Title: d_mure (coy)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/d_mure.zip
Size: 149.02 KB
Date: 01/29/98
Author: Marty Ihlen David Nation
Description: Open playing field, fast action, we suggest playing to fifty for one on one and make a rule not to open the exit to the end, this gives the person behind the chance to try and keep you from ending it. You can usually get a few frags back if you play your cards right.
Credits: Travers Dunne for helping me get focused. That dude who wrote dck, and the guys at ID, who need to give up on lame quake and make a doom III, long live doomers!
Base: d_mure By Myself and Dave Nation.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: dck22! Props to the author.
Bugs: None.
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This is an awesome map: Suitable for up to 12 players, yet 1v1 would still work here too. Well textured and well thought out map with secrets worth searching for. It's criminal that this isn't included in ZDDL or some such, because this is damn fine mapping. (And Marty, they DID end up making Doom 3 many years later.. And I'm sure it'd have you begging for some fast-paced Quake action... *sigh*)x

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