Title: Death Spawn
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/dthspn.zip
Size: 47.29 KB
Date: 03/26/95
Author: Scott Johnson
Description: This is my first deathmatch level for DOOM II. Lot's of Hiding Places, Secrets, Weapons, Health, etc., so enjoy blasting each other!

This PWAD was tested pretty well over the course of a weekend, with up to 4 players. Everything seemed to go fine.

Again....this PWAD is for DeathMatch. I did put starts in it for up to 4 players, but only to look around (since there aren't any enemies yet...maybe I'll add some later)
Credits: Yolanda Johnson - For testing and putting up with me sitting at the computer all day long, again and again (and again).

iD Software! - For yet ANOTHER great game, that actually allows us to create endless amounts of fun by editing it, and creating more levels for it.

Ben Morris - For the Awesome Level Editor (DCK!!)

DeathMatch Playtest Team - Yolanda Johnson, Sauron Church, Rob Wilson, David Suh.
Base: New level from scratch (The ONLY way!)
Build time: About 10 Hours.
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.1beta.
Bugs: None.
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