Holland and Jon Ward.
Base: New level
Build time: Probably ages.
Editor(s) used: RG Doomed Deluxe - nice windows based editor. Ade2 (Doom2 ono) - for the nitty gritty New Wad Tool to insert the graphics Ed209 v1.1 - mostly very slick editor. TBSP v2.2 - speedy bsp program, that lets you do deep pools etc.
Bugs: No real bugs but... There is a minor design fault with the way I did the tombstones, though you won't notice. Also, since I have used pools with depth the graphics junk if you die in them, as your head slips beneath the floor height!

You should find it a very clean level, with tasteful lighting, graphics, and well aligned textures.
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Even though it's a bit cramped for my tastes, this is a cool DM level.x

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