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D-O-A Death On Arrival
This is the first Deathmatch Wad I have...Date:01/21/96
Size:22.98 KB
Author:Patrick Davey

Let's Get D00PID for DOOM ][ Deathmatch
d00pid.wad built from scratch while scratching my butt. heheheheh. doh! Supports Deathmatch only...Date:02/16/96
Size:115.11 KB

An arena with several pillars in the center with enemies on them as turrets and sevaral other structures for cover. There are also several teleporters leading to miscelaneous treasures. NO EXIT. DESIGNED WITH ALT-DEATHMATCH 2.0 IN MIND(+ENEMIES COMIN...Date:12/09/94
Size:17.47 KB
Author:Gus Hurwitz

An excellent deathmatch level for Doom II. We think it offers the best gameplay around - try it and see !...Date:01/30/95
Size:89.45 KB
Author:Larry Farr

Disaster Area
A wad for duel with DOOM2.wad...Date:06/28/16
Size:32.71 KB
Author:Maxime "Datacore" Bisiaux

These are the best Deathmatch levels I and my friends have made over the last 2 years. It covers nearly all types of DM, fraggin Fragfests to sniper levels, there will be at least ONE you'll find amazing ! LOTS of fun guaranteed (thoroughly playteste...Date:04/02/03
Size:683.62 KB
Author:Steffen Itterheim aka DOOM ADDICT / Jrgen Kroder aka KFP

This is a DEATHMATCH wad for Doom ][. That is its only purpose. It was not designed for single-player or different levels. It has no new graphics or sounds. It is a deathmatch pure and simple. I tried to give it a few good features to make...Date:11/29/95
Size:8.13 KB
Author:Phred Phunk

A poor deathmatch-only map. No exit....Date:09/04/12
Size:4.39 KB
Author:Same guy of "The Lord"

The Quake dm2 deathmatch level. Designed as a DooM2 level, it should look familiar if you are a Quake skull cracker. Please E-mail your comments!!...Date:08/05/97
Size:72.19 KB
Author:Larry "Rocketman" Herring

D2.WAD (New version, 1.0)
This is the second level that I have released, (*Note: Not my _very_ second level, I have made hundreds, which are all sitting on my hard drive, but the second level which I think is good enough to upload.) It is also the first Deathmatch Level I hav...Date:02/17/96
Size:41.97 KB
Author:Michael Freeth

This is the Doom II conversion of my level KILL_EM.WAD. But unlike most DOOM to DOOM II conversions, I've made lots of changes. The level itself is a medium-sized one, with a main arena, passages, and two smaller rooms, each with some tricks and s...Date:10/11/95
Size:253.68 KB
Author:Martin Cox

A reconstruction of Map 2 in Duke Nukem 3D. This is a great 2 player deathmatch and as a 4 player deathmatch it's a scream!...Date:03/28/96
Size:45.37 KB

D9-2-2.WAD for DOOM II!
D9-2-2! Well its finally here, the last 3 levels of the D9 series for Doom2! If I do say so myself these 3 levels are the finest of the series, and complete the 10 level mini episode I have been working on! A must have for any D9 fan! I have included...Date:01/30/95
Size:127.99 KB
Author:Mal Blackwell

Size:8.45 KB
Author:Scott Sandvig

Size:10.99 KB
Author:Scott Sandvig

Size:8.55 KB
Author:S. S.

This is my house as a Doom II-level (I know it's not a new idea, but I think it's one of the better house levels). DeAtHmAtCh TiMe!!!!!!...Date:03/20/96
Size:32.49 KB
Author:Christoph Worm aka G()/\/Z()

This level was designed to be used as a Deathmatch level for Doom2. All weapons are available. There are monsters roaming around and there is an exit. There are many hiding spots, teleporters, and great shooting points. The teleporters are designed s...Date:10/22/95
Size:27.76 KB
Author:Franco Ielapi

A great DM level, for 2 players it's very cool! For 3 players it starts to get pretty intense! For 4 players it's a complete frag fest!...Date:02/17/96
Size:131.13 KB
Author:(level design) Cole Savage (MaNCeR)

Damage Inc. for DOOM ][ Deathmatch
Damage is one of the fastest PWADs i wrote, with some new sound and music, Put aside a couple of hours, set the volume to about 9 1/2, and get ready for some real damage!!...Date:12/08/95
Size:198.61 KB
Author:Luciano Fiocco -VGS Sysop

Damien's DOOM [The Deathmatch Zone]
This level is my first try as a Deathmatch level. Damien wrote a map for me during the Math class, and the following Monday we first tried it in a 4-player network play. Now we are proud to bring you the final version, featuring: South-East * The ...Date:05/17/95
Size:16.94 KB
Author:Damien NIVET (designing) Yves RIZOUD (map editing)

The Damned City
The town after earthquake... And the EVIL coms from underground... DEAH comes !!!! =8-E~~~ Kill your enemy in the ruined town and under the ground, in the heart of EVIL!...Date:08/06/97
Size:2.04 MB
Author:Smirnov E.A., Lomovsky E.Y., Bukolov D.Y.

This is an outdoor "City" Level designed for Deathmatch with a few things in mind: a. Variety. I wanted a level that lacked the typical mirror symmetry of many WADs. Almost all the buildings are unique and offer interesting locations to earn your fra...Date:07/17/95
Size:150.16 KB
Author:Emilio Galasso

This is an outdoor "City" Level designed for 2 or 3 player Deathmatch. It was intended to be the sequel to my Damnation Alley WAD (damn1a.wad) but it was never entirely completed due to lack of interest. After playing Damnation Alley, many people hav...Date:04/09/96
Size:116.14 KB
Author:Emilio Galasso

Damn Box!
Damn Box is a small deathmatch level inspired by danzig 17 and 19. I hope it's different enough so I don't get sued. The box is mentioned below. It plays very quickly and full o' laughs. Keep reading You aren't safe no matter where you try to hide....Date:12/23/95
Size:244.3 KB
Author:Owen Williams

Dance! (or die)
Awesome DOOM II deathmatch wad from V i S i O...Date:06/23/96
Size:304.17 KB
Author:Pablo Costas

Death and Destruction
This level is designed especially for deathmatch. It's great fun for two players games, and really boring with one player, becuase theres no monsters... but, it's a great 2-3 player deathmatch wad Level-specific notes: Made just for Deathmatch and ju...Date:01/11/05
Size:32 KB
Author:Kevin Roels

Dan Deathmatch Level #2
A indoor arena style DeathMatch level. Plain and simple fighting in a large, multi-level room....Date:09/01/95
Size:18.22 KB
Author:Dan Bateman

Dan's War
Size:33.22 KB
Author:Daniel Thomas Chard

DanzHall -- Heaven for light-stepping, shotgun-slinging, super-studs of Doom
A death-match only level utilizing only shotguns. The playing field is semi-open using lighting and teleports to spice things up....Date:10/28/95
Size:15.29 KB
Author:Walt Armour

Danzig for DOOM ][ Deathmatch
Danzig1.wad is a set of five tight, fast levels for intense DOOM ][ Deathmatch; includes two secret levels. Supports various modes of play (see below) and monsters (use respawn)....Date:05/22/95
Size:90.59 KB
Author:B. Vannatta and B. Weldon: Map11 - B. Vannatta Map12 - B. Vannatta Map13 - B. Weldon Map14 - B. Vann

Danzig for DOOM ][ Deathmatch
Danzig2.wad is a concatenation of the second five Danzig pwads. These levels are designed for intense two-, three-, or four-player DOOM ][ Deathmatch. Supports various modes of play (see below) and monsters (use respawn)....Date:09/11/95
Size:119.94 KB
Author:Map16 - B. Weldon Map17 - B. Vannatta Map18 - B. Vannatta Map19 - B. Vannatta Map20 - B. Vannatta

This is a small ss wad, good for 4 players....Date:01/01/96
Size:21.13 KB

Fights in the Darkness
A dark deatmatch level with a few weapons and some trap places....Date:01/05/97
Size:13.62 KB
Author:Jesper Bohmann

Medieval Deathmatch
Medieval theme deathmatch level...Date:04/30/98
Size:30.71 KB
Author:David Gevert

DARKMATCH2 Retrebution
Darkmatch2 is the second of probably many furious DM maps for probably THE greatest DooM add-on in History... DARKENING E2. (Once again Ebola bows in respect of the ...Date:04/22/01
Size:11.51 KB
Author:Kristian "Ebola" Kll

DARKMATCH2 Retrebution
Size:16.39 KB
Author:Kristian "Ebola" Kll

Dark Maze
Size:10.74 KB
Author:Christopher John Hammett

Darkmatch Combo
Darkmatch Combo is a combination of two small and furious DM maps - Darkmatch1: Hardcore & and Darkmatch2: Retribution. This "combo" version includes the necessary textures and flats so no additional files are required. This wad includes graphic...Date:11/11/02
Size:250.39 KB
Author:Kristian "Ebola" Kll

The Dark Tower
Well, um, I think the title sums it up right? ;) Seriously, the level is fairly simple (like most of my levels) consisting of an outside playing field and a central tower with no interior lighting that contains the more powerful weapons. The most pow...Date:09/27/96
Size:61.94 KB
Author:Samuel Lock (aka Lord Unum, Marduk)

DaScott map 01
Fast and furious deathmatch with nowhere to hide. Teleporters and indicator lights make things interesting and telefrags are abundant. Skills 1-3 have no plasma or BFG for wusses who can't handle them.. skills 4 and 5 with old deathmatch is what th...Date:11/27/95
Size:181.04 KB
Author:Darryl Scott

DaScott 2
A medium sized simplified DM level designed for three to four players (or teams) using altdeath rules. Makes for great relief after hours of die-a-lot wads, but there is NO lack of action here. The actual layout is simple but attractive, and there...Date:12/06/95
Size:174.27 KB
Author:Darryl "DaScott" - Level Design, Sound Effects, graphics

DaScott v2
An improvment of DaScott.wad.. adds more levels, spreads the weapons out more, and uses all 10 DM starts. Includes fun things like indicator lights, instant lifts, and of course the nasty BFG telefrag trap....Date:01/29/96
Size:111.32 KB
Author:Darryl "DaScott" - Level Design, Sound Effects

Dathzor bit 1
The first three maps od hte upcoming deathmatch wad 'Dathzor'. The maps are: Normal arena-like "No turning back", urban-like "Road to Shambala" and spammy humouristic water map "JESUS"....Date:03/29/05
Size:92.98 KB

Size:32.11 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. 4-D CREATIONS [reddawg]

Size:440.42 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. 4-D CREATIONS [reddawg]

Da Cross-Roads
What a nice Cross in the ceiling, finally some good clerics, but wait, when I cross the room the cross is turned around...... Oh no, Evil Clerics, they summoned loads o...Date:01/10/98
Size:46.43 KB
Author:The Dark Lord

Intended for one of two types of play. 1: One-on-one or team play--where each team only chooses their colored teleporter in the start room. (Thus, they will always start in their own tower.) 2: Full deathmatch with no rules what-so-ever! ...Date:09/25/97
Size:91.58 KB
Author:David Merrill

DoomBall ][ Gold Edition
Size:359 KB
Author:creature. aka. Dan Tyrrell Paul Turnbull had the original idea for this wad

Single-room deathmatch style. Revenents in all four corners, lifts to the better weapons expose the player well. Good use of light and dark to effect the play....Date:09/25/97
Size:11.55 KB
Author:David Merrill

Players race to the end of the map down two long paths. Remember it is deathmatch! First one to the end wins!...Date:11/13/97
Size:28.85 KB
Author:David Merrill

This file has 2 maps. Map one is strictly team play only. Map two is available for 2 or 4 players. YOU MUST PLAY THIS MAP WITH THE MONSTERS TURNED ON!!!!!! SKILL 5 IS THE ONLY WAY TO FLY HERE, ANY LESS IS FOR WEENIE BOYS!...Date:01/27/96
Size:272.04 KB
Author:Grond, Dio & Mrs. Grond

Three dm levels, small and simple, but very effective with more than two players....Date:09/25/97
Size:200.07 KB
Author:David Merrill

Sin City
Very fast-paced one room deathmatch level. Several lifts and great places to effectively dodge AND shoot all of the big weapons. If you switch the middle switch, you'll all have your hands full!...Date:11/13/97
Size:9.45 KB
Author:David Merrill

A KICKEN deathmatch wad. 19 Levels of our version of hell! New graphics, sounds, and nightmares!...Date:06/22/96
Size:849.87 KB
Author:Spamjav, Shrew, Gunpwdr, Nathan, Phatman, Dynamo

My second big deathmatch level....Date:06/10/95
Size:39.68 KB
Author:Damien Carsburg (The DarkAngel)

[Edmonton, Alberta,CAN]: On-Line Reality's third Doomsday tournament was an incredible success. Taking place on December 1, 2, and 3; this event gathered 130 participants together for 3 days of dooming. A total of $650.00 was raised for the loca...Date:12/21/95
Size:425.79 KB
Author:On-Line Reality

DOOM II Deathmatch wad in a sewer setting. In fact I was going to call it sewer.wad but it was taken. There is a big open area surrounded by other rooms at various hights....Date:02/20/96
Size:11.92 KB
Author:Robert Waltman

A Medium sized wad in which you can comfortably kill your friends whilst surrounded by nice scenery and listening to great music. Intended for deathmatch. Please E-mail your reviews of this WAD. I'd like to know how I did!...Date:04/14/96
Size:67.38 KB
Author:Shawn Smith (with a large amount of help from Peter Tomlinson)

Great Deathmatch for Doom 2 Small arena for deathmatch The BFG is down at the bottom of the pool in the center, hence the name of this wad....Date:08/05/95
Size:133.65 KB
Author:David Davidson (AKA DRILLER)

This Wad took about 1 and a half weeks to make I hope you enjoy this wad.It is great for DeathMatches Without Monsters ,because there are plenty of places to hide. Watch around corners,and for the CyberDemon he hard to kill and you would be...Date:06/01/96
Size:26.4 KB
Author:Ray Barnette (CRYSTAR)

Death1.Wad (Deathsword1.wad)
Not big, but small for intense Deathmatch action. You need to work with your enemy to beat Lev. because there are 2 switches....Date:04/07/96
Size:4.42 KB
Author:Jeff Cole (DeathSword)
Intense 2/3 player DeathMatch, Cool architecture Lots of surprises, including a Moving staircase! Good fun :)...Date:04/27/95
Size:13.53 KB
Author:Mike Muir
Intense 2/3 player DeathMatch, lots of space to move in, not cramp for room. Skill needed to get the plasma gun (cause i think its too much of a kainer to be obtained easily :) Aligned textures, support for just about any kind of play, multiple heigh...Date:04/27/95
Size:17.38 KB
Author:Mike Muir
Intense 2/3 player DeathMatch, lots of space to move in, not cramp for room. Skill needed to get the plasma gun (cause i think its too much of a kainer to be obtained easily :) Aligned textures, support for just about any kind of play, multiple heigh...Date:04/27/95
Size:13.42 KB
Author:Mike Muir

Size:44.24 KB
Author:Stephen Ridd
It is for doom2, strictly deathmatch for dwango....Date:10/09/95
Size:15.09 KB
Author:Midiguy (Dale B.)

Death For You
The first of my Death4u collection. You need good aim and control to survive in this dmatch wad....Date:03/20/96
Size:10.52 KB
Author:Jeremiah Bean

Death City
This is my second wad it's mainly for deathmatch....Date:08/24/96
Size:52.67 KB
Author:Gary Fereday

This is a fast deathmatch episode for Doom ][ for 2, 3 or 4 players. Great !...Date:05/21/95
Size:61.06 KB
Author:Sebastien Bacquet

Death Later

Author Wayne Leutwyler

Email Address

Doom 2 Deathmatch PWAD. Contains 4 Large rooms with many tunnels, and teleporters. Lots of places to hide. Each teleporter takes you to a singe room where 4 other teleporters wait. Warning dont stay in this room to long. Other Wads by author homela...Date:11/23/95
Size:35.89 KB
Author:Wayne Leutwyler

Email Address

Description Doom 2 Deathmatch PWAD

Mage's second deathmatch level *deaTHma2*
One deathmatch level. Kill your best friend!!!...Date:05/18/11
Size:42.38 KB
Author:Matej "Mages" Zary
six excellent deathmatch wads...Date:04/12/95
Size:243.17 KB
Author:Kyle Ver Steeg

Size:213.92 KB

This is a DOOM II pwad that was designed specifically with 2-player Deathmatch 2.0 in mind. Works pretty well with 4 players too. It is very difficult to get to the exit in a one player game. It took me a lot of times to finally pass it. If you like ...Date:01/30/95
Size:6.57 KB
Author:Ryan Caine

Death Pit
A good deathmatch wad. All textures are alinged. The gameplay is good. You can use the BFG, SSG, plasma rifle, and rocket launcher in this level, and there is enough ammo to use. For a better description of this level, go to my website....Date:12/20/98
Size:4.91 KB
Author:Voodoo Master

This level is not too big. Two players should frag every minute or less but the more the merrier! It features great texture alignment, cool arcitecture, limited hiding spots, and a overall great response from the people who have played ...Date:03/21/96
Size:118.71 KB
Author:Joel Huenink

Tableau de deathmatch
Ces tableaux ont ete cree pour jouer en deathmatch....Date:01/02/96
Size:15.07 KB
Author:Jean-Francois Lesperance

A very good solo and multi-player level that looks the business (Well I would say that wouldn't I :-)...Date:04/11/95
Size:69.95 KB
Author:Original idea - Darren Malley Adapted and built - Andrew Harvey

Outdoor Deathmatch with plenty of sniper holes, birdseye views and space to hide for the coward. Chainguns only and plenty of ammo....Date:01/30/95
Size:48.09 KB
Author:Chris Kleymeer

a fun deathmatch
A main big room with a RL, and lots of opennings to other rooms, stairs, corridors. Watch for the Playboy room where you will find the Blue Armor. Also, there's a secret teleportation to a red room near the plasma gun !?!?......Date:08/25/95
Size:102.77 KB
Author:Ludo Texier

Decamatch (version 1.0)
TeamOnslaught is proud to present our first WAD: Decamatch, these ten excellent high speed deathmatch levels. NB. If you don't have this text file(uh?), then you can extract it from the "TXTFILE" WAD resource....Date:12/26/97
Size:646.54 KB
Author:TeamOnslaught. We are: Luke Cama "Spike" Vince Fong "Vkiller" Simon Howard "Fraggle" Tom Robinson "M

Decamatch II Annihilation
The sequel to the excellent deathmatch compilation Decamatch. 10 More Deathmatch levels with more concentration to gameplay than the original. NB. If you don't have this text file(uh?), then you can extract it from the TXTFILE WAD resource....Date:09/26/98
Size:871.77 KB
Author:TeamOnslaught. We are: Luke Cama "Spike" Vince Fong "Vkiller" Simon Howard "Fraggle" Tom Robinson "m

Deathmatch wad for DooM2, I have tested this only with 2 players, but you can email me and tell how it works with 3-4 players....Date:02/11/97
Size:36.23 KB
Author:Mika Piirainen

Small level for deathmatch, OUCH. good for BFG...Date:06/27/95
Size:2.51 KB

"10 levels of deathmatch splendor!" Fielding Mellish "This wad's pretty cool" Ben Tajik "OK exit to next level?" Pete Gunder With reviews like that how can you not download this wad? It's 9 of my best levels all from scratch with one brand spanking n...Date:02/28/96
Size:100.68 KB
Author:Joshua Gunder

|Square| made this in 90 minutes while {Hecubus} watched the Simpsons. Yay!...Date:08/15/97
Size:25.74 KB
Author:|Square| and {Hecubus}
Kewl Doom2 WAD. A compilation of WADS Created by Dave 'DEE' E. And Tony 'Spacey' B. Also includes Killer WADS that we picked up along the way. Also features Music by Metallica! These were designed mainly for Deathmatch. Have FUN!!...Date:09/28/95
Size:327.56 KB
Author:Dave 'DEE' E. And Tony 'Spacey' B.

Whipped this one up in 5 minutes. Can you tell? This level was designed to be used as a Deathmatch level for Doom2. The level basically consists of a fort surrounded by a moat. The four corners of the fort are lifts that are used to enter the fort. Y...Date:10/22/95
Size:12.56 KB
Author:Franco Ielapi

Matt`s Deathmatch Series
DEATHMATCH ONLY!...Date:03/10/96
Size:37.96 KB
Author:Matthew Gillett

Cool small deathmatch level...Made for 2 player death- match. There are 2 secrets in this level: secret exit and one -cheater's room- Try to find them! Have fun And don't forget to use "turbo -250"when playing this wad, because if you use keybord it'...Date:09/21/95
Size:10.04 KB
Author:Timmy (The J-U-D-G-E)

Deimos Carnage
Medium sized Doom II deathmatch level with Shores Of Hell style design. Good for 4-6 players....Date:07/13/12
Size:275.83 KB

Delire I
This is a DOOM II DEATHMATCH pwad. Oh,well! It's good!! It's cool!!! It's delirant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. There are others delires in the world! Delire1 not bad! Delire3 The best DEATHMATCH pwad ? SOON MORE DELIRES......Date:04/15/97
Size:19.6 KB
Author:Delire Software

This is a DOOM II DEATHMATCH pwad. P.S. It's the last delire at the moment!!!! There are others delires in the world! Delire1 One of The best DEATHMATCH pwad ? Delire3 A Legend ??? SOON MORE DELIRES......Date:04/15/97
Size:26.09 KB

This is a DOOM II DEATHMATCH pwad. P.S. It's the last delire at the moment!!!! There are others delires in the world! Delire1 One of The best DEATHMATCH pwad ? Delire2 Top secret... No comment... SOON MORE DELIRES......Date:04/15/97
Size:40.32 KB

Stand and Deliver
DOOM II Deathmatch nightmare with no safe place to hide. Watch your back. Compton Style of course...Only Super Shotgunz. Expect kill counts to be in the dozens. Vogue sounds included!...Date:06/27/95
Size:185.79 KB
Author:Timothy J. Vogel and Somebody Else

Demise Deathmatch Series
Small level design and good placement of weapons makes for fast and furious gameplay....Date:02/11/96
Size:49.41 KB
Author:Broderick Arneson

Demolish v6.0
Eight new action-packed deathmatch levels! From the depths of twisty corridors to an open, gladiator type arena comes DEMOLISH! version 6.0 ** Note ** Level 7 remains the same because it is such an awesome deathmatch level on its own, but I put in mu...Date:09/08/97
Size:454.47 KB
Author:Adam Shapiro

Demolish! 2.0
Four sizzling hot new levels made specifically for Deathmatch 2.0 (Alternative Deathmatch). New sounds, graphics, and music....Date:09/28/96
Size:295.35 KB
Author:Adam Shapiro

Demension 7
clean deathmatch level NO BFG...Date:02/28/95
Size:10.62 KB

Size:59.1 KB
Author:David Schultz (Hawk)

The Den of Iniquity ( DEN.WAD )
OK. So you've seen levels made of peoples' houses, workplaces, drinking holes, etc. before. Wot's so special about this house, I hear you cry? Well, I'll tell you. Not only have we spent hours crafting a very detailed map matching very closely the ...Date:11/12/98
Size:508.37 KB
Author:Ralph Jenkin Robb

Fun as shit !...Date:03/30/96
Size:21.01 KB
Author:MIDIGUY (dale b.)
This is a very cool Deathmatch-Level made by Terry Crooke! Lots of fraggin fun, especially with four players........Date:03/20/96
Size:67.29 KB
Author:Terry Crooke

My first big multiplayer level....Date:06/10/95
Size:55.74 KB
Author:Damien Carsburg ( The DarkAngel )

Destroyer of Life for Doom2
This is my first wad ever. Because I don't...Date:03/22/95
Size:10.15 KB
Author:Scott Amore

Set on a Navy Destroyer, I didn't really follow the plans of any particular ship, only added the essential components of ANY ship. It also has a nuclear reactor which houses the BFG ('cause it's just hot stuuuff! :) ) Also this wad should have 100% A...Date:07/30/95
Size:147.12 KB
Author:Brian Hess

Destruction Zone (DESTRUCT.WAD)
I made this wad in an attempt to replace MAP01 in DOOM 2. Level 1 has almost every weapon (no beserk), so does Destruction Zone. Level 1 is small and frags are quick just like Destruction Zone. Four player deathmatch is a blast! I feel that this is...Date:09/03/95
Size:24.18 KB
Author:Erwen Tang

This wad (deth-inc.wad) was made months ago by me with edmap.It is a simple arena wad.Enjoy!...Date:01/14/96
Size:20.99 KB

Deth 2 You
a great deathmatch wad. i put this sucker together very nicely. looks pretty and places pretty good, too, if i do say so myself....Date:10/31/97
Size:110.97 KB

Death For You 3
The second of my Death4u collection. You need good aim and control to survive in this dmatch wad....Date:03/20/96
Size:16.4 KB
Author:Jeremiah Bean

Deathly base
just a silly dm level...with some stupid sound replacements my retarded ass made...Date:07/06/01
Size:256.15 KB

Castle of Death
Killer "castle" style Deathmatch level for Doom2! BFG is there, but smart players can easily keep other players from getting it! Very addicting and excellent layout! This WAD is guarenteed to make you a Doom2 Deathmatch Junkie! :)...Date:03/01/97
Size:214.62 KB
Author:Dan Miler "D-Soft"

Death's Door ][
This great DEATHMATCH level is some small rooms seperated by some doors. There are nooks in the side for weapons and hiding spots. There is a cool room that is all red and there is an AWESOME surprise in there. Only 1 mon- ster, so you can set to res...Date:03/08/95
Size:4.67 KB
Author:Paul Hoskinson

Death Duel
Hopefully this'll be a rad deathmatch level. It's my first level made in EdMap, an awesome level editor! I haven't even played anyone on it yet, so let me know how it is....Date:01/13/95
Size:31.4 KB
Author:Mike Dussault

My attempt at finding the "flow" (That mystical force that makes a deathmatch wad so fraggin' good!). Try it you'll like it!...Date:03/19/95
Size:15.64 KB
Author:Jason Kirby

Flower of Death
A cool deathmatch wad, full of secret areas. Best with 4 players....Date:10/26/96
Size:16.68 KB
Author:Maurizio Serra (Fizban)

Deathmatch Keep
A complex castle for deathmatch play....Date:03/15/97
Size:39.44 KB
Author:Robert Berkowitz

Real Santuary Death
Size:229.87 KB

Death Pit 2
It's a tiny wad specifically designed for a...Date:04/29/96
Size:8.88 KB
Author:Tom Kozera

Death Plaza
This WAD was made in an hour. It is kind of an arena....Date:04/04/96
Size:66.4 KB

This level was made 100% for deathmatch! DOOM2....Date:04/16/95
Size:12.55 KB
Author:Jawed Karim

Death Ring
Two main areas of battle. Both circular. One with stairs, the other is the main war zone with a defensive bunker at each end, both different styles. and some surprises....Date:03/17/96
Size:12.74 KB
Author:Chris Jones

Good for two player DEATHMATCH, and even better for NETDEATH! Lots of sniper kills and possible tele-frags....Date:03/23/95
Size:12.4 KB
Author:Matt Gibson

DETHSTNY.WAD (Destiny ==> Deathstiny... get it?)
This WAD is intended for deathmatch play. There are monsters, but I expect they will soon be killed off leaving only you and your networked buddies. The level is quite large so it is suitable for more than two players. The WAD is mostly well lit, a...Date:06/11/96
Size:51 KB
Author:Magic Joe

Fast paced, furious Dethmatch action in the streamlined halls and of The Tower....Date:03/17/99
Size:87.18 KB

Highly addictive Doom II deathmatch level: DeathWorld! Small, but not cramped, fast-paced a-frag-a-minute fun from the author of tjm_haus. gkdm-inspired. Good mix of wide-open spaces and tight squeezes. As in tjm_haus, noises you make trying to get...Date:03/17/96
Size:21.86 KB
Author:Tom McClure

This level was created expressly for DeathMatch. There are no medikits, spheres, etc. only weapons(shotgun, supershotgun) and ammo. There are a secret passage where you can find the Plasma Gun... if you pass every try. This is not a realistic wad, is...Date:01/19/96
Size:42.71 KB
Author:Dario Bernardi

Devour - Death Match
A Doom II Death Match level, based on "Deathmatch Court Yard", but with additional weapons, teleports, hidden rooms, textures, and more importantly - monsters....Date:10/23/94
Size:14.42 KB
Author:Christopher Mical (Hygelic)

David's DM Level #2
DM level that uses new textures and is designed specifically with head 2 head modem deathmatching. Complex design doesn't get in the way of gameplay....Date:06/07/98
Size:92.85 KB
Author:David Gevert

David's Deathmatch #3: Rerun (dgdm3.wad)
This is an E1 style DM level, designed for two players, but should still be fun with 3-4 players as well, although possibly a bit crowded. The level makes for some short hunting of your enemy in 2 player deathmatch, although it's still a pretty fast-...Date:11/02/98
Size:40.63 KB
Author:David Gevert aka Dagger

Size:32.39 KB

My first wad but I worked hard and playtested it for hours...Date:10/15/95
Size:18.9 KB
Author:Steven Mrozinski

Diaper2 Deathmatch
I made this level because I love 2die, and I wanted to make something like it. If you've played 2die, you'll notice the many similarities. It's harder to get a cheap frag by blasting someone as they come off a lift. Please don't play this in a diffic...Date:01/31/96
Size:48.04 KB

A DOOM 2 WAD with 7 levels, sounds, etc. Best for Deathmatch on a 486 or better....Date:02/27/96
Size:296.4 KB
Author:Warren Racz

DiE'S First Set Of Deathmatch Levels
Size:213.7 KB

Relatively small deathmatch level designed around equilateral triangles, a much less common shape for Doom levels than rectangles or isosceles triangles. There are six switches in the level: a (clearly- labeled) exit switch, a switch by the rocket ...Date:11/01/14
Size:14.66 KB
Author:Peter Kasting

A Very unique DeathMatch Level for DOOM2....Date:02/02/98
Size:18.39 KB
Author:William Green

Anyone in 503 wanna DeathMatch? Imagine being stuck all by yourslef in the cold elevator shaft of a high-rise building infested with alien terrorists. With ony your double barrell at your side you must navigate the labyrinthine corridor...Date:02/16/95
Size:68.95 KB
Author:Jeff Ross

Dieth.wad for Doom 2
A cool Deathmatch wad I made with DEU2....Date:08/22/05
Size:33.09 KB
Author:LL Andy

Deathmatch level with some bad dudes....Date:05/28/96
Size:13.86 KB
Author:Allen Freeman

Die here !
Size:164.08 KB
Author:Jean-Francois Lesperance

Digital Encounter
Doom ][ WAD You'll be laughing your fraggen butt off....Date:06/06/95
Size:357.1 KB
Author:Todd Punderson

Disaster Area
A wad for duel with TNT.wad...Date:06/27/16
Size:24.2 KB
Author:Maxime "Datacore" Bisiaux

EXTREMELY INTENSE!!!!!!! This is probaly the most intense wad you will ever play!...Date:06/21/97
Size:589.04 KB

Dispose of your enemy/enemies in this totally new deathmatch PWAD!!!!! Secrets galore and a super secret room that only the intelligent can figure out!!!!! A must for those deathmatch players who enjoy hunting AND hyperfragging*!!!!! ...Date:06/27/95
Size:13.6 KB

I Would Recommend This For Deathmatch Only. There IS A Way Out Of Every Pit....Date:05/06/05
Size:9.51 KB
Author:Adam Falwell

Divots v4.b
Made by Fuzz of California. \ SYSOP: XDU - 510-886-6513...Date:05/18/96
Size:57.56 KB

This wad rocks! It's wide open, but it's in the dark - good luck...Date:07/25/96
Size:6.82 KB
Author:DJDETH - Phoenix Dwango

Doomkid's Deathmatch!
Here are 15 Vanilla-limit removing DM maps for your enjoyment. Some are known to crash DOS Doom 2 (Damn Visplane overflows!) but every other port including Zdoom, Zdaemon, Zandronum and Doom Legacy all run them just fine. I put a lot of calculation i...Date:02/09/14
Size:994.48 KB
Author:DoomKid (Adam P.)

Doomkid's Deathmatch 2!
Hello again fellow Doomers. Here I have 15 more deathmatch maps for you all to enjoy, as usual! I think people who are familiar with my deathmatch stuff will find these to be above my previous par - I spent more time than usual working on tactical la...Date:03/18/14
Size:1.03 MB
Author:DoomKid (Adam P.)

Doomkid's Deathmatch 3!
Greetings Deathmatch fanatics! I've slaved over Doom Builder yet again and constructed 12 more deathmatch maps for some fun fresh fragging. These ones are a bit different than my older maps, I went in with the goal of creating some really powerful, r...Date:07/11/15
Size:1.45 MB
Author:DoomKid (Adam P.)

dlbigdm or dlfrag or dlfresh
Very fun to play deathmatch wads. Monsters are entirely optional except for the modified ledges level in bigdm where chambers containing monsters are remotely opened to drive other players into the central pit....Date:01/11/97
Size:31.34 KB
Author:David Mastin and Luke Kilpatrick

dlbigdm or dlfrag or dlfresh
Very fun to play deathmatch wads. Monsters are entirely optional except for the modified ledges level in bigdm where chambers containing monsters are remotely opened to drive other players into the central pit....Date:01/11/97
Size:26.37 KB
Author:David Mastin and Luke Kilpatrick

Deluxe Lupo House
You start in hell. Too be more specific, my house. Theres no monsters except your friends and the toilet. Yep ! I made the toilet flush in this version. Just make sure you leave monsters in this one. and yes you can kill the toilet. But its Death mat...Date:08/10/97
Size:118.92 KB
Author:Vince Lupo

imagine a world where humans don't exist only sprites and software where every time you download somthing on to your computer a new building is made in that vurtual world and tournaments to see who the strongest sprite is on the web go on LET THE TOU...Date:04/02/05
Size:4.73 MB
Author:Dark Linux

The Back Alley: Deathmatch for Doom 2
The Back Alley: Deathmatch for Doom 2 in a state of disarray, the back alley sits as dangerous as you have ever seen. Armed with your shotgun, you hunt your prey fearlessly.. and are hunted the same Great deathmatch pwad, warps, hidden walls and lift...Date:08/04/06
Size:21.23 KB

A cool new Doom 2 DEATHMATCH FOR TWO...Date:12/30/05
Size:35.99 KB
Author:Kurt Schulenburg

DeathMatch "Crusher" Arena I
This PWAD is designed specifically for DEATHMATCH. Although you can play single player and co-operatively. The basic design of the level is an arena with four staircases going of it. Then another two staircases and a lift at the end of each of the...Date:12/30/05
Size:28.12 KB
Author:Eddie "Crusher" Walton

This is a deathmatch level! ENJOY! This level is great for one on one deathmatches... not too big (spend too much time running around), nor too small (boring)....Date:04/14/95
Size:29.52 KB
Deathmatch wad for Doom2. This 1 wad includes 32 levels of deathmatch only! This is one of the best deathmatch wads out! All levels are exit-able, and some levels are co-op exits. This wad should be played with monsters on, since a few levels ...Date:04/05/95
Size:480.77 KB
Deathmatch wad for Doom2. This 1 wad includes 32 levels of deathmatch only! This is one of the best deathmatch wads out! All levels are exit-able, and some levels are co-op exits. This wad should be played with monsters on, since a few levels ...Date:04/05/95
Size:514.42 KB
Deathmatch wad for Doom2. This 1 wad includes 32 levels of deathmatch only! This is one of the best deathmatch wads out! All levels are exit-able, and some levels are co-op exits. This wad should be played with monsters on, since a few levels ...Date:04/05/95
Size:604 KB

DM2GM1.ZIP (dm2gm1.wad + .txt)
A DOOM II combo deathmatch / single player wad, designed (deathmatch) to allow for mad dashes into the open under threat of sniper fire, as well as dark ambush sites. Small enough to allow for all-out slugfests as well. Requires 2 switches be thrown ...Date:11/08/94
Size:54.38 KB
Author:Eric C. Reuter

DM2GM2.ZIP (dm2gm2.wad + .txt)
A DOOM II combo hunt'em deathmatch / single player wad. Rather spread out, lots of open areas with little obstruction. Take a while and explore this wad, think you may find it interesting. Contains 6 teleporter dest's. Hmm...what else, oh yeah a Cybe...Date:11/09/94
Size:54.72 KB
Author:Eric C. Reuter

DM-KevEd. DeathMatch-Kill'EmVeryEasilyDude!
Quick & Tough DM level for DOOM ][. Fast action wad, many ways to go, but not too much :) With two main areas, the DethPit (tm) and the Terroridor (tm) all with a great speed, fast pace music....Date:06/05/95
Size:268.43 KB
Author:Eduardo Galvez, The DarkGod of DooM.

King of the Fort "KING.WAD"
King of the Fort is designed for multiplayer DEATHMATCH. There are no monsters. The purpose is obvious, be the one to occupy the Castle and try to keep everyone else out!...Date:12/30/05
Size:34.74 KB
Author:Robert Carlson aka "JET"

MEGADETH 2 (for Doom 2) Version 1.1
The ultimate DeathMatch level. MEGADETH 2 is based on MegaDeth 1 (V 2.4a) but does not incorporate the original version's LASER and MEGAVIOLENCE modes. This level is specifically designed for DEATHMATCH play. It comprises 4 zones: the ATRIUM (cen...Date:12/30/05
Size:214.04 KB
Author:Jaswant S. Hayre

A place for killing each other (some monsters too)....Date:04/13/07
Size:23.16 KB

Hide and Seek
This level was designed for deathmatch play. No monsters. Deathmatch 2.0 (-altdeath) rules are recommended. Features an open play area, rooms for hiding, and elevated perches for long distance spotting/shooting. See special notes below....Date:02/18/05
Size:42.7 KB
Author:Bob Polmanter

Such a Pretty Sight
This is a small WAD for Deathmatch. Set on a small islandish piece of ground. A few hiding places, some interesting spaces, and some delightful surprise kills. Story: It is such a pretty view you'd just like to sit and enjoy it--but that other guy ...Date:12/30/05
Size:17.33 KB
Author:Ashley Gilliam

Do you always find yourself at the business end of a sawed-off, double barreled nightmare? Do you see BLOOD RED more than any other color? Are you really good at mimicking your own death cry? If so, YOU NEED THE DEATHMATCH TRAINER! Wh...Date:11/08/95
Size:39.25 KB
Author:Time Traveler

The complete DM2x.WAD series
Five simplistic 1994 levels....Date:09/04/12
Size:55.51 KB

The Abandoned Base (for Doom II)
This is an effort at converting the much-loved Quake DM3 level (by John Romero) to Doom2. I tried to make it as realistic as possible without adding textures (otherwise it wouldn't properly be Doom2 would it? :) But I did add ambient sounds (very coo...Date:12/27/97
Size:170.18 KB
Author:Tom Robinson (aka Mystican)

DARK PLACES (for DOOM v1.666+)
Another level inspirated by Quake, DM6. Pick up gun, run and shoot! The problem was, how to build one corridor above another......Date:05/18/09
Size:24.97 KB
Author:Martin Klauz

DM6: The Darkish zone
I don't think anyone has done a dm6 conversion yet, so here's my attempt. I had to modify the level slightly because of the limits of Doom, but it includes quake textures and sounds. Users of legacy will also have a replacement 'jump' sound, and a ne...Date:12/08/98
Size:188.42 KB
Author:Simon Howard 'Fraggle'

DM96.WAD part 1
Size:989.04 KB
this is a level one map that is dark very dark so be careful have fun playing this wad...Date:11/29/96
Size:2.4 KB

its a deathmatch map...Date:04/14/24
Size:9.41 KB
Author:Octopus Exodus

Death Match Marathon Wad
You wake up one day trapped in an area that you have never seen before. Wandering around for a while you discover that you are not alone. Another person (or persons depending on the number of players) like you is/are also in the same situation. You g...Date:12/17/97
Size:70.6 KB
Author:Keene Ho

This level is centered around a large arena with four runways to other rooms/weapons. There are four safe starting points and four less safe starting points. All the weapons are there but all have a certain degree of consequence. The idea was that yo...Date:04/29/05
Size:26.74 KB
Author:John "Doominator" Ehde

The classic Doom Deathmatch wad remade for Doom2. No monsters..just ultimate frag action !...Date:12/10/94
Size:15.42 KB
Author:Larry Farr

DMATCH for Dollars
- Designed for Doom II deathmatch ( -altdeath highly recommended ). - Plenty of ammo and health. (but not too much)...Date:08/08/95
Size:197.65 KB
Author:Jonathan Reynolds

This is v1.0 of an awsome deathmatch level for DOOM ][, it doesn't have a name yet so it's sorta going by the wad name, DMATCH02. Good for 2 players, might be a little tight with more. I'll do a proper text file when I get a name for it....Date:09/08/96
Size:9.68 KB
Author:Fatal Cure
This level was made especially for DEATHMATCHING. Has all weapons. Lots of hiding places. Have fun!...Date:05/19/95
Size:16.57 KB

DMATCHES.WAD version 2.3
A package of 12 different deathmatch levels, varying in weaponry, size etc. The levels are sorted by "fragginess": first are the levels containing only shotguns, catlings etc, and last are full of bfg-plasma-cyberdemon things... All the levels are ma...Date:03/29/96
Size:370.12 KB
Author:Iikka "Fingers" Kernen

DeathMatch By Mike
A DeathMatch collection....Date:08/14/95
Size:354.61 KB
Author:Michael Lundy

Immortal Thoughts
Small (2 player) deathmatch wads that play best in old-dm mode skill 5. Map01 The Styx Map02 Cono Map03 The Stone Roman Map04 The Dark Styx Map05 Pu...Date:02/19/97
Size:552.76 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars (Styx), Ronald Buster (Cono), Andrei Romanov (Roman)

Death Match City
The Best Deathmatch Level Ever!...Date:05/23/05
Size:35.55 KB
Author:Sam Lopresti

Deathmatch Court Yard
A small court yard deathmatch for Doom II....Date:10/10/94
Size:8.63 KB
Author:David Davidson, modified for DOOM II by majortom

DeathMatch Forest ..for Doom2
Well, can ya guess what this one is about? Yup, its a forest. I had never seen it done before so I decided to try it. I think it turned out good, but please, email me with any comments. I have included a response file with the params that this wad wa...Date:04/17/96
Size:84.44 KB
Author:Kevin Worrel
Great for 3-4 players and teams! Best played on dm2.0....Date:07/10/95
Size:39.57 KB

DMSPORT 2 - the Deathmatch SPORTS serie! 20-10-1997.
The second level of the Doom Olympics serie! This is still deathmatch... but with a different plot. Try to make the most frags while keeping the tower! Play it ------> OLD DEATHMATCH <------ ------> MAP29 <------ Have much fun! We do!...Date:11/15/97
Size:20.4 KB
Author:DENIS Fabrice aka DeF-46!

This is a small deathmatch level with a starwars theme. It wasn't designed from any starwars blueprints, just designed for a good blast!...Date:02/12/95
Size:18.11 KB
Author:Daniel Farley and Robert Thompson

DMT2X.WAD -Ver.2.1-
Deathmatch level that has taken me 2 months,1 week and 6 days to complete,so you can bet it's a good solid level!It's the follow up to my DMT.WAD This is the 2.1 version so if you have the first one delete it!There was a tiny error in the first one....Date:12/23/95
Size:49.77 KB
Author:Khanh Ho

Deathmatch level that I completed in about 5 days....Date:01/06/96
Size:31.5 KB
Author:Khanh Ho

DMatch: The Ultimate Urban Deathmatch v0.59
DMatch is a collection of deathmatch WAD's Created by Extreme Software, they have all been made so that you may view them in single player mode before playing in deathmatch....Date:08/29/96
Size:170.94 KB
Author:Extreme Software

Size:46.12 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. [4-D CREATIONS] [reddawg]

Trial by DeathMatch - Doom2
This level was made primarily for DEATHMATCH! My own design. lots of interconnections, two teleports, 8 different player starts, and new "area 34" texture. I have included a Response file with the params that this wad was meant to be played with:...Date:04/20/96
Size:67.39 KB
Author:Kevin Worrel

Deathmatch Entryway
Size:10.89 KB
Author:Timothy Twelves

Deathmatch Courtyard
Size:10.05 KB
Author:Timothy Twelves

Deathmatch Loading Bay
Size:9.28 KB
Author:Timothy Twelves

Deathmatch World
These levels are designed for deathmatch. It`s best played with respawning monsters and -altdeath. We have excluded the BFG so that the game is more challenging....Date:01/22/96
Size:106.39 KB
Author:Oystein Hole/Per Erik Juvkam

Death Match Arena
Duke it out with your friends in this cool 4 floor arena, with a sludge pit at the very bottom. (If you REALLY wanna' have fun, play death match with the monsters on, you'll have a little suprise at the beggining!)...Date:01/22/96
Size:8.42 KB
Author:Robert S.

Omni-Directional Clusterfuck (dm_dn01.wad)
This is a small but fast paced deathmatch level designed to hit the fraglimit in the smallest amount of time possible. There are no health or armor powerups. There is no BFG. There are no secrets. There are no unfair advantages. There are plenty of p...Date:06/03/01
Size:25.16 KB

Oversimplified Complexity (dm_dn02.wad)
A somewhat bland little level I threw together in an effort only to improve my skills at map editing. You'll need steady aim on this one. I recommend using zDaemon for netplay....Date:06/03/01
Size:78.95 KB

Last Blood (dm_dn03.wad)
This deathmatch level is so named because it's most likely going to be the last level I make. As you expect this is another exceptionally fair map but due to design and layout lots of strategy and quick thinking will be needed to survive. Intended ...Date:06/03/01
Size:163.88 KB

deathmatch halls
For DOOM 2 ,a deathmatch WAD, at least 9, read it and weep, ways in and out of EVERY room!...Date:07/23/96
Size:11.31 KB
Author:Brian Glines

This is a deathmatch only WAD for Doom2. It is designed for deathmatch 2.0. This map contains the following features: o Light switches to control lighting in certain areas. Use it to keep your opponent from spotting you as you plan your attact. o Lig...Date:12/30/95
Size:25.74 KB
Author:Randy Jones

This is a deathmatch only WAD for Doom2. It is designed for deathmatch 2.0. This map contains the following features: o Light switches to control lighting in certain areas. Use it to keep your opponent from spotting you as you plan your attact. o Lig...Date:12/30/95
Size:20.18 KB
Author:Randy Jones

Deathmatch Ville
This is a small deathmatch map with bunkers and cages. The map has all of the weapons, and no health power ups. This map was created for use on Dwango. The map also has a trap, be careful....Date:03/17/96
Size:5.8 KB
Author:Anthony J. Moran Jr

Deathmatch wad
Size:33.59 KB
Author:Jean-Francois Lesperance

This is a fun and fast DeathMatch level. On a two player DM there is almost 1 frag every 10-15 seconds, so expect to die and kill a lot! More than 4 players might too much, its mainly made for 2-4 players....Date:05/25/96
Size:17.32 KB
Author:Andreas Andersson(Original DOOM2 level) Martin Andersson(Enanched Duke3d version)

Docking Supply Station 1
The action takes place in a secret docking facility. Weapons and ammo aren't all that hard to find, but be warned, there are no BFGs or Plasma Rifles. You are stuck with only the primitive projectile weapons. I've created a few new textures for this ...Date:08/04/95
Size:120.31 KB
Author:Marc R. Bublitz

This is a set of NINE deathmatch levels, for doom 2 1.9. Some maps are small and some large. There are a few which play well in Alt death mode but all were made with Old Death in mind. Some of the levels are also well suited for more than just 2 play...Date:06/07/96
Size:165.59 KB
Author:Paul Noble

Soliders Domain
This level is designed for deathmatch. It can be played in single player mode, but it's a bit easy... the exit might be a little hard to find though. I have tested this wad in 1 Player mode, 2 player deathmacth and a 4 man game... although it's avera...Date:10/24/94
Size:136.81 KB
Author:Kevin Roels

This level was designed to be used as a Deathmatch level for Doom2. This level is basically one big room with four platforms of different heights. There is an elevator (not a lift) in the centre. You can access all four platforms with this elevator, ...Date:10/22/95
Size:15.72 KB
Author:Franco Ielapi

This is a NEW DEATHMATCH Only Level for Doom ][ The first level for D][ was ok for 2 player DM but I found the rest were either too big or had too many powerful items in them.. This level has NO mega or supercharge spheres. ALL weapons are present....Date:10/09/94
Size:36.14 KB
Author:Dan Cormack

This is a NEW DEATHMATCH Only Level for Doom ][ Having received high praise for DOOM2DM1.WAD (and also hving played it for hours and hours) I decided to get to work on the next in the series. This level is a bit bigger than DOOM2DM1 but it is so inte...Date:10/24/94
Size:39.39 KB
Author:Dan Cormack

DOOM ]I[ Map 33
This is an idea I've been kicking around for a while. (In fact, I was going to do it for my first WAD, but I couldn't get WADED to do it.) I made a map of my house, and then added some ammo and guns, and we DM'ed on it. It's decent. The name is 'cos ...Date:04/01/96
Size:14.05 KB
Author:Tom "Timon" Grieve

Doom 666
Umm... well... it's a wad... you can go outside, inside, north, south, east, west, up, down, left, right... umm... up down??? Quake2 was released exactly four days ago, and I being the Quake-a-holic I am, get a little confused sometimes. Well, this i...Date:12/13/97
Size:91.54 KB
Author:Garhan 'FireBug' Attebury

30-level awesome D-match...Date:12/09/95
Size:1.41 MB

The Doomagon
Size:7.09 KB
Author:Anthony Moran

This level was specially made for Deathmatch and has some new graphics....Date:06/27/00
Size:64.28 KB
Author:John D. Corrado a.k.a. DOOMFLYNN

DoomBall ][
"When played using the included .deh file it becomes an entirely new Doom experience." Run the Install batch file included with this file!!! "DoomBall is played like soccer only your opponent may kill you to keep you from scoring." A new "feat...Date:07/29/96
Size:157.93 KB
Author:creature. aka. Dan Tyrrell Paul Turnbull had the original idea for this wad, anyone know where I can

DoomBall is, first and foremost, an excellent deathmatch level. For most of you that's all you need to justify down loading it. But wait, there's more. When played using the included .deh file it becomes an entirely new Doom experience. DoomBall is...Date:02/20/95
Size:239.16 KB
Author:Paul Turnbull

Map 1 of Duke3D
A reproduction of Map 1 from Duke Nukem 3D. As close as possible anyways....Date:03/23/96
Size:24.36 KB

This is a level for Doom II based on MyHouse2.wad by Noah Haskell, Email Address This is a blueprint accurate WAD of Noah's house. I have made a few changes to the floor plan and many changes to the textures and other interior appe...Date:03/03/12
Size:49.71 KB
Author:Dave Kernen

Doom Fort
Deathmatch level...Date:05/20/12
Size:51.99 KB
Author:Andrew Loly

Mirrors the first level from DukENukeM3D. Looks even better than the original. There are many places with hidden elevators, so push and shoot places where in DukENukeM3D you can usualy break or jump up on to. There are lots of funny things you can do...Date:09/15/96
Size:334.21 KB
Author:Denis Grenader & Phil Leverance

1 on 1 Deathmatch level with a frag counter built in to the play area. Must be played Skill 5 and COOP! (4 Player Teams Level is still in development)...Date:06/11/96
Size:275.65 KB
Author:MrBlonde from Dallas

Official original DoomsDay'95 DooM2 level. This is a DEATHMATCH level ONLY! This is a small level without monsters. It was designed for the DooM2 Swiss Championship that was held in Bern the 19th March 1995. The WADfile is really hug...Date:01/01/03
Size:211.4 KB
Author:Helioth (Francois Coppex), Andre Christen (World of Games / 031 941 37 47)

Size:152.07 KB

DOOMSTAR for DOOM ][ Deathmatch
It's a space station to kill your buddys in....Date:08/24/95
Size:77.92 KB
Author:James Jennings [thantos]

Designed for Deathmatch, all weapons available (some more difficult to get than others.) Play with the beasties, for optimal fun!...Date:07/19/95
Size:22.37 KB

Size:7.58 KB
Author:Jose Mancia

This deathmatch level is damn FUN. You'll laugh when you see your opponents plummet to the earth if you shoot them out any window. It looks awesome too. This is as 3d as you'll ever get with the Doom engine. The design and atmosphere are jaw dropping...Date:01/22/96
Size:65.35 KB
Author:Doyoon Kim

This deathmatch level is set in an arena like atmosphere where you can evenly battle your oppenents. There are shotguns, rockets, and ammo littered throughout the level for you to use with the -altdeath setting. There is a main circular battling area...Date:03/15/96
Size:63.08 KB
Author:Doyoon Kim

Here is another arena style wad that is even smaller. Just high fraggage everywhere. The main battle area is flat and shaped like an ellipse. On each side of the arena there are a set of stairs and a small runway to jump off of. Also in the main ...Date:03/27/96
Size:39.77 KB
Author:Doyoon Kim

This deathmatch wad is in a Roman like architecure setting. Everything is stony looking with pillars, pool baths, etc. I wanted to make it look as nice as possible. Skill 4-5 is normal deathmatch with super shotguns and a couple rockets. Skill 3 is...Date:03/30/96
Size:47.58 KB
Author:Doyoon Kim

Dozod's Deathmatch for Doom2 "FINAL" VERSION
Dozod DeathMatch may be one of the best DeathMatch WAD's available, but of course I am biased. The two Maps, Graphics, Sound, and Function are top of the line. This WAD is destined to become a classic and no DOOM ][ player should be without. Fast pac...Date:02/20/96
Size:125.2 KB
Author:Eric George Nordstrom A.K.A. Dozod

The Death Pool
Size:14.17 KB
Author:David B. Messina

Deathmatch Prison II (DPRISON2.WAD)

Author Justin Powell

Email Address
As I only have five living brain cells left, anything I type here as a description will make absolutly no sense. See, I told you. Points of Interest LOCKOUT HALLWAY The very large hallway which starts at the west and east of the main room can b...Date:01/30/95
Size:42.9 KB
Author:Justin Powell

Email Address

Additional Credits Ken Forte, for many of the con

The Stronghold
I made three deathmatch wads a while ago and finally decided to release them to the idgames ftp. This is one of them. In this map, you're going to be fighting in a military base with a central stronghold. Guys in the stronghold are a bit harder to ge...Date:08/21/02
Size:8.26 KB

Subterranean Prison
I made three deathmatch wads a while ago and finally decided to release them to the idgames ftp. This is one of them. In this map, you're going to be fighting in a subterranean prison with a central arena and dark tunnels around the cells. Teleport t...Date:08/21/02
Size:8.57 KB

Computer Core
I made three deathmatch wads a while ago and finally decided to release them to the idgames ftp. This is one of them. In this map, you're going to be fighting in a computer core station deep underground. Hurry to the storage rooms to grab the heavy w...Date:08/21/02
Size:17.9 KB

This patch file is for Doom2, 1st level, for only deathmatch play. It works best with 4 players but can be played with 2 or 3 players....Date:09/28/95
Size:90.53 KB
Author:Adam Hawley

Dr. Death
Size:167.13 KB
Author:Stephen Long

Dr Dad's Rx II
These levels were designed for two player deathmatch. Try "-deathmatch -respawn" for mildly annoying inter- ference during a deathmatch. (There are only a few bad guys so they keep you on yer toes and they can be used tacticaly)...Date:12/06/96
Size:348.43 KB
Author:David Swan

Dr Dad's Rx
These levels were designed for two player deathmatch. Try "-deathmatch -respawn" for mildly annoying inter- ference during a deathmatch. (There are only a few bad guys so they you on yer toes and they can be used tacticaly)...Date:12/24/96
Size:104.03 KB
Author:David Swan

Courtyard of Death for DOOM II
Great fun! The level has 3 basic elevations and is very fast paced. All weapons except the BFG (REJECT efficiency is 1%, so it would probably be unfair!)...Date:07/13/95
Size:107.71 KB
Author:Stephen Long (Dr. Death)

This a deathmatch wad for Map 01 of Doom2. It Contains "4" fragging areas each easily identified by the textures. Lots a tricks and traps. To get the plasma hit the single blue flame on the steps BEWARE you can only get it from 1 side. Watch those mo...Date:08/03/95
Size:34.36 KB
Author:Bill Campbell ( DR_FunFrock )

Crossfire Fortress
Inspired by Lachlan Stewart's excellent "Dandy3" level. In it, I discovered the joys of crossfire, plus I've had this general layout floating around in the noggin for a while. Plenty of action and lots o' strategy. Weapons are abundant and their loca...Date:10/10/95
Size:110.2 KB
Author:Stephen Long (Dr. Death)

Sudden Death
My first frag-fest. This is a very, very dangerous place to be. Children should be Very Careful when playing here. There is more to this level than what is first apparent. Push on everything. The three platforms in the arena are operated by pushing...Date:07/06/95
Size:216.31 KB
Author:Stephen Long

Temple of Dr. Death
Small level designed for constant player contact. Abundant weapons are strategically placed.. Lots of strategy in this one, so look and adapt! I'm semi-retired from .WAD making, so I took no steps to align any textures. If this just totally spoils ...Date:10/10/95
Size:173.11 KB
Author:Stephen Long (Dr. Death)

Dr. Death's Water Fun
Great fun! Medium sized with medium complexity, makes for a surprisingly good hunt. Weapons are fairly abundant, and the supercharger is defendable. There are two lifts in each tunnel, (look for the medikits), push on the silver texture to operate....Date:08/09/95
Size:190.44 KB
Author:Stephen Long (Dr. Death)

Size:19.5 KB
Author:Corey Edwards

DragonMatch Zone I v1.2 (see WHASTNEW.12)
This is a fully Shadowed Doom 2 level for playing deathmatch. There is 3 difficulty level with different weapons available (so you can play with many weapons or only SuperShotgun for ex.). * Send comments to me at the above addresses! *...Date:01/31/97
Size:40.22 KB
Author:Alex Devilliers (aka Golddragon)

An very detailed deathmatch for Doom ][....Date:01/11/96
Size:18.51 KB
Author:David Davidson (a.k.a. DRILLER)

Niced deathmatch for Doom ][. Has an Doom1 look and feel....Date:01/15/96
Size:28.5 KB
Author:David Davidson (a.k.a. DRILLER)

Nice Arena type deathmatch for Doom ][. Awesome lighting and a great layout! Other levels by me Level 02 of Memento Mori Level 02 of Memento Mori ][ DOOM2 HERETIC HEXEN...Date:04/25/96
Size:12.45 KB
Author:David Davidson (a.k.a. DRILLER)

Nice arena type deathmatch for Doom ][....Date:01/11/96
Size:153.55 KB
Author:David Davidson (a.k.a. DRILLER)

Fine looking deathmatch for Doom ][....Date:08/03/95
Size:111.45 KB
Author:David Davidson (AKA DRILLER)

New level for DOOM][...Date:05/08/96
Size:68.48 KB

DarkestHour's Arena
A medium-sized, well-planned Deathmatch Arena with over 13 deathmatch starts - all stragetically located, of course, not out in the main arena. All weapons present, and there is an exit. Each start location has a weapon nearby so there is running aro...Date:02/03/96
Size:203.33 KB

Size:39.98 KB
Author:Richard Smol

No title - just fun!
Each Player begins alone in a little room with some Bonus-Items. Choose one, and let the game begin! If You die, You restart in one of the 4 rooms. (It's the only way to reach them...) And then... (You'll see!!) Have fun, and send me a mail how You l...Date:02/16/95
Size:43.93 KB
Author:Michael Drosdowski

DISCIPLINE (also called CDT -Cyberdreams Deathmatch Tribute-)
Small level designed to be a one-on-one deathmatch. Accurate ambientation and hard fraggin'! If you run this map under any of the new Doom ports in which you can jump, please keep in mind that reaching the Plasma Gun with a jump should be considered ...Date:06/19/98
Size:58.8 KB
Author:Albert Valls (Barcelona) Member of Presage.

Desikration 2000
The final version... Three death match levels built with the best quality. There action packed and kick ass. The first level is from the original, but the rest are brand new! These levels are not really big, but they are very detailed and fun! Now en...Date:03/18/03
Size:74.03 KB
Author:Stealthy Ivan

A deathmatch only wad. High frag per second ratio! Originally part of the 'TNT' project, but I fell victim to the time constraints of moving to a new state. NOTE: There is NO exit in solo mode. There is no reason to enter solo mode unless you are j...Date:01/07/96
Size:27.43 KB
Author:Bill Bessette

DTB's OH Chit!!
I have no Idea as to what this level is suposed to be. I did'nt make it with a theme in mind. I just made it for some(children cover eyes now) KICK ASS Deathmatch....Date:04/16/96
Size:136.36 KB
Author:Brandon E.

Death by Cyberdemon
1 level death match wad. There is one monster, a Cyberdemon, perched up in the middle of the level guarding the BFG. The level is structured in such a way that he can get you from almost anywhere, so he sort of acts like an equalizer for inexperience...Date:04/10/96
Size:36.18 KB
Author:Warren Marshall

DeathMAX 2.0
Based off of Map07 of Doom][ with a few a fiew twists....Date:06/17/97
Size:10.23 KB

DeathQuad III
*** ALL POWERED-UP AND NOWHERE TO GO? *** Try DeathQuad! Right from the start you get weapons (sorry, no BFGs) and Armour. Remember that you may have to wait for respawn to get your power-up after you get fragged (there's a Chainsaw and Berserk lay...Date:05/22/95
Size:14.69 KB
Author:Rockt and Asmo - play us on DWANGO!

Death Spawn
This is my first deathmatch level for DOOM II. Lot's of Hiding Places, Secrets, Weapons, Health, etc., so enjoy blasting each other! This PWAD was tested pretty well over the course of a weekend, with up to 4 players. Everything seemed to go fine. ...Date:03/26/95
Size:47.29 KB
Author:Scott Johnson

Death Tower Version D
Innovative level 1 for Doom II. Excellent 2 and 4 player deathmatch. You should have no trouble finding someone to kill, especially in a 4-way game....Date:01/19/96
Size:13.88 KB
Author:David Dollar (Black Knight)

Villa of Death
The Villa of Death is a Deathmatch level. It is a square single-story house, nicely stocked with shotguns and chainguns, with some ammo, health, armour, and other stuff. In the centre of the level is a courtyard, and around the rest of the house is a...Date:03/07/96
Size:140.88 KB
Author:Martin Cox

The Doom II Dude
This is a deathmatch only WAD. I started it on DOOM 1 but when DOOM 2 came out I converted it. This is my first WAD so it's not that pretty....Date:10/22/94
Size:11.94 KB
Author:Felix T. Manlunas

A Dm Only level with hidden stuff, cool effects, good weapon placement and Deadly traps that protects the Bigger Weapons...Date:11/30/99
Size:98.94 KB
Author:Maxime Bdard (Alias) Cyberdud14

The Duel (DUEL.WAD)
It should be used for 2 players deathmatch...Date:02/07/98
Size:78.9 KB
Author:Petr Tomasek (SteelMan)

A small one room Deathmatch for Doom2, with alot of weapons to use on your enemies. Their is also a couple of Cyberdemons and a Spider Mastermind, so not only are you trying to defeat your enemies, you try to defeat the CyberDemons and the SpiderMast...Date:12/22/96
Size:4.33 KB
Author:Daniel McGann :-)

DOOM II deathmatch wad in a dungeon setting. Watch out for the crusher....Date:03/09/96
Size:19.86 KB
Author:Robert Waltman

It is a dungeon! Its really fun!...Date:01/26/96
Size:2.06 KB
Author:Ashley Roney

Not to much to say.......just a deathmatch level. Sometime....eons ago slaves of the hell hound beast were forced to carve out this massive pit. And why you ask......So did they....they were told.."So you could sweep the floor!"...Date:01/11/96
Size:12.54 KB
Author:Dr Bombay

Deathmatch wad for Doom 2...Date:07/03/97
Size:41.5 KB
Author:Dylan Barber

Death, Violence, Pain, Aspirin (DVPA.wad)
A deathmatch .wad, designed for pure carnage from start to finish....Date:09/29/95
Size:16.63 KB

A DM map without any visual dazzlement or detail but with solid gameplay and flow. (So I'm told) The map layout is a long bean like main area (sector) connected to many outside higher sectors with lots of ledges and two raised walkways intersecting t...Date:10/13/07
Size:22.43 KB
Author:Jason Root, aka Grotug aka Hellbent

Size:17.38 KB

Listed below is complete author information on this wad compilation... Map 1 - Crypt - Author - Smight Map 2 - Danzig1 - Author - B. Vannatta Map 3 - Fry - Author - Adrian Newman Map 4 - Gren - Author - Smight Map 5 - Abnorm - Author - Unknown Map 6 ...Date:09/01/96
Size:461.63 KB

Deathmatch only WAD collection. This is a compilation of all my deathmatch levels to date. This includes BOB10 through BOB14, and DWELLR06 through DWELLR11. I have modified my older levels so that they now all have exits. All levels also have some ...Date:08/23/95
Size:192.34 KB
Author:The Dweller in the Cellar

Deathmatch only WAD collection. - The Dweller Series is a series of deathmatch levels designed for "extreme" deathmatch, with any number of players. Very fast, intricate and intense levels that have a "multi-leveled, watch your back, on the edge o...Date:01/24/96
Size:276.09 KB
Author:The Dweller in the Cellar

1 On 1 arena level. You can put in 1 or 2 more players, but you'll be expecting a quick match. I did a nice invisible moving floor sector in the middle of the level....Date:11/08/01
Size:31.24 KB

The Official DWANGO PWAD
This is how a PWAD should be. It was written for DWANGO. DWANGO is a service run by IVS, where you can dial up, and play DEATHMATCH/COOP games via modem. It allows four player deathmatch games, and chat areas, so you can get to know your fellow DOOME...Date:04/28/96
Size:34.04 KB
Author:Chris Richardson - TABASCO

2 Deathmatch Levels...Date:02/09/96
Size:17.09 KB
Author:Daniel Hsu

d_mure (coy)
Open playing field, fast action, we suggest playing to fifty for one on one and make a rule not to open the exit to the end, this gives the person behind the chance to try and keep you from ending it. You can usually get a few frags back if you play ...Date:01/29/98
Size:149.02 KB
Author:Marty Ihlen David Nation

Pro-Data DeathMatch Wad For DOOM ][ #1
A Big, fast-action DOOM ][ Deathmatch Wad. Good ambush spots, but don't stay in one spot too long. This is a frag-a-second style wad. With 4 players, someone will always be getting fragged. Check out the MAP!!!!!!...Date:03/01/95
Size:95.45 KB
Author:Jim Merritt

Pro-Data DeathMatch Wad #2 For DOOM ][
Pro-Data Deathmatch Wad #2 for DOOM ][. You start in a ready room where you pick up your weapons and some ammo before teleporting into the level. Designed for the ultimate deathmatch battle! There are secret alcoves, traps, weapons and powerups. Ever...Date:09/26/95
Size:136.02 KB
Author:Jim Merritt

The Demon's Pit
2 medium sized arenas house your main weapons (the RL & plasma rifle). They're connected by shadowy, maze-like corridors; a great place to hide from all those rockets ;) The exit is cooperative, of course....Date:03/09/98
Size:19.7 KB
Author:Nate Carnahan (c|oud)

You are lost on some strange planet with some fellow space marines and the toxic level of the zone you've entered is so high it has caused your team to become enemies!...Date:12/20/97
Size:164.81 KB
Author:Marty Ihlen

An awsome level made specifically for DeathMatch. All weapons are available, with enough health to keep you just above 3%....Date:06/12/95
Size:19 KB
Author:Jason Villamil

Have thought of one yet e-mail me...
Simple Design like level 7 but fair This is a beta tell me what ya think on Underwurld or inet...Date:12/19/95
Size:11.67 KB
Author:Matt Beaugard (bogie, Freud)

Ean.wad is a deathmatch level and has been designed for use with deathmatch 2.0....Date:03/07/96
Size:55.24 KB
Author:Pat Friedl

This level was designed for deathmatch with altdeath turned on. Be sure to leave monsters ON, there aren't many, but they are essential for the wad to play correctly! A cooperative effort by two players is required to exit Eatme. The switch to open t...Date:12/01/95
Size:32.4 KB
Author:Phil Gutierrez
This file contains pwads for DOOM I and DOOM II. Some have appeared under different names (by me) in the past, so don't be surprised if 1 or 2 look familiar. I decided to upload this as 1 file for convenience sake, and to make these wads more acc...Date:03/14/95
Size:414.96 KB
Author:Eric C. Reuter

Size:22.41 KB
Author:Edgard Filipe

EDGE of Insanity- nearly driven to this completing this pack :)
Edge is an intense 6 map experience. Edge was designed for 2 player deathmatch only. Level speed during modem play has also been taken into consideration during construction on some levels especially - Openair....Date:07/23/97
Size:530.3 KB
Author:Stuart McKendrick from England.

2 The Edge
An incredible 2-4 player deathmatch wad! Great useage of Windows and cross-fire sniping points along with lots of secrets and sneaky things to frag your buddies!...Date:11/13/95
Size:12.44 KB
Author:Dean Gouveia

Elementary Forms Of Religious Life
Pure deathmatch level...Date:01/30/95
Size:24.97 KB
Author:Mikko Jakonen & Pekka Tolonen

Endless FRAGS
VERY small deathmatch level! I've built it after playing in minideth.wad by Scott A.Smith In 4 player DM - frag every 15 seconds! (or faster) Made for old deathmatch....Date:11/07/95
Size:14.08 KB
Author:Timmy (The J-U-D-G-E)

Death Eight
Optimized, and I do mean optimized, for death- match play. No exits, and no monsters, which means no fun alone....Date:10/29/95
Size:8.88 KB
Author:Brent Sampson

Eternal Khaos Deathmatch Levels v1.1
10 deathmatch levels made by myself compiled into one WAD with new sfx and gfx. All primarily designed for 3 - 4 player deathmatches, some maybe suitable for head-to-head....Date:12/13/97
Size:736.2 KB
Author:Vincent Fong

Eternal Khaos v1.0 > v1.1 patch
This patch was primarily made so it's a valid WAD that can be uploaded to and can be downloaded from the TeamOnslaught Web-site. That meant replacing the MAP01 look-alike which was MAP07 "Distorted Entryway", now Level 7 is "Ma...Date:12/13/97
Size:161.42 KB
Author:Vincent Fong

Elevator.wad (for Doom 2)
This level is meant for deathmatch, although it's fun to play by yourself. It features an enormously tall elevator which takes you through the level, made up entirely of terraces and ledges. It has a simplistic design, and although its not one of my ...Date:03/23/96
Size:15.48 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Elevator Hell
Doom 2 PWAD You always knew that those damn slow UAC elevators were going to be the death of you, but you never thought that that statement would ever be taken literally! Take to this level with its multitude of lifts and see how your fragging pr...Date:02/26/96
Size:22.69 KB
Author:Aaron M. Fisher

Size:21.35 KB

a Fast pace 2-4 player Deathmatch..Map isnt oversied and if youre a Danzig series fan it is very similar in design and is a Must D/L!...Date:07/13/95
Size:12.3 KB

Energize.wad (Doom 2 only)
This is a fast playing Deathmatch wad. It is suitable for all playing levels. There are no safe spots in this level, you can be attacked from behind, infront, overhead, or underneith....Date:02/21/95
Size:90.38 KB
Author:Jeff Bruner

The Enigma
Enigma.wad is a deathmatch level and has been designed for use with deathmatch 2.0. This has been made for Enigma BBS and is another fantastic deathmatch level. There are no secret rooms or doors so just blast away! An exit, clearly marked and easily...Date:02/21/95
Size:13.92 KB
Author:Denis Valente (Balrog)

This wad was designed from the ground up to resemble a real building. This building is located at some prestigious college somewhere in Ohio. The single player mode on this wad is very challenging, and not designed for the novice Doom II player. The ...Date:04/28/95
Size:21.71 KB
Author:Chris Fought

A redo of Wish.wad (one of the first wads i made) without monsters...much better for DM......Date:01/23/96
Size:9.32 KB
Author:Patch Cupka

Enterprise DeathMatch!
Kill your buddies on the Starship Enterprise. This is a loose interpretation of the Enterprise D, complte with bridge, 10 forward, cargo bay, engineering, transporter room, sick bay, and captain's ready room, doors that swish open as you approach....Date:01/17/05
Size:51.9 KB
Author:Paul Gregory

The Entertainer
This is an awesome Deathmatch level consisting of one fairly large "arena" with two attached stair thingies and a duel room that you can get to via teleport. This level is pretty cool I think, especially considering it is only the second level I ever...Date:02/17/96
Size:29.53 KB
Author:Marcel "GUMBY" Ray

Four ammo-filled halls wrapped in together with windows and teleports. Great flow, if you can jump, and it can accomodate 16 players. Oh, and it's a deathmatch map....Date:10/27/01
Size:16.8 KB
Author:Josef Griffiths (Scragadelic)

First WAD in the MoonBeam Series...Date:06/17/95
Size:55.92 KB
Author:Eric Brown /Draken, Ben Jordan /Tazman, "The Eternal One"

Mark And Dave Are No Longer Friendly Buggers Who Say Hello When They Meet In the Street!!!!!!!!!
More deathmatching antics, this time for Doom 2 only. Also, Dave has done some real work on this one. Why the name? To prevent confusion with the Doom 2 version of Mark & Dave's Deathmatch No. 1 (MB_DCT2.WAD)....Date:08/16/99
Size:79.6 KB
Author:Mark Burlison

LEVEL 1 THE RESEARCH CENTER Design Mark Burlison & David Thorn Build David Tho

Escape Zero
Another of my really early levels. Infact, I think it's my first. I've fixed it up a bit since then, of course. It's a standard deathmatch level. Only 2 types of guns, lot'sa health and nowhere to hide....Date:07/10/96
Size:14.44 KB
Author:David Jewsbury

escher.wad ( DOOM ][ )
A big fan of M.C. Escher, what a genius. I have tried my best to make a quality wad, with enough escher and escherish stuff in it. I tried not to put to much stuff in it so it wouldn't be too large or too slow. What good is a wad if you can't deathma...Date:08/30/95
Size:226.22 KB
Author:Marcus Kazmierczak

The Protestant Ethic & the Spirit of Capitalism
clean Deathmatch level...Date:07/17/95
Size:17.07 KB
Author:Pekka Tolonen

Size:24.89 KB

Exhale (You're The Victim)
2 player DEATHMATCH DOOM II level Started off completely different, but then my maps always do. I spent quite a lot of time on both the playability element and the asthetics too. Had to simplify somewhat because it was just plain slow over the mo...Date:05/08/97
Size:287.26 KB
Author:Danny Lancashire

A nice sized pseudo-arena deathmatch WAD for two players. (I don't have a network, only a modem). Good for all styles of play (psycho runner, camper sniper, tourist, etc.)...Date:10/21/96
Size:20.07 KB
Author:Andrew Gerhard

This level was primarily designed with death-match in mind, but makes a fast-paced one player level as well. Personally, I think the death-match levels that are out there don't have enough monsters to kill. There'll be plenty of time to frag each oth...Date:12/09/95
Size:84.09 KB
Author:Eric J. Ostrander

A Earthquake has ravaged a city, leaving...Date:09/27/96
Size:26.77 KB
Author:Vlad the Impaler (Jay Cook)

Chunkks' Hell In The Fallout Shelter
FALLOUT.WAD is in a time and setting similar to the scenario put down in Stephen King's trilogy, "The Dark Tower" series. You have an upper world where all is desolate. Head down those stairs, and you are headed straight to hell - CHUNKK'S HELL. "Wha...Date:07/22/95
Size:28.56 KB
Author:Dave Fields

Medium size deathmatch .wad based around a bloodfall. All textures aligned, no bugs, just quality....Date:12/31/95
Size:21.39 KB
Author:Adam Williamson, author of Spooky Doom: The Deathmatch ( - a 31 level deathmatch Doom2

A small deathmatch level,designed for fast, frequent fragging.There are NO monsters! I've included some sounds as well as music, and a minor graphical change....Date:06/09/96
Size:159.74 KB

I called this map like that because i made it in less then 2 hours,but i think is great if you want a simple,short but fun map....Date:05/02/19
Size:3.59 KB

These are the levels I made for "execution", but different to the released versions. I discovered these when trawling through some old stuff on my hard drive. MAP01: Fast frag 98 This is the original version; the final version was split in half and...Date:04/10/05
Size:93.97 KB
Author:Simon Howard (fraggle)

2 Doom2 Deathmatch levels...Date:10/28/95
Size:14.67 KB
Author:Night Stalker

Great deathmatch. A breeze in single player mode. Several secret areas. All is not as it apprears. LMP shows 95% of the secrets... I even took some time at the end to show you some hidden doors. Don't view FESTER01.LMP if you want to find secrets! .B...Date:05/29/95
Size:24.31 KB

FETALDM3: Fetals' DeathMatchs 3 v.2.0
This is an update of FetalDM3, it now has better DM playablity than before! These are 4 Arena Style Deathmatchs, all with great layouts, and play. Those of you that have played this before, or haven't... you better download this one too! All weapons ...Date:02/29/96
Size:342.84 KB
Author:Anthony Czerwonka

Twisted DeathMatchs DeathMatchs 3
This is New collection of 4 Deathmatchs that consists of ALL types of layouts. Each level is unique in it's own way, with each one having an outside area. These levels are made for intense FRAG action! All the levels contain ALL or MOST of the weapon...Date:12/07/95
Size:324.65 KB
Author:ANTHONY CZERWONKA, Adelusion, PCC TonyC

DOOM2: Recylced DeathMatchs
This is New collection of 8 Deathmatchs that consists of ALL types of layouts. Each level is unique in it's own way, with each one recycled for intense DeathMatching. All the levels contain ALL or MOST of the weapons. These levels are also designed f...Date:04/17/06
Size:186.96 KB
Author:ANTHONY CZERWONKA, Adelusion, PCC TonyC, w/addtional (Original) Authors (see bottom).

6 of the most INTENSE DeathMatchs around. This set of Matchs are geared for 2 players, but up to 4 can have at it as well. The Matchs are small in size, that means high Frag counts, and plenty of dead bodies to go around....Date:12/22/96
Size:386.01 KB
Author:Anthony Czerwonka

FetalDM7: SINS
7 of the most INTENSE DeathMatchs around. The Matchs are small-med in size, for ALL types of play, strategies, and plenty of dead bodies to go around. Map5 may play a bit slow in DeathMatch, due to the special effects on the Bridge....Date:01/31/97
Size:389.51 KB
Author:Anthony Czerwonka

Fast Frag
My best work ever! - All weapons! - "Light-effects are very unusual..." - Yashar Garibzadeh - Easy exit...Date:03/19/99
Size:19.66 KB
Author:Holy Ghost (Oleg Mikhaylov), Russia

Size:12.29 KB
Author:Christopher John Hammett

Fiction1.WAD (For Doom 2) Deathmatch
A.K.A. Blood, Sweat, and Fear. This wad contains 2 (two) great levels for deathmatch!!! The levels can be played solo play; and provide a good challenge this way! Recomended mode of play: No monsters, Deathmatch 2.0. Fiction series Each wad of ...Date:12/06/95
Size:37.23 KB
Author:David J. Hill

The Final Frag
32 level, full DOOM ][ deathmatch overhaul....Date:10/31/96
Size:886.24 KB
Author:FraGMarE (Ian McPherson)

final thoughts
well, the 1st level is one i started on way back in august, but had a block. then school started. well, ive been working on it alot lately and here it is... its come along way. a note about the second map. the layout isnt too imaginative (its a star)...Date:04/08/96
Size:475.1 KB
Author:shawn "spam" hamm

Final Stand
You are on the brink of exhaustion, bleeding from a thousand wounds inflicted by the Foul Demonlord. But in the end you slaughtered him..... The Hordes that were his to...Date:01/10/98
Size:13.16 KB
Author:The Dark Lord

Your regular garden varitity DEATH MATCH = )...Date:10/17/95
Size:57.77 KB

Size:89.09 KB

FIREFIRE! This is another cool deathmatch lev I made. It's a cool arena type level. It's made for both old deathmatch and alt-death....Date:07/29/03
Size:59.44 KB
Author:Derrick Dela Cruz // \\// \\

Capture the flag, doom style
A Deathmatch(kind of) only wad for Doom2, 4 players only. Don't use the deathmatch switch when you start this one, just ipxsetup. This is to keep your starts in the same place. Get your oponnent's 'flag' (key), and get it back to your own door, and...Date:09/11/95
Size:197.9 KB
Author:Phillip Edwards

Solar Flare
DEATHMATCH ONLY! You can play single or co-op, but why bother? This level is designed for pure adrenalin pumping deathmatch action. Smaller in size, multiple exits in every room, sniper spots, secrets, and no monsters. The exit CAN be accessed by one...Date:06/23/95
Size:87.96 KB
Author:John Krutke

A nice level 1 replacement with plenty of areas to fight. Nice for lurkers too. No HOM`s, or glitches anywhere. This is a dedicated deathmatch WAD only....Date:03/13/96
Size:54.2 KB
Author:Dave Clark (FLASHLIGHT)

A nice level 2 replacement with plenty of areas to fight. No glitches anywhere. This is a dedicated deathmatch WAD only....Date:03/13/96
Size:25.24 KB
Author:Dave Clark (FLASHLIGHT)

Flash3 the 2nd sequel. ;-( )
A nice level with plenty of areas to fight. Not for the faint hearted ;-) This is a dedicated deathmatch WAD only, so dont even try it any other way....Date:03/13/96
Size:99.75 KB
Author:Dave Clark (FLASHLIGHT)

Umm... I guess it's an arena. It's small for dm play, and the sounds & music absolutely rule!!! :)...Date:01/17/97
Size:298.75 KB
Author:Sparks from Chicago 847 Dwango!

The Flegm of Hell
Yer basic fragaminit DM level, with some nifty traps to catch the other guy, a Megasphere you have to "drive" to get to, and plenty of ammo. There are some walk-through walls (well marked) that hide some of the stuff, as well as sound clues to help y...Date:04/01/96
Size:69.69 KB
Author:Tom "Timon" Grieve

Flight 57
This is pretty simple: You're on an airplane in midflight. You can walk on the wings and you can fall off the plane and die as well. I had to do way too many wad tricks to get the plane to float in midair, but it looks cool, so it was worth it. Check...Date:11/07/95
Size:142.6 KB
Author:Brian Hess a.k.a. Wendigo

First One Out
This PWAD replaces level one of DOOM II. It was designed as a Deathmatch Level with a new twist. The object of the level is to be the first one to hit the exit switch. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well it's harder than you think. Just try it and see. It's...Date:12/10/95
Size:62.26 KB
Author:Franco Ielapi

A small map suitable for fragging. My second serious attempt at creating a WAD file. There is an exit. There are SS's, rockets, plasma and BFG weapons available. Good-sized open area for blowing each other up with rockets, plus some windows and a sec...Date:03/30/96
Size:17.97 KB
Author:Pete Tomlinson
Here it is,the Football arena for Doom II,and just in time for the superbowl!...Date:12/30/95
Size:34.44 KB
Author:Thrasher and Whiplash

Size:25.25 KB
Author:Cameron Jiggins

Forest BBS Level V.1b
Three levels for the Forest BBS as a special set for DOOM 2 !! Strictly Deathmatch only, but can be played single-player or Co-op. But let's face it. If you can download this file, then surely you have access to Multi-player DOOM!!!!!!...Date:04/10/95
Size:83.34 KB
Author:Daniel Moggridge (SilverFist)

4 MAP DM WADPAK with a Gothic Style...Date:04/23/00
Size:799.21 KB

This level was designed to be used as a Deathmatch level for Doom2. This level is based on FORT1.WAD, designed by yours truly. The structure of the fort has been modified. More monsters and secrets have been added. There is also an additional small b...Date:10/23/95
Size:30.32 KB
Author:Franco Ielapi

Fort Plasma
When I was a little boy with my red SNES cartridge, I always dreamed of PC doom and sniping at people from towers. Here it is....Date:02/21/01
Size:29.77 KB
Author:Jerry Neighbors

This wad is a team/base game. Each team has a fortress to defend. The objective of the wad is to infiltrate your oponents base, locate and activate their exit....Date:01/29/96
Size:55.52 KB
Author:Ben Fletcher

!!!This is my first released badass doom wad!!! This wad places you in front of a fortress loaded to the brim with weaponry! If you need to take cover you can hide in a watch tower and shoot at the enemies from there. Hope you like it! !!!The custo...Date:04/21/24
Size:160.58 KB

The forts. (DOOM 2)
Are you ready for the ultimate deathmatch? Well, in Doom 2 it is hard to achieve! But, I have managed to make the coolest universal map! You can play capture the flag....Date:06/18/97
Size:5.94 KB
Author:Jeffrey Maddox

Fountain of Pain
This is a map for Deathmatch only. It has a bunch of fun stuff in it, enough arms, ammo, health to subsist on, big open areas, cramped coridors and walls, traps, hidden stuff... not to mention a big fountain in the center of the arena....Date:06/26/02
Size:42.74 KB

Size:18.18 KB
Author:Jeff Burricelli (_FoX_ on IRC)

This is my very first attempt to create a Deathmatch wad. I borrowed some ideas off of a few popular DM wads and also brainstormed myself. When the wad was in preliminary stage, I released a *beta* of my wad called Foxer16.wad on my BBS for my users ...Date:03/16/95
Size:115.27 KB
Author:Robert Wong

NOTE: Flight Technology included !!!!!!!! This is my second attempt in creating a Deathmatch wad. This wad is very small and was a quicky job, so don't worry, my next wad (foxer3.wad) will be much bigger. Enjoy, this wad will make you laugh (and cry)...Date:04/10/95
Size:64.25 KB
Author:Robert Wong

This is my final wad, next might be a Quake level. This wad contains many aspects from other great DM wads. Enjoy......Date:09/28/95
Size:505.39 KB
Author:Robert Wong

Foxholes 'R' Us
3 big rooms connected like a cloverleaf. Most of the items of value are located in various "foxholes" (that you can't just run gotta slow down) or on top of or behind pillars that lower when players cross certain areas (kind of an interest...Date:12/20/94
Size:21.3 KB
Author:Brian Monroe

Size:32.02 KB
Author:The Fox

The Temple of Bal
Wad file is designed for multi-player deathmatch. Naturally it has no monsters, and plenty of ammo and health. The setting is a (fantastically decorated) temple, where evil priests conduct secret rituals, raising hideous monsters. The teleport at the...Date:02/21/95
Size:32.97 KB
Author:Denis Valente or Balrog

Deathmatch play map 01 should use respawn as it could get one sided if one player is quite good there are only four monsters...Date:05/03/05
Size:21.78 KB
Author:Indgo, a.k.a Gorden Wood

Frags For All! A Deathmatch WAD Series designed specifically for four player deathmatch play. (DOOM
"Lock the target Bait the line Spread the net and FRAG the man!" (To paraphrase Front 242's "HeadHunter")...Date:01/30/95
Size:156.7 KB
Author:Christian Antkow

This is a big arena wad. You do not know how you got here but you know that there is a way out, and the only way out is to destroy your enemy and beat it. But that would be no fun. So just kick the crap out of your enemy until he gives up and beats i...Date:12/06/95
Size:22.74 KB
Author:Jonathan Pribble

All around fun fragfest for 3 or 4 players. A little big for 2...Date:11/24/95
Size:671.66 KB
Author:Ray Dana

Jungle Fever
What me and my friends think a deathmatch level should look like.....Date:11/01/95
Size:12.66 KB
Author:James Foster

Death Match wad...Date:08/25/95
Size:13.38 KB
Author:Tom Sanner

Frag Alot
This is a small basic deathmatch level. It has starts for 4 player deathmathch. please Email me a response. If you want to play Doom2 ver. 1.9, Rise of the Triad ver. 1.2 (registered), Descent ver. 1.0 (Registered), or Warcraft ver. 1.20 (cd) give me...Date:08/27/95
Size:14.28 KB
Author:John Jankowski

Castle Fragalot
A DooM II Deathmatch level set in a techno-fantasy castle....Date:03/20/00
Size:480.53 KB
Author:Oli Jeffery (aka Icarus Wing)

FRAGAMOR (in english read 'FRAG TO DEATH')
A very nice level with neat special effects: - the toilets with a mirror like in Duke3D (but you don't see your reflection), you can hide behind toilets door - you make splashing noise when you walk in water - bump into a distributor machine to get b...Date:11/11/96
Size:311.39 KB
Author:Denis Fabrice alias DeF-46

Frag Box
***NO ONE CAN SURVIVE*** The main layout is a big square room with brown pillars all over the place. All guns except BGF are spread out all over the place with plenty of ammo. Tons of Megaspheres and two lookout points to spot the enemy. Non stop fra...Date:06/05/95
Size:21.66 KB
Author:Biolsi @ Bondage

Well you have to play it to describe it....Date:04/07/98
Size:16.63 KB
Author:Derrick Allen

Fragging Cross
Doom 2 PWAD The hellspawn have captured you and a few of your buddies and have incarcerated you inside their Fragging Cross to fight to the death (or the frags)....Date:02/04/96
Size:13.27 KB
Author:Aaron M. Fisher

FRAGEM.WAD, a DeathMatch wad for DOOM II
This is a wad designed for deathmatch 2...Date:12/10/94
Size:23.02 KB
Author:Russ Ringer

Size:102.87 KB
Author:Scott Ruttencutter

Frag Count (is what you get baby)
Size:62.68 KB
Author:Bob Lindemann

Size:20.67 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. [4-D CREATIONS] [reddawg]

Size:31.65 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. [4-D CREATIONS] [reddawg]

Size:19.54 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. [4-D CREATIONS] [reddawg]

This wad is not my first attempt at creating a wad but is my first wad that I have released therefor i am not just any ol dude who figures that they can make a wad then it when it comes out like nobody likes it!.This wad is good in Deathmatch play fo...Date:05/14/95
Size:63.33 KB
Author:Neil Pike (Chase1 in Dwango)

Frag House
This is my first real attempt at making a good Deathmatch level. I took time in this level making sure there was nothing screwed up with the textures. This level makes for great fraggin' fun! There are some good sniper spots. Also, if you're not care...Date:06/27/96
Size:32.54 KB
Author:Bill Goodwill

GREAT DEATHMATCH WAD converted and re-edited for DOOM II....Date:06/22/05
Size:28.53 KB
Author:Robert T. Marentette

Frag Me
This DOOM II pwad was designed specifically with 2-player Deathmatch 2.0 in mind. It features MANY different sector heights, good sniper spots, and some dark corners to hide in. All weapons are present except the BFG (I don't like it in deathmatch). ...Date:11/08/94
Size:26.37 KB
Author:Alan J. Post

I was originally going to title this "Frag Mountain" but the SP_ROCK1 texture was giving the gray guy a bit of an unfair advantage. It is a bit amateurish by today's standards, but should rock on any platform, including vanilla DOOM II. In case o...Date:06/05/99
Size:15.04 KB
Author:Robert Bingham

THE FRAGPACK- Unbelievable Deathmatch Wads for Doom II
Are you tired of downloading shitty wads? We are too, that's we we're giving you the best wads we have ever seen (never mind the fact that we made them too..) These work best with Altdeath, and Respawn. (Individual map descriptions in Fragpack.txt)...Date:07/26/08
Size:116.64 KB
Author:Scott Swigart & Aaron Clutter

Fragpit: DeathMatch Wad
A Doom II Death Match level, with a pit in the middle that could muss you up, if you are not careful....Date:02/02/95
Size:7.21 KB
Author:Kevin Heebsh

The Frag Rooms
Different versions of map 08 from J_room4...Date:05/17/95
Size:9.23 KB
Author:Mark Potter

A nice little deathmatch map with a many monsters, near total chaos. Even wilder than Fragsie 4. You die faster than ever....Date:01/05/97
Size:15.24 KB
Author:Jesper Bohmann

Frag Soup
This PWAD replaces level one of DOOM II. It was designed to be a DeathMatch Level. There are no monsters, and there is an exit. All weapons are available on this level. This is a small playing area, so if you're looking for a high frag deathmatch lev...Date:02/19/96
Size:142.35 KB
Author:Franco Ielapi

This level has the 'feel' of Doom 2, level 1, has all the weapons including one Bezerk pack and a teleport which can be used for telefragging. It's a fast- paced, small level with enough places to hide from the BFG. Other players can be easily found ...Date:07/29/98
Size:33.69 KB
Author:Warlock and FBW of Cosmic Chaos

1-level Deathmatch Level for DOOM II...Date:05/14/98
Size:60.54 KB
Author:Steve Borsey

Totally original. Very open, one center tower with the BFG inside (some people like it, you almost have to die to get it anyway.) In this center square are boxes that make for good dodging. Jutting upward from this center square are stairways that le...Date:06/11/95
Size:64.99 KB
Author:Jason Poll

Frag-U.WAD for DOOM ][
This is my first completed Wad thank me! It is a medium sized death match wad for doom][. It has one main room with one secondary room and two small rooms, and a couple of secreat rooms one with the BFG and a mega sphere. All weapons except chainsaw....Date:08/22/95
Size:5.79 KB
Author:Jim Cassady

Frag You! (A Fragear por Culo!)
It is just a DM level, with some detail and playability. 'Nuff said....Date:05/08/04
Size:74.34 KB
Author:Juan Manuel "JacKThERiPPeR" Arroyo

fragz for me
This is a 4-leveled deathmatch WAD for DoomII. MAP01: A big "castle", left by the dark forces in a burning town destroyed in the 4th world-war MAP02: A house owned by a PSYCHO-family after the 4th world-war MAP03: A classic deathmatch level (hasn't g...Date:03/20/97
Size:204.42 KB

! ! F R A G Z O N E ! !
This WAD wad made for pure fragin' fun. Especially when you have 4 players, it's simply a war!!!!...Date:04/21/96
Size:12.94 KB
Author:Lei Hu

Hit it! Shoot it! Saw it! FRAG IT!
Deathmatch level designed for 3-4 players, but some testplayers thought it was also playable with only 2 players. Is it good? Well, we sure had fun testing it! The first test game lasted quite a while (2 of the 4 players over 100 frags). Textures etc...Date:04/17/95
Size:38.67 KB
Author:Michiel Rutting

Great DEATHMATCH level!!! ALL the weapons are here, lots of teleporters, small hidey-holes, and lots of dark!! Very intimate and a deadly way!...Date:04/14/95
Size:14.29 KB
Author:David Davidson

Frag You!
This is one of the best Deathmatch levels around! Not too big, not too small. Major frags! Major thrills!...Date:10/15/95
Size:13.64 KB

Fras v9.3 Map 1: Turks Map 2: New Map 3: Brick Map 4: Biff! Kazam! Map 5: Brick II Map 6: Sky Map 7:
Collection of well-made levels by two people from 6/1998 on. Levels continue to be added. See end of text file....Date:03/02/02
Size:445.52 KB
Author:Maps 1,3,5,7,(10,12,14): Paul O'Neill Maps 2,4,6,9,11,(13,15): Jerry P.

Nine deathmatch maps, authored individually over a period of 3 years, then collected. Designed with altdeath play in mind....Date:09/03/07
Size:150.56 KB
Author:Trevor "Spartan" Uruski

This is my latest creation, the most phenomenal deathmatch wad out there. It's five levels of really lethal chaos. You can play it single player or cooperative, but it isn't very good for that. Just kill people in it....Date:10/05/95
Size:81.97 KB
Author:Terry Welsh

My first wad - Don't let that scare you, it's been tested, modified, and retested by fellow deathmatchers - it's a good one...Date:04/14/96
Size:33.15 KB

The Crush
Afraid of heights? Don't play this one. On the other hand, you're no whimp... check it out. This level uses the limitation removed after Doom 1.2 .... the 1024 units high maximum threshold. We've made a level that stacks 8000 units (about 64 stories ...Date:03/31/96
Size:4.19 KB
Author:Matthew Parrish and Rick Lewis

A fun little Deathmatch level for 2 or 3 players. Optimized for and tested under Altdeath rules....Date:07/26/96
Size:32.25 KB
Author:Michael Freeth

Small/Medium level built for Deathmatch. Probably best with 2 or 3 players, and Deathmatch 2.0 (Altdeath)....Date:09/02/96
Size:27.13 KB
Author:Michael Freeth

FrenzyDM - Litropolis
Size:162.56 KB
Author:Qingshuo Wang (piXel reX)

Freon 2: The Revenge of Deathmatch Each level has it's own title really..
You might only like half, or less, of these levels. They vary so much and some are so wierd, you may hate them. A few really cool levels, made especially for deathmatch play (-altdeath recommended) Tried to have a wide variety of playing styles and l...Date:06/07/95
Size:317.32 KB
Author:Victor Hall

FreshOne's DeathMatch series #1
This level is designed for 2-4 player deathmatch. Anything else whould be very boring because there are no monsters. Please e-mail me with your coments! I wish to hear them. If you want a lmp for this level you can get it from or wherev...Date:04/21/96
Size:5.58 KB
Author:Jeremy D. McCarthy

FreshOne's DeathMatch series
This level is designed for 2-4 player deathmatch. Anything else whould be very boring because there are no monsters. Please e-mail me with your coments! I wish to hear them. This is the second in hopefully a series of Deathmatch wads so look for more...Date:05/14/96
Size:28.68 KB
Author:Jeremy D. McCarthy

FreshOne's DeathMatch series #4
Annother deathmatch wad that I have cranked out. This is the forth wad in the FreshOne series. In a few weeks or so I will release frshpak1.wad, which will be a collection of fresh1-fresh5 and also a few extras, I'm thinking of sounds and maybe music...Date:06/11/96
Size:12.15 KB
Author:Jeremy D. McCarthy

Size:155.39 KB

Frag Me Again
This DOOM II pwad was designed specifically with 2-player Deathmatch 2.0 in mind and is the sequel to FRAGME.WAD. It should play pretty well in single player mode also (ultraviolence). Skill levels are fully implemented for those with different death...Date:12/04/94
Size:40.48 KB
Author:Alan J. Post

Frag Me One More Time
This DOOM II pwad was designed specifically with 2-player Deathmatch 2.0 in mind and is the sequel to FRAGME.WAD and FRGMEAGN.WAD Skill levels are fully implemented for those with different deathmatch tastes. This level has a cooperative exit. If you...Date:02/15/95
Size:29.07 KB
Author:Alan J. Post

This PWAD replaces level two of DOOM II. It was designed to be a DeathMatch Level. This level resembles Frag Soup quite a bit, except that it is about 3 times bigger. There are no monsters, and there is an exit. The exit is a cooperative exit. All we...Date:06/26/96
Size:169.29 KB
Author:Franco Ielapi

Friggin Frags
A strictly Deathmatch level with a big turret and an outdoor tech center. The exit is located at the top of an open elevator so anyone can call for it but the other players can shoot him down before he can exit. Also there is no monsters on this leve...Date:03/16/96
Size:13.67 KB
Author:David Tiemroth

Demon's Realm
A 3 level wad for some kick ass gameplay! They're fast paced, all out fraggin' levels! No bull here NJ stands for quality!...Date:08/12/96
Size:279.61 KB
Author:DarkFrog (Andrew Case)

Awe inspiring deathmatch for Doom ][....Date:12/23/95
Size:58.41 KB
Author:David Davidson (a.k.a. DRILLER)

FUEHRER.WAD for DOOM II Deathmatch
A wad with something for every deathmatcher: small, easily accessible weapons, telefrag possibilities, open and tight areas, lifts, multiple floor heights, a semi-dark area, relatively low chances for respawn frags....Date:02/10/96
Size:14.89 KB
Author:John Dammann

Full of Lead (FULOLED.WAD)
This is a DEATHMATCH-ONLY pwad for DOOM ][. SIGH!!! ANOTHER ONE? Yes, but I think this one will be worth your download. First of all, it contains NO MEGASPHERES OR SUPERCHARGES! so the game does not turn into HealthWars. There is a strategically plac...Date:04/11/95
Size:36.52 KB
Author:Michael Sims
this is a level one fun map thatt should be very fun with four players i hope that you enjoy this wad file as much as i did making it...Date:11/29/96
Size:3.26 KB

FUN1.WAD is a simple, symmetrical level for DOOM ][, map 01. I have written it to experience some specials, such as hidden walls. I needed about 3-4 days of work, some coffee & about 30 cigarettes to write it. At the beginning, you have to fin...Date:03/14/95
Size:50.4 KB

It contains nothing special, but I wrote it to test if a level where you must return to the room you started from is a good DeathMatch level or not. I think it should be. Maybe there are not enough DM starting points (however, the minimum of 4 is ...Date:03/14/95
Size:36.59 KB

It is a WAD which contains much switches & doors, so I put the Computer Map in the room next to the starting point. Also when in Multiplayer Mode, when you don't have the Computer Map, take a look at the map - it could be useful to find the exit f...Date:03/23/95
Size:33.83 KB

A great deathmatch/fair play pwad for DOOM ][ Now with a DOOR, ABYSS, more WALLS and four weapons to use. NOT ANOTHER DEATHMATCH PWAD, like, with no doors, only shotgun, etc... So, play it and see it yourself! Date:06/04/95
Size:21.32 KB
Author:Claudio Brisighello

Funhouse 6
A very cool deathmatch level with walk through walls. A BFG'ers paradise...Date:07/18/95
Size:38.48 KB

This level was designed to be used as a Deathmatch level for Doom2. It consists of eight rooms, all connected by long, dark corridors. Seven of the rooms contain a weapon of some sort. The eighth room is a secret room, which contains a few goodies. A...Date:10/23/95
Size:40.73 KB
Author:Franco Ielapi

Fun with Teleporters
An AWESOME deathmatch level with all the essential elements. Great teleporter action, an awesome, DEEP arena, and good placement of weapons. You will enjoy this one once you know your way around. The file is small and runs well on slower connections/...Date:04/11/95
Size:17.3 KB
Author:ruiner and robert d.

Fury 1.0
Fury When they closed down the old sewage works the Corporation decided that they could make some easy money by leasing out the property to the local police to be used as a prison. All went well for a few years but then, one day the entire population...Date:05/30/96
Size:33.93 KB
Author:Graham MacDonald

Fuzz 1
AWESOME DeathMatch level. Designed for 2 players but will work for 3 or more. VERY fast playing. MANY frags per minute....Date:07/17/96
Size:2.67 KB

Fuzz 2016
Back in 1996, when the sun was shinier and the grass greener, some GinsuMan released a DM level called "Fuzz 1". It was a primitive arena with some walls and lots of BFGs and SSGs. However, it had one dumb idea: those walls were actually 2S impassabl...Date:09/15/16
Size:47.86 KB
Author:Bzzrak Ktazzz

My personal favorite of all my WADs. It is a great \ DM WAD for 2-4 player, Deathmatch or Altdeath. \ A square with 4 quadrants, and a central arena. \ Original locations of deathmatch starts \ SYSOP: XDU - 510-886-6513...Date:05/18/96
Size:28.09 KB

Fuzzy 18
A map....Date:05/18/96
Size:92.64 KB

Fuzzy 20
Similar to FUZZY10, but more interesting....Date:05/18/96
Size:55.32 KB

Fuzzy 21
Brand new design...Date:05/18/96
Size:17.35 KB

Fuzzy 22
Tight as hell. no more to say....Date:05/18/96
Size:22.5 KB

fwfcargo doom2.exe version
A cargo bay...Date:04/16/04
Size:50.25 KB

thefwf's Aztec DM
A largeish dm map based off the cs map de_aztec...Date:03/25/05
Size:464.9 KB

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