Title: Fiction1.WAD (For Doom 2) Deathmatch
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/fiction1.zip
Size: 37.23 KB
Date: 12/06/95
Author: David J. Hill
Description: A.K.A. Blood, Sweat, and Fear.

This wad contains 2 (two) great levels for deathmatch!!! The levels can be played solo play; and provide a good challenge this way!

Recomended mode of play: No monsters, Deathmatch 2.0.

Fiction series Each wad of the fiction series will contain 2 deathmatch levels. The goal of this series will be to provide the following: 1. High quality levels 2. Great Deathmatch playability

TNT: Evilution At this time our team is negotiating with ID software for the sale of our 32 level wad pack for Doom 2. It looks as if ID will buy our levels and release it in Februray '96. All the levels are excellent - you have to play this!!! Map01 is the BEST Deathmatch level I have ever played - Hands down. The rest of TNT:Evilution is super; simply some of the highest quality solo play and co-op wads you will ever see. Also Look for TNT2, which will be freeware released on the internet. It will be 32 new deathmatch levels created by the best Doom editors around: Team TNT.
Credits: My wife Anna Hill for here patience. My brother Chuck Hill (74063.2315@Cis.Com) for beta testing. Tom Doyle (TDdoyle@Aol.com) - The best playtester around. Everyone on Team TNT!! The guys at ID.
Base: Map1 - I took Mentzer6.wad and made some great improvements on already good deathmatch wad! Map2 - (Brand New) Mentzer7.wad
Build time: Around 30 hours.
Editor(s) used: DoomED
Bugs: None
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