Title: Freon 2: The Revenge of Deathmatch Each level has it's own title really..
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/freon2.zip
Size: 317.32 KB
Date: 06/07/95
Author: Victor Hall
Description: You might only like half, or less, of these levels. They vary so much and some are so wierd, you may hate them. A few really cool levels, made especially for deathmatch play (-altdeath recommended) Tried to have a wide variety of playing styles and levels supported. From my SUN level (fast action like level 7) to Castle (well, a modern castle) that supports team deathmatch. All (well, 90%) of deathmatch starts are placed in raised 'protected' areas, and some even have a 12 gauge for you to start with. It makes things alittle more fair.
Credits: ID software of course, for making a kick ass game with all the level editing/making ability. And all the cool level editors out there. My fav. levels are with my only gripes about them (in case you guys see this): CLAWSON7.WAD (although alittle too tall, maybe) TIMJAY.WAD (last two levels almost indentical-??) THELORD.WAD (must be too hard wo/iddqd. Level one is good for D-match, rest are only 'good' for one player, last levels are getting desperate.) SKILLS.WAD (the dark section, why? slows play down) STOKER.WAD (mansion, too big for even 2 player D-match?? same concept (but bigger) as SKILLS.WAD)

Alright, this text file is getting big, and I'm not even to giving the descriptions for my levels! ...
Base: New levels, from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU2 5.21
Bugs: A few none-aligned textures. Only worried about the ones that looked at all bad. I kinda rushed the delivery of this wad, so a few wall textures are wrong (ex. near plasma in level 5, on on the part where you jump down, there's a grey texture that should be the orange startan. not a biggy)
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