Title: DM-KevEd. DeathMatch-Kill'EmVeryEasilyDude!
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/dm2keved.zip
Size: 268.43 KB
Date: 06/05/95
Author: Eduardo Galvez, The DarkGod of DooM.
Description: Quick & Tough DM level for DOOM ][. Fast action wad, many ways to go, but not too much :) With two main areas, the DethPit (tm) and the Terroridor (tm) all with a great speed, fast pace music.
Credits: Kevin Thelen, Alvaro Villalon for testing & debugging..and DM'ing me!! Sebastian Beca, for betatesting. Roberto Rivas, my dear general SysOp... IDSoftware... I *think* they made DooM... NewWadTools 1.2 (TiC) DMgraph, DMmusic, Midi2mus, Playmus... (various) Wintex & Deutex (Olivier Montanuy) DEU2 (Adler version) DCK 2.2 Production team (Ben Moriis and co) ***I SWEAR ITS THE EDITOR THAT BLOWS ALL OTHERS*** IDBSP 1.1b (Ron Rassbach) Mordak for his RIP_OFF.WAD (yes, rips only :) but anyway..PLAY IT! Whoever made TC2.WAD...where I got 3 textures. Kelly at Bubsy1@aol.com for the music. Walnut Creek's DooM CD Nov 94 for its Stars... (pinder2@griffin.emba.uvm.edu) My Gravis Gamepad which makes me rule DooM.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.1b and 2.2. THE user friendly editor for DooM.
Bugs: Many walls seem not to stop bullets????!! !!!Help is needed for that!! Tried using different editors to save, different node builders..NOTHING! I would REALLY appreciate help on that point.
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typical messy old DM map, but it's not huge like most other from the era.x
I played this level with my friends until our eyes bled radioactive blood!x

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