Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/damn1.zip
Size: 150.16 KB
Date: 07/17/95
Author: Emilio Galasso
Description: This is an outdoor "City" Level designed for Deathmatch with a few things in mind: a. Variety. I wanted a level that lacked the typical mirror symmetry of many WADs. Almost all the buildings are unique and offer interesting locations to earn your frags. Players are drawn to different elevations for more interesting attacks. b. Open Areas with Easy Access. I prefer the open outdoor "wargame" feel to a DeathMatch level as opposed to maze-like levels. For the most part, doors just get in the way of a fast paced DeathMatch game. Thus, doors were used sparingly. Windows are passable, making for great last-minute escape routes (as well as to jump through to surprise your opponent). The outdoors are well lit so you can see your opponents. Indoors tends to be a little darker, but not pitch black. Lots of room to maneuvre as well so you'll have to earn your kill! d. Size. Big enough for four players, but not large enough to prevent 2 players from never seeing one another. There are plenty of windows and the area is quite open, so even two players shoul have little trouble finding one another. c. Looks. You'll be looking at the level quite a bit during a DeathMatch level so it might as well look good. I spent quite a bit of time ensuring all the textures were mapped properly (where possible). There's a lot of construction detail as well, which explains the large size of this SINGLE level WAD.
Credits: Derek L. for Beta Testing, offering suggestions, and providing the SoundTrack :^) Tim C. for also Beta Testing, and providing me with a name for the level during my mental block
Base: This level was designed entirely from scratch.
Build time: On and off over a couple of weeks.
Editor(s) used: All the level editing was done with DoomCAD v5.1 but I used DeepBSP for for the Node Building (this is an excellent and FAST Node Builder). I also used WinTex v3.4 and WadMaster v.9 to insert the graphics replacement and music.
Bugs: If you stand behind the Tower in the SE corner (the one with the MegaSphere in the caged area) and look NW, you may get a tiny bit of that HOM-like effect happening because of two many linedefs in your line of sight. You rarely encounter it because it only happens in a small region behind the tower. The effect occurs along the city's outer wall and in one of of the surrounding buildings' windows. You probably won't get the chance to stand there long anyway!
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Not as good as RAED's FATE LANE. Sorry.x
Map13 clone: area with a lot of very small buildings. Texture use and decoration are not bad, but the map has many irritating texture misalignments. Gameplay @ UV is plain poor because there's way, way too much weaponry and ammo for the amount of monsters, and the map can be completed without firing even one single shot. 3 for the map - 1 for the gameplay + 1 for the effort = 3/5. Could indeed be quite nice for DM with 3-6 players.x
Comment above makes no sense. This is a sweet DM map! It's in dwango20.wadx
You guys need to get outside and find a girl... Your Dad.x

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