Title: DAMNATION ALLEY II for Doom 2
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/damn2.zip
Size: 116.14 KB
Date: 04/09/96
Author: Emilio Galasso
Description: This is an outdoor "City" Level designed for 2 or 3 player Deathmatch. It was intended to be the sequel to my Damnation Alley WAD (damn1a.wad) but it was never entirely completed due to lack of interest. After playing Damnation Alley, many people have asked me about this unfinished sequel but I never actually gave it out. Although I am no longer creating Doom WADs, I decided to offer this level to those who were asking about it and for any others that may be interested. I hope you are not too disappointed, the level had a few neat ideas and a pretty cool look to it.
Base: This level was designed entirely from scratch.
Build time: On and off over a couple of weeks.
Editor(s) used: All the level editing was done with DoomCAD v5.1 but I used DeepBSP for for the Node Building (this is an excellent and FAST Node Builder).
Bugs: Have not tested it long enough but I do know that players tend to get caught when "rubbing" against the outer fence. The fence looks round but the indentations tend to catch players. Not a big deal, though annoying if you attempt to strafe with your back against the fence. Also, because of the levels curvature, doorways can sometimes be a pain to get through.
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