Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/fragment.zip
Size: 15.04 KB
Date: 06/05/99
Author: Robert Bingham
Description: I was originally going to title this "Frag Mountain" but the SP_ROCK1 texture was giving the gray guy a bit of an unfair advantage. It is a bit amateurish by today's standards, but should rock on any platform, including vanilla DOOM II. In case of complaints of the exit being too easily accessible, ZDOOMers can turn the option to allow players to exit off.

This level is really more suitable for part of a DM megawad than a stand-alone due to its small size. Please email me if you plan on using the level in your megawad.
Build time: A few hours for the initial design, several weeks getting the textures right, and a week or so of getting my ass stomped by the Doombot while testing the level!
Editor(s) used: DCK for initial design, WadAuthor for textures, WinTex 3.4 for putting the music in, NWT 1.03 for more tweaking, and Doombot 2.24 for testing.
Bugs: If any bugs were there, they have since been blasted into nonexistance. Yep, I hate 'em like any good WAD author does.
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