Title: Chainsaw's Tubes
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/cstube.zip
Size: 37.97 KB
Date: 08/06/95
Author: Chainsaw
Description: You are 3 tubes going in circles, with dark tunnels crossing through the center of it. Great for Deathmatch.
Credits: id, people who made DEU 5.21 and the dude who hacked it up for DOOM II, people who made BSP for Windows, Satan for without him I would not be here for all yer enjoyment, and my worshippers.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU2 v5.21, BSP for Windows
Bugs: BUGS? In one of MY levels? Huh uh, no way. Yeah right, don't make me laugh, ha! that's stupid...
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