Title: DM2GM1.ZIP (dm2gm1.wad + .txt)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/dm2gm1.zip
Size: 54.38 KB
Date: 11/08/94
Author: Eric C. Reuter
Description: A DOOM II combo deathmatch / single player wad, designed (deathmatch) to allow for mad dashes into the open under threat of sniper fire, as well as dark ambush sites. Small enough to allow for all-out slugfests as well. Requires 2 switches be thrown to exit (not cooperatively) There are no nasty tricks or unsolvable traps. This wad designed for use with DOOM II and replaces map01 (level 1).

Hope you like it, if not please tell me why, so I can improve my pwad designs. ================================================================
Base: New level from scratch (Small area is coverted from one of my original DOOM pwads)
Build time: Rediculously long, but who cares.
Editor(s) used: Doom Editor - The Real Thing (for windows) by Geoff Allan V 2.60b2 and 3.0 alpha. Edmap 1.21 (I have had NO problems with this pgm) Doom Construction Kit 1.1 (DCK11) idbsp 1.02
Bugs: None Known or Discovered. Please e-mail if you have any trouble.
Rating: (3 votes)
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An extremely underrated 1994 wad from someone who later worked in the video game industry. This wad has great architecture and texturing for its time, almost id-worthy actually. It's short, though, and not really great for deathmatch. 4/5x

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