Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/drdeth.zip
Size: 34.36 KB
Date: 08/03/95
Author: Bill Campbell ( DR_FunFrock )
Description: This a deathmatch wad for Map 01 of Doom2. It Contains "4" fragging areas each easily identified by the textures. Lots a tricks and traps. To get the plasma hit the single blue flame on the steps BEWARE you can only get it from 1 side. Watch those moving steps. BFG is gettable by experts only :)
Credits: Wife Maura who kept passing me a refil of my whiskey glass. DCK22 which is f**king amazing. My boss who helped test it :). Simon and Paul for their input. The legion of doomers on iFrag (Bogey , T1000, Taiyoyu, XXX , Xman Meat, Turbo, Tree (bastard), Shrub (ditto), Drew, Pothead, Loon, Milex, Shr00m, ISDNHomey, Geo, Cabal ) if I missed any its cos they fragged me good :) this wad is designed so all can use their own particular styles to frag the Doc!
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