Title: Hate Doors
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/a-c/cwdmhd.zip
Size: 9.22 KB
Date: 04/03/13
Author: ClumsyWizard
Description: This is a recent speedmapped Death match level utilizing marble textures, and a few bits of things I picked up from a FFA Session on ZDaemon. This is my second wad I have ever completed, and more than likely the first to be successfully uploaded to /idgames.

This level is a square room with a surrounding ring, and two side rooms. Rocket Launcher, Chaingun, and Super Shotgun are in here as well as the BFG. I expect this to be lukewarm in terms of receiving by the community. This was originally to have a few doors in it, but I absolutely suck at making working doors.

Constructive critising comments are welcome as well as the other.. posts that are frequent on here.
Credits: Brit10 for inspiration.
Base: ment.
Build time: 30 Minutes, 42 Seconds
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder, SLADE3
Bugs: Misaligned textures that I couldn't fix. Uneven parallel rooms. Over-usage of Green Textures.
Rating: (3 votes)
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I should've ran this by myself before I uploaded. I realized the issues and quickly fixed the majority as well as redesigned most of the level while keeping the base arena. Man, was this hurrible.x
Map lump is "I HATE D", you either need to use the MAPXX format. Unpeg both the lower and upper textures to vertically align the texture. This will mess up the offset of the middle texture. The only way to fix this in shitty vanilla format is to make a duplicate of the midgrate texture with an offset 19 pixels lower.x

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