Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/dmarena4.zip
Size: 26.74 KB
Date: 04/29/05
Author: John "Doominator" Ehde
Description: This level is centered around a large arena with four runways to other rooms/weapons. There are four safe starting points and four less safe starting points. All the weapons are there but all have a certain degree of consequence. The idea was that you would need to visit every area of the level, but going from place to place you would all meet up in the arena. The level is best played with four players but is just as fun with two.
Credits: Myself cause I made the level!
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Whew, longer than I would have liked, but in time for Doom II!
Editor(s) used: DmReal v2.6 beta4 to create the map, Renegade Graghics DoomED v2.0beta for the structural editor and to convert from Doom1 to Doom2, and BSP v1.2x to build the nodes.
Bugs: WARNING: THERE ARE NO BUGS, it can get slow in the main arena with a lesser machine, however, but doesn't everyone own a DX2-66?! (and a 14.4k modem)
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