Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/dm2train.zip
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Date: 11/08/95
Author: Time Traveler
Description: Do you always find yourself at the business end of a sawed-off, double barreled nightmare? Do you see BLOOD RED more than any other color? Are you really good at mimicking your own death cry? If so, YOU NEED THE DEATHMATCH TRAINER!

What the HECK is a Deathmatch Trainer, you may ask? Well, I'll get right to the point. This series of levels is designed to train you to fight more effectively, transforming you from a Doom Chump to a Doom Champ. You'll never again be the butt of everyone's Doom humor. You'll swap lead with the best of them. Heck, you will BE the best, hopefully. At the very least, you're gonna make 'em work for every frag they nab by slagging your sorry ass.

If you already consider yourself a Doom champion, then you should be able to navigate the series of levels with relative ease. None of the levels is designed to be overly tricky (the aim is improving your manual dexterity skills as they relate to Doom, I won't be responsible for low I.Q.'s!) but they may require a bit of judgement. Traps are also pretty much nonexistent, since surprise isn't my main goal. I'll let your buddies worry about surprising you when it's Time to play deathmatch.

Two more quick notes. I have a general preference of keyboard only with the original Doom keyboard layout and my text may somewhat reflect my bias, but keep in mind the general strategies apply to all forms of control, even, gulp, joystick.

The strategies here work best with Doom and Doom 2, and quite a bit with Heretic because of the latter's obvious pedigree. The strategies may also be applied to other games (Rise of the Triad the most obvious) but they don't work quite as well since the game is on a different engine and has its own quirks.
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