Title: Dozod's Deathmatch for Doom2 "FINAL" VERSION
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/dozod_d2.zip
Size: 125.2 KB
Date: 02/20/96
Author: Eric George Nordstrom A.K.A. Dozod
Description: Dozod DeathMatch may be one of the best DeathMatch WAD's available, but of course I am biased. The two Maps, Graphics, Sound, and Function are top of the line. This WAD is destined to become a classic and no DOOM ][ player should be without. Fast pace, intensity, and a smart layout, and quality of screen image "artwork" went into dozod_d2.wad in attempts to decrease the likelihood of any optical poptitude due to long periods of eyeball to monitor contact. I also have available these same maps "levels" for heretic and hexen... and perhaps I will need to spiffy it up for quake someday. Also if you wind up saying to yourself hey this wad is fraggin awesome chances are that many others before you thought the same thing.
Credits: My wife Erika for giving me the gift of time, James VanHorn for Noises and Moral Support, and David Roach for getting me back into wadmaking. -Oh and did I mention ID Software, Ben Morris, or Thomas Edison for whom I wouldnt have the game, the editor of choice, or the electricity needed to create until I fall asleep.
Base: New level evolving from the primal key tap
Build time: Roughly 270 hours and 19 overhauls
Editor(s) used: Doom Construction Kit 2.2, Wintex (Deutex), DoomCad, LviewPro, UltraLaunch, WinJpeg, Dmgraph, Reject Map Builder 2.0 & believe it or not... Windows Draw.
Bugs: None
Rating: (3 votes)
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Nice maps. - Jonathanx

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