Title: final thoughts
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/finalt.zip
Size: 475.1 KB
Date: 04/08/96
Author: shawn "spam" hamm
Description: well, the 1st level is one i started on way back in august, but had a block. then school started. well, ive been working on it alot lately and here it is... its come along way. a note about the second map. the layout isnt too imaginative (its a star), but the catch is that it was design to have a high number of respawn telefrags (respawn on top of someone) as of yet i have had minimum playtesting on this map.
Credits: id software (duh!! of course) the creators of the numerous editors i used, apogee/3d realms software, and the following people from #deathmatch for their input/testing: dweller, argent, stoney, stoney's opponent(s), strag, strag's opponent, yyzden, madman, deth and scaryname thanx to the following two people from the buffalo doomserver bbs: nemesis and the natural (1st playtesters)
Base: new levels from scratch
Build time: who the fuck knows
Editor(s) used: doomcad 5.1 (when i started), windeu32 5.24, deth 3.0, deth 3.87, bsp1.1w, nwt, wintex 4.1, wintex 4.2, warmdos 1.6 sound forge xp 3.0, midi2mus
Bugs: none that i know of... lemme know if ya catch one so i can patch it
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