Title: Full of Lead (FULOLED.WAD)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/d-f/fuloled.zip
Size: 36.52 KB
Date: 04/11/95
Author: Michael Sims
Description: This is a DEATHMATCH-ONLY pwad for DOOM ][. SIGH!!! ANOTHER ONE? Yes, but I think this one will be worth your download. First of all, it contains NO MEGASPHERES OR SUPERCHARGES! so the game does not turn into HealthWars. There is a strategically placed medkit and beserk pack, along with a few stimpacks. There are plenty of weapons to prevent anyone from gaurding them all. I've tried to make this level a very playable deathmatch design. All weapons are present, except the BFG. (I rarely like the BFG for deathmatch games, except when it is strategically placed (such as in DANZIG13.WAD). I've added a few features to this level which, in my opinion, sets it apart from most deathmatch levels currently available:

1. Although the plasma gun is available, it rests on a platform that must be dropped by a remote switch, which also drops a lift elsewhere in the level that contains a beserk pack. This makes getting the plasma gun a risky venture. Also, there are no energy cells lying around, so you'd better make that ammo count.

2. One of the metal pillars in the inside room has a walk-thru linedef on the west side. This allows players to enter the pillar and ambush their opponent, or hide from them when they get low on health.

3. There are several sniper positions from which you can frag your buddy, and I've tried to make the level a very "open" one, so most of the time you have a pretty good idea of where your opponent is.

4. There is a medium-sized semicircular courtyard for those plasma and rocket battles. A small bunker in the courtyard has a chaingun and a spy hole that is aimed towards the door of the courtyard.

5. Stepping over the rocket-launcher platform in one of the courtyard buildings triggers several lifts throughout the sector to fall, which gives away your position to your enemy.

6. This level contains a cooperative exit to prevent one player from exiting when the other isn't ready.
Credits: ID, of course, for making the best two-player game ever.

To the creators of the IGOR and DANZIG death- match levels. Those guys are absoluted GODS when it comes to making an awesome PLAYABLE deathmatch level. I'd especially welcome any E-mail from you guys.

The creators of Doom Construction Kit 2.2.

Robert Maze, for beta-testing and design help.

Jason Mattox, for beta-testing.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: About 40 or so hours, I didn't really time it.
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.2, the most intuitive level editor I have *ever* seen.
Bugs: None, unless you find a texture or two misalinged by a pixel here or there.
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