Title: Foxholes 'R' Us
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/foxhole.zip
Size: 21.3 KB
Date: 12/20/94
Author: Brian Monroe
Description: 3 big rooms connected like a cloverleaf. Most of the items of value are located in various "foxholes" (that you can't just run past...you gotta slow down) or on top of or behind pillars that lower when players cross certain areas (kind of an interesting way to find out where people are...hint) There are a few side tunnels, and a pair of teleports.

This is one level you may wish to play WITH monsters. The pillar in the middle (between the 2 bigger rooms) will have a single CYBERDEMON on it, who will act as a sniper whilst the players try to duck and dodge. He's the only monster, and he's not that hard to kill (if'n ya know how...)
Credits: Everyone in my office who sacrificed lunch to play (right. sacrificed), everyone in my Networking class who played, and everyone on #IDOOM on IRC. BTW, Khan, this one's for you. No BFG on skills 1-3, so stop crying ;)
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Edmap, and whatever it comes with.
Bugs: One small visual bug near curved staircase.
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Interesting concept, I bet this one would be fun.x

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