Title: Fras v9.3 Map 1: Turks Map 2: New Map 3: Brick Map 4: Biff! Kazam! Map 5: Brick II Map 6: Sky Map 7:
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/fras.zip
Size: 445.52 KB
Date: 03/02/02
Author: Maps 1,3,5,7,(10,12,14): Paul O'Neill Maps 2,4,6,9,11,(13,15): Jerry P.
Description: Collection of well-made levels by two people from 6/1998 on. Levels continue to be added. See end of text file.
Base: New from scratch / Modified (FRAS1.WAD, FRASL.WAD) (Some levels were originally designed for both deathmatch and 1 player before the wads split up; later levels were originally designed for Doom Legacy)
Build time: Three and a half years
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor, DeeP for DOS, Deep97, Wintex
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Though it was released in 02, the mapset feels much older. Some of the legacy-only maps are missing, and you are apparently supposed to load frasl.wad alongside this for the complete package. Why they isn't it in the same zip? In any case, these maps exhibit the zany quirks of mid-nineties mapping, but seem a bit too cluttered to claustrophobic for the most part to play in an actual DM.x

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