Title: The Dark Tower
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/darktowr.zip
Size: 61.94 KB
Date: 09/27/96
Author: Samuel Lock (aka Lord Unum, Marduk)
Description: Well, um, I think the title sums it up right? ;) Seriously, the level is fairly simple (like most of my levels) consisting of an outside playing field and a central tower with no interior lighting that contains the more powerful weapons. The most powerful weapon (depending on the skill level) is positioned on one high end of the arena, which is reachable by a risky teleport on the opposite side of the arena.
Credits: Slowingers, aka 2ku (slowfingers@ix.netcom.com) - a classy guy whose skills at deathmatch are wondered at by so many (ehehe). we've had many a good game at Doom2 deathmatch. ** THE FASTEST S IN THE WEST! ** Also sysop/owner of my favorite BBS, 2KiLLu's Wad House, Doom-alike/DWANGO central in Long Beach. Drop on by sometime! Oh, forgot to thank him for being always one of the first people to try out and give feedback on my levels!

Midiguy (midiguy@crl.net) OR (midiguy@crl.com) - SO F*CKIN HARD TO BEAT THIS GUY!! ehehe, at least for me. He's got .MID files up the wazoo, and has made many pretty darn good (and stylish) deathmatch levels. His levels have been profiled in PC Gamer! They do kick butt...hey, I'll give you a list of the ones I know of...


Grond (?) - also made a helluva lot of good deathmatch levels. another inspiration...

Noble (?) Baron (MrTwinky@aol.com most recently) - HECK JUST FOR BEING THERE!! Now they're die-hard Warcraft ][ nuts :(

Fang (?) Searcher (?) Nash (?) Jae (?) Sinister (?) Locutus (?) and an infinite number of other DWANGO members... - A million thanks for providing me with hours upon hours on end of great deathmatches and good conversation! Trust me guys, I will be back...sooner than you think...and with a working mouse! :)

The Innocent Crew, TiC - these guys have worked so hard to make so many great add-ons for both Doom/Doom2. They also brought us the SUPERB wad tool, NWT. Some of their HUGE add-ons...

Slaughter Until Death, SUDTIC (Doom) The Evil Unleashed (?), TEUTIC (Doom) Obituary, OBTIC (Doom2) Memento Mori, the best add-on ever! (Doom2) Memento Mori 2 (EAGERLY AWAITING THIS!!)

they deserve HUGE thanks!

The Wad Crew, TWC - makers of many great deathmatch compilations GUYS, HERE'S A GREAT EXAMPLE OF MY WORK!! I hope to join them, because indeed they are an elite group of Doom-alike "tinkerers".

worked { Brian Vannata (vannatta@bobcat.ent.ohiou.edu) together { Brandon Weldon (weldon@helios.phy.ohiou.edu) Bob Boyer, aka The Dweller (Dweller@cis.cisnet.com) Ryan Haney, (Ryan_Haney@baylor.edu) Cole Savage, aka MaNCeR (cole@dodgenet.com) - makers of THE BEST PLAYING/LOOKING death- match specific levels EVER!! Makers of, respectively:

Igor9 (10 deathmatch levels), Danzig1/2 (5 deathmatch levels each), Judas21/22/23 (22 being deathtag).

Dweller2 (16 awesome deathmatch levels)

Quicken5 (15 superb deathmatch levels)

MancerX1/2/3 (5 KILLER deathmatch levels each)


and, of course, id Software - The MASTERS... 'nuff said.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DETH, DCK, ZenNode, NWT
Bugs: None I have found (AND BOY HAVE I LOOKED HARD!!).
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