Title: Elevator.wad (for Doom 2)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/elevator.zip
Size: 15.48 KB
Date: 03/23/96
Author: Chris Wright
Description: This level is meant for deathmatch, although it's fun to play by yourself. It features an enormously tall elevator which takes you through the level, made up entirely of terraces and ledges. It has a simplistic design, and although its not one of my best WADs, it's been given high praise by those who've tried it. It's perhaps the only level which covers more vertical ground than horizonatal, giving it some distinction.
Credits: Matthew Ayres, creator of WADED, and the fine programmers at ID for producing DOOM ][.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time: Around 5 hours
Editor(s) used: Waded V1.83
Bugs: None known
Rating: (2 votes)
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Decent concept, pretty poorly realized. The lift moves fast enough that it serves less as a centerpiece for the gameplay like one would expect, and more like a really tedious way to get back up to the top ledges. Because of this, the progression of easy-to-hard monsters as you go higher up becomes reversed since the player will actually have to start fighting from the top down. Not a lot of room and monotonous texturing. Guess who the 5-star rating above is from btwx
Neat concept, quite inventive. Never played anything like it.x

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