Title: FETALDM3: Fetals' DeathMatchs 3 v.2.0
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/fetaldm3.zip
Size: 342.84 KB
Date: 02/29/96
Author: Anthony Czerwonka
Description: This is an update of FetalDM3, it now has better DM playablity than before! These are 4 Arena Style Deathmatchs, all with great layouts, and play. Those of you that have played this before, or haven't... you better download this one too! All weapons are available in each level. All levels DO have monsters.
Credits: Those of you that have placed this on your WWW pages, and or others that I have done. This goes out to you guys, and to all that just want to FRAG each other!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Around 179 hours.
Editor(s) used: DCK2.2
Bugs: None
Rating: (1 vote)
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