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GAC001 Created 2/26/95
So, you have played all those Deathmatch wads over Dwango. Well aren't you kind of getting bored of Deathmatch? Here's the sollution! A co-op level of nightmareish proportions....Date:05/06/05
Size:23.85 KB
Author:General Atwater

The ultimate four player Deathmatch wad, with some really nasty traps. Lots of big areas to do battle in, but the level is not that big to find your opponents. Music from Doom 1 E1M2 has been put in. Enjoy!...Date:05/06/05
Size:34.32 KB
Author:General Atwater

As my 1st attempt, very simple design... but fun nonetheless....Date:12/18/95
Size:313.64 KB

So, you're still looking for WAD's after 2 years of DOOM ][, eh? If that's the case, then you are probably looking for quality, since you've no doubt had your fill of crappy ones. Do you like your textures aligned? You got it. Do you like consistent,...Date:04/21/96
Size:95.68 KB

A desolate, desserted base in the middle of nowhere. No one knows how it appeared, but are sure glad it did. A very fun, quick fraggin' deathmatch! For those who like surprizes......Date:06/15/97
Size:102.36 KB
Author:Thomas Matthews

Gang Up or Shut Up (It's all I could think of)
A Deathmatch only wad for Doom2. Not very big, and It's easy to find the other people. It has four cubie holes for each player to start in. Each person gets a shotgun and a chaingun. If your lucky or unlucky you could start in a sealed off room, that...Date:03/04/95
Size:50.79 KB
Author:Mike Regan

the gang war
this is a 15 level deathmatch ONLY wad meant for 2-4 player deathmatches. every one of these wads was precisionly made for the BEST deathmatch experience! as good as dwango or BETTER!...Date:02/09/96
Size:223.92 KB
Author:zach karpinski, better known as mr. corruption

Designed for deathmatch....Date:01/12/96
Size:10.78 KB

Designed for deathmatch....Date:01/12/96
Size:10.87 KB
Author:Kilowatt (Terry Duke)

Designed for deathmatch....Date:01/12/96
Size:62.07 KB
Author:Kilowatt (Terry Duke)

Designed for deathmatch....Date:01/12/96
Size:79.56 KB

Designed for deathmatch....Date:01/12/96
Size:93.09 KB

Designed for deathmatch....Date:01/12/96
Size:117.16 KB

Designed for deathmatch....Date:01/12/96
Size:99.29 KB

Designed for deathmatch....Date:01/12/96
Size:104.04 KB

Designed for deathmatch....Date:01/12/96
Size:89.85 KB

GASMANSN.WAD (Gas Mansion DeathMatch)
Gas Mansion Deathmatch! This deathmatch takes place in one of the wings of the legendary Gas Mansion. The setting is tailored for very fast action with cool places to lurk and devious traps to surprise your enemy with! You will certainly enjoy hours ...Date:07/28/95
Size:123.45 KB

The Gate #1 (
Original Deathmatch PWAD for Doom II...Date:04/27/95
Size:74.15 KB
Author:Chris Villarreal

GBA Deathmatch Levels
This is the Deathmatch Levels from the Gameboy Advance version of Doom ripped using Kaiser's excellent GBA Ripping tool. The maps inside were organized by me, and I aligned all the textures, fixed a bug, and optimized it....Date:10/05/07
Size:209.83 KB

10 dm levels from scratch. Some good levels, and some bad. New music....Date:12/23/00
Size:755.98 KB
Author:Yashar G. (aka Gemini).

GeNiUs01 -- YoU HaVe BeeN WaRNeD
GeNiUs01 -- YoU HaVe BeeN WaRNeD is the first in the series. An old wooden house is the battle grounds in GeNiUs01; win and you live. Lose and you die. The exit is a two part exit, although it is not a co-op exit. There is also one of the repeat s...Date:01/15/96
Size:49.26 KB
Author:The EViL GeNiUs (Jimmy Sieben)

GeNiUs02 -- YoU WiLL BeLieVe
GeNiUs02 -- YoU WiLL BeLieVe is the #2 in a run-down park....Date:04/11/96
Size:59.36 KB
Author:The EViL GeNiUs (Jimmy Sieben)

Genocidal Genesis
My first three WADs combined into one. Exits have been added from originals, level 1 (Fire Vat) has a weird exit. The level is not big enough to have a co-operative exit, so if you rush, you can make it on your own. Level 2 (Demon Arena) is larger, b...Date:05/17/96
Size:83.37 KB

A nice Death Match WAD for D2. Nice big rooms and an OK outside. Fun for the hole family......Date:12/24/95
Size:11.08 KB
Author:James O'Vary

A DOOM2 deathmatch with a twist. See text for more information....Date:07/29/95
Size:37.15 KB
Author:Richard Wilkins

Get Some Frags! III Preview.
This is the preview level of Get Some Frags! III. Play this to satisfy your hunger for a while. Best with ? players(haven't tested yet.)...Date:03/29/96
Size:12.49 KB
Author:Weird Beard (a.k.a. William Jay)

Get Some Frags!
A Deathmatch level that features a big room in the middle with sniper windows and a rocket launcher in the middle. Snipers know when you try to get the rocket launcher because the lights turn on when you enter! Hurry because you're open to chaingun f...Date:02/27/96
Size:10.22 KB
Author:William Jay and Robert Cocorochio

Get Some Frags! II
This is the second part of Get Some Frags! This also has a rocket launcher light room, but it is designed much better. There is also better texturing and lighting in this level. This wad just blows away Get Some Frags I. This level has a co-op exit. ...Date:03/23/96
Size:13.18 KB
Author:Weird Beard (a.k.a. Weird Beard)

This is my first wad...Date:06/17/95
Size:9.32 KB

Ghost House
Doom2 wad made to look like a haunted house...Date:07/10/12
Size:149.51 KB
Author:Royce Lambert

The Ghost Town
This is a deathmatch only level with the emphasis on design. It consists of an outdoor area, several buildings, and a SMALL mine shaft. PLEASE email me with any comments you have about this pwad - especially the play quality!...Date:02/03/97
Size:28.99 KB
Author:Nathan Carnahan

GIBS=the little pieces of flesh and bone that you see when you nail a guy with a BFG, or ROCKET....Date:07/12/95
Size:74.68 KB

i guess you can call it a house, alot of secrets to play on your friends....Date:07/18/95
Size:25.91 KB

Gideon for Doom ][ Deathmatch
A small level that is great for very fast, intense deathmatching. Enough room for 3, might be a bit crowded for 4 though....Date:05/15/95
Size:15.21 KB
Author:Steve Grecni

Gideon for Doom ][ Deathmatch
A medium size level that is great for very fast, intense deathmatching. Enough room for 3, might be a bit crowded for 4 though....Date:09/03/95
Size:17.32 KB
Author:Steve Grecni

Gideon for Doom ][ Deathmatch
A medium size level that is great for very fast, intense deathmatching. Great for all numbers of people. Nice "3D" level....Date:01/23/96
Size:18.46 KB
Author:Steve Grecni

Gideon for Doom ][ Deathmatch
A fairly small level that is great for very fast, intense deathmatching. Great for all numbers of people....Date:02/12/96
Size:75.21 KB
Author:Steve Grecni

The first incarnation of Gigakill, was in the form of 5 consec- utive deathmatch suitable levels. These I titled PALADIUM. After testing them thouroughly and revamping existing levels (and even adding 2 new ones...Date:02/21/95
Size:106.85 KB

Deathmatch level designed for massive fragging, To be played with DM 1.0! This level takes place on the roof of a city building. (city included in level)...Date:01/30/96
Size:190.05 KB
Author:The Giggler

Giggler5 - Beta I
Deathmatch level designed for skillful 4-way play....Date:01/30/96
Size:89.99 KB
Author:The Giggler

Giggler 5
Deathmatch level designed for skillful 4-way play....Date:01/30/96
Size:96.38 KB
Author:The Giggler

A deathmatch wad for Doom][ only not much to it. try to find the BFG2000...Date:06/19/98
Size:25.89 KB

Ginsu DeathMatch WAD 1
DEATHMATCH WAD! 'nuff said!...Date:08/07/96
Size:4.23 KB
Author:The GinsuMan

Giznad for DOOM ][ Deathmatch
Giznad08.wad is a small-sized level designed for two- or fast three- or four-player DOOM ][ Deathmatch. Supports 2 modes of play (see below) and monsters (use respawn). YOU LIKE DANZIG ? SO YOU WILL LOVE GIZNAD....Date:11/20/95
Size:27.5 KB
Author:S. Bacquet

Giznad for DOOM ][ Deathmatch
Giznad09.wad is a small-sized level designed for two- or fast three- or four-player DOOM ][ Deathmatch. Supports 2 modes of play (see below) and monsters (use respawn). YOU LIKE DANZIG ? SO YOU WILL LOVE GIZNAD....Date:10/15/95
Size:17.42 KB
Author:S. Bacquet

Giznad for DOOM ][ Deathmatch
Giznad10.wad is a small-sized level designed for fast two- or very fast three- or four-player DOOM ][ Deathmatch. Supports 2 modes of play (see below) and monsters (use respawn). YOU LIKE DANZIG ? SO YOU WILL LOVE GIZNAD....Date:10/15/95
Size:11.16 KB
Author:S. Bacquet

Doom I AND Doom ][ DeathMatch only level. Because it's compatible with both games it doesn't matter which game everyone uses. (fe: you could deathmatch with someone using doom 1 while you use doom 2) Designed with dm 1.0 in mind, there are no power...Date:07/19/95
Size:56.22 KB
Author:Genesis Krzyzaniak

Gloom Keep
A small dm level. A few corridors, four outside areas and a small arena in the middle....Date:10/29/00
Size:31.25 KB
Author:De Zeurkous
DOOM ][ DeathMatch only level series. This Wad contains the first 10 gkdm wads which are all designed for a fast paced Frag Fest! Made primarily for DM 1.0 (skill 3) but added some stuff for DM 2.0 (all other skills) All weapons are in interestin...Date:04/12/95
Size:218.32 KB
Author:Genesis Krzyzaniak

[GL] Deathmatch
A compilation of Deathmatch maps made by the [GL] Team....Date:09/11/12
Size:3.64 MB
Author:Okami-AIK, DoktorNuts, Pootis, Umbreon, Manolo

Silvery interior, a few open spaces. Small multiplayer wad with high action rate. It is based on a wad I played in 1995, but that I lost, and rebuilt in 1997. I lost that one too, so here is the third iteration....Date:01/19/16
Size:21.26 KB
Author:Jonas Lundin

The Cookie Monsters Deathmatch
clean deathmatch level...Date:02/11/05
Size:61.28 KB
Author:The Cookie Monster (Glenn)

Another great deathmatch by me. :)...Date:06/17/95
Size:9.14 KB
Author:David Davidson (AKA DRILLER)

A wad for Deathmatch. I would recommend altdeath. Nothing awazing, but my friends like it more than 60% of other wads they played. I guess that is because they don't like too much searching in a game....Date:02/09/95
Size:22.23 KB
Author:Ozan Gokmenoglu

GODLESS: The Adventure Begins A Berry Creek Software Production
8 levels for DM fun. They are not the best levels you will ever play, but they're darn close. :)...Date:11/03/96
Size:181.26 KB
Author:Chris Bilski and Blain Newport

GODLESS 2: The Smacky Chronicles A Berry Creek Software Production
8 levels for DM fun. They are not the best levels you will ever play, but they're even closer than the levels in GODLESS1. :)...Date:02/02/97
Size:399.84 KB
Author:Chris Bilski and Blain Newport

Godless 3: Kevorkian Litanies A Berry Creek Software Production
8 levels of DM fun. Godless 3 is a step back from the insanity of Godless 2. Most of the levels are somewhat larger and easier to get around in. They're still slaughterfests with four players, but with two, you can actually have hunting / stalking ma...Date:12/31/97
Size:337.34 KB
Author:Chris Bilski and Blain Newport

Godless 4: Kingdom Come
DooM 3 was almost upon us, and with only one more set of eight levels to go before having enough to make a Godless megawad, the Berry Creek Deathmatch Team kicked into high gear! These are the last levels. The megawad featuring them should be out sho...Date:08/01/04
Size:430.02 KB
Author:Chris Bilski and Blain Newport

I built this level to satisfy my need for a INTENSE Sounding Level and for DeathMatch play. However it does support Co-Op and Single Play mode. Many of the Sound Effects have been replaced for a more realistic and intense sounding game play ! Designe...Date:05/10/95
Size:452.01 KB
Author:Edward Puskaric

Goff's Deathmatch Floor
Another Doom2 Deathmatch floor. I hate long intros. I like to kill people in doom2 and thats what I designed this floor for....Date:12/14/95
Size:34.96 KB
Author:Ron Goff

Goff's Deathmatch Floor
Another Doom2 Deathmatch floor. I hate long intros. I like to kill people in doom2 and thats what I designed this floor for....Date:12/14/95
Size:39.6 KB
Author:Ron Goff

Goff's Deathmatch Floor
Another Doom2 Deathmatch floor. I hate long intros. I like to kill people in doom2 and thats what I designed this floor for....Date:12/14/95
Size:60.07 KB
Author:Ron Goff

Goff's Deathmatch Floor
Another Doom2 Deathmatch floor. I hate long intros. I like to kill people in doom2 and thats what I designed this floor for....Date:12/14/95
Size:28.59 KB
Author:Ron Goff

Goff's Deathmatch Floor
Another Doom2 Deathmatch floor. I hate long intros. I like to kill people in doom2 and thats what I designed this floor for....Date:12/14/95
Size:18.42 KB
Author:Ron Goff

Gaming Outpost's Complimentary Deathmatch Level
If you like this level in a two player deathmatch, imagine it with four people. This level is strictly for die hard deathmatch fanatics. Sorry, no monsters and no exits.(use the -timer parameter)...Date:10/21/95
Size:34.23 KB
Author:Fred Carrillo

Conglomeration of three DooM II wads **** Optimised for DEATHMATCH 2.0 **** ******** Designed for DOOM II ******** IMPORTANT ***********************************...Date:02/07/95
Size:184.54 KB
Author:Various. Edited and assembled by Andrew Scarvell

Goodest wad
Small Doom ][ DM level, vines and a kewl fire room....Date:08/01/96
Size:19.66 KB
Author:Mike Myers "Zoolu"

Good DeathMatch(Doom2)
I usually use -skill 4 -altdeath,there are monsters...Date:04/23/98
Size:121.97 KB
Author:Chuck Madonia

gore5 is like gore somewhat by theme another map file for Doom 1...Date:05/26/16
Size:31.05 KB
Author:Jeff Tunink

Gore Galore (for DOOM 2)
This level is designed especially for DeathMatch 2.0, but it is also an excellent single-player experience (although it will take a DOOM guru to beat it on Ultra-Violence). At first, the level will seem rather large for a DM level, but I can assure y...Date:12/17/94
Size:31.71 KB
Author:Ian Springer

A kickbutt collection of 4 deathmatch levels!...Date:12/17/95
Size:83.15 KB
Author:Greg Grimsby

Size:11.59 KB

Size:23.91 KB

全国1000万のGORUZIGファンの皆様!! 長らくお待たせいたしました。ようやくGORUZIG...Date:09/26/12
Size:46.97 KB

Gotcha 2-8-95
Very fluid multi-level Deathmatch Wad....Date:02/16/95
Size:31.97 KB
Author:Jack Grodzienski

Black Gothic
Deathmatch WAD...Date:10/18/96
Size:285.83 KB
Author:Mathias Wallin and Björn Fredriksson

Gotohell (10/02/95)
A tidy little level, specifically designed for deathmatch. Happy frags, and traps for everyone. This wad is designed for people who like to ambush from all points, and who really enjoy a mad, freeforall dash for the toughest weapons on the level. ...Date:02/09/95
Size:19.93 KB
Author:Wayne Radford

Great Deathmatch Level
This is a deathmatch level. It has starts for 4 player deathmathch or coop. Please Email me a response, (Good or Bad) about the level or if you want to play modem Doom2 version 1.9, Rise of the Triad ver. 1.2 (Registered), Descent ver. 1.0 (registere...Date:08/27/95
Size:27.81 KB
Author:John Jankowski

GrassDUMP (I dunno....)
Very short level, frag a second... Created for four way but you will still see some 2 way blood for modem players....Date:12/30/95
Size:31.45 KB
Author:Michael Labbe

Death Grate
Optimized, and I do mean optimized, for death- match play. No exits, and no monsters, which means no fun alone....Date:10/29/95
Size:8.58 KB
Author:Brent Sampson

A DeathMatch for DOOM II, also single player, but not really made with that in mind. There are 4 main areas, the meat locker, the armoury, the balconies, and the garden proper. There are passages from the meat locker and the armoury to the balconies....Date:12/18/94
Size:24.28 KB
Author:Glenn Hopkinson

Great Doom II Deathmatch Maps
s bunkad2.wad = See the enclosed bunkad2.txt for more info. telecros.wad = See the enclosed bunkad2.txt for more info....Date:05/31/00
Size:88.6 KB
Author:bunkad2.wad-Colin Dickens telecros.wad-Juergen Kroder

Classical Carnage
You are a team of archaeologists, cruising the Aegean islands. You sail into a group of uncharted archipelagos, evidently colonized by ancient Greeks. While they have disappeared, their buildings remain unravaged by time. You find a debating chamber ...Date:06/02/96
Size:386.11 KB
Author:Alun Bestor

Very fast deathmatch play. Small and very compact. Some original design taken from Mountkng.wad Map05....Date:09/25/97
Size:20.14 KB
Author:Doug Merrill

Euphoria In Green
This is the updated final version of my first map....feel free to e-mail me with any thoughts or suggestions...Date:07/01/05
Size:176.2 KB

Size:2.04 MB

The Grid for Doom II
This is a deathmatch level set in a grid of criss-crossing upper and lower corridors with moving floors at each intersection. The upper corridors run north to south and are connected by windows. The lower corridors run east to west, and are dark. Sho...Date:03/17/95
Size:11.49 KB
Author:Colin Dickens

A rather small deathmatch level for Doom II. A little more detail than the previous wads. Guns: Shotgun, Double Barrel Shotgun, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher. Does not require advanced ports, though jumping can get you through the window in the book room...Date:10/14/02
Size:45.82 KB
Author:Kara C. Rader

Meat-Grinder I (v1.A)
This level replaces GRINDER1.WAD dated 5/12/95. There's now an exit, for those who like to see the "who-killed-how-many-of-who" screen when they're done, and the four corner pillars have been lowered to open the whole level up some more. This level...Date:05/18/95
Size:12.68 KB
Author:Brian Kidby

This wad file does it's best to recreate a grocery store. It is not perfect, but It is a cool death- match wad. The only weapons available are the gun, shotguns, and the chaingun. This makes it a challenging pwad. Let me know what you think (too easy...Date:12/30/96
Size:41.26 KB
Author:Derek Altamirano

Groovy for Doom2
Deathmatch for Doom2; no BFG or single shotgun. My step-mom protects the exit. Enough backpacks to travel abroad......Date:03/28/95
Size:8.56 KB
Author:M. Franz Seidelhuber

This Wad is for DOOM ][ only. Eventually, this will be part of a 10 level DM only Wad. Deathmatch level for Doom 1.666. This level is fast and furious fun for 2 people. With more than 2 people, up goes the frag counts! Feedback is always welcome....Date:11/09/94
Size:17.61 KB
Author:Gary Peifer (11/94)

Arena of Fun
This started out an idea I got from the Hexen Beyond Heretic beta version I was playing and slowly made it 's way to a DOOM 2 deathmatch level. There is a platform in the center of the area with weapons galore. Once there , defend yourself from other...Date:10/10/95
Size:16.04 KB
Author:Geoff Symanczyk

GS's Arena
This wad is designed for use with the new DEATHMATCH 2.0 rules. The wad consist in an area surrounded by an higher corridor. In the central area is situated a pool with fifteen lifts (good for hunting). The main area also includes miscellanous struct...Date:08/05/95
Size:48.79 KB
Author:Alain Arrault

Medium size DM map, small building and its garden. BFG and Plasma are little harder to get. Play it oldskool, no jump, no aim, etc....Date:01/06/04
Size:61.79 KB
Author:Pascal vd Heiden

GSXR - 1
Deathmatch wad for Doom II. This level is fairly straight forward, there are no secrets or monsters. There is no armor or health (I despise both). This level is probably best played NOT using altdeath. It's about the same size as id's level 2....Date:06/07/95
Size:16.98 KB
Author:Rob Oshiro a.k.a. GSX_R

Yet another wad in the GSXR series. Only for DEATHMATCH! The more players the merrier. WARNING: Do not attempt to "view" this wad using single player or cooperative--you will be punished! Use only with DEATHMATCH 1.0 or 2.0...Date:03/14/96
Size:16.67 KB
Author:Alissa Colby a.k.a. Lisa

Yet another wad in the GSXR series. Only for DEATHMATCH! The more players the merrier....Date:09/21/95
Size:17.73 KB
Author:Alissa Colby aka Robbie, aka GSX_R, aka Lisa aka Pain

gurgly deathmatch (the name has nothing to do with the level)
For DOOM 2, A dm WAD about 3 ways in and out of every place...Date:07/22/96
Size:9.73 KB
Author:Brian Glines

Circle of Guts #1
This is a winding circular PWAD made just for Deathmatch 2.0 play. Tested with 2 players, there are plenty of dark areas and windows and the black player should have fun with these. :) There is a "locator" arrow in the center that drops when the play...Date:02/08/95
Size:55.68 KB
Author:Pete Deffendol

Guts #2
The second in the series of Deathmatch levels. This one is a bit less of a hunting level, more of a blastfest level with lots of teleports. All the weapons are here, but have fun getting the BFG! There is a co-op exit....Date:05/17/95
Size:34.52 KB
Author:Pete Deffendol

GYM_96 (gym_96.wad, gym_96.txt)
This is the third installment to the Gym series. I wanted to keep the "run & gun" action of the first two, but I wanted to change the look. Its shaped like a big wheel, with a Main central room surrounded by a circular corridor that is attached by se...Date:12/16/95
Size:16.83 KB
Author:Fred J. Parsons (Unkas)

Size:35.16 KB
Author:D. Hopkins ( DHOP )
A fellow doomer currently known as Medic suggested that all you frag festin' doomers could use a QUALITY packet of great death match levels for Doom II to bide your time. Since H2H is the best place to be a Doomer, we have dedicated to H2H Doom...Date:09/04/95
Size:635.33 KB

H2H Czech Arenas - 1 (H2HCZAR1.WAD) DOOM II version
This is an arena-type deathmatch pwad that I made for tournaments held by H2H in San Diego (619-426-0073). Please, don't confuse Arenas with H2H Czech Series. Arenas are smaller, designed only for deathmatch. Although you can play Arenas solo or in c...Date:07/25/95
Size:23.01 KB
Author:Pavel Hodek

This is another arena-type deathmatch pwad that I made for the H2H DOOM BBS in San Diego (619-426-0073). Arenas are made for altdeath and should be small enough for two players. I did my best to offer some enjoyment also for those who can play just s...Date:07/25/95
Size:30.19 KB
Author:Pavel Hodek

I was asked to make something similair to the original MAP07, so I did. All weapons except BFG can be found inside the storehouse and also outside. (Just one chaingun) There are some medical kits but no spheres. This arena should be fun even for a so...Date:07/25/95
Size:44.42 KB
Author:Pavel Hodek

H2H Czech Series 1 (H2HCZEK1.WAD)
This is a beta of the third part of Czech Series. At the beginning I intended to make a small arena, but it somehow got out of my hands. It means that if you want to play solo or co-op, you will not have too much fun. The only idea I had was altdeath...Date:07/25/95
Size:31.25 KB
Author:Pavel Hodek, Czech Doomer

H2H Czech Series 1 (H2HCZEK1.WAD)
This is the first pwad that I made for deathmatch tournaments held by H2H in San Diego (619-426-0073). As you can see, it is not a deathmatch specific wad because the original idea was to design something similair to Id's shareware episode....Date:04/01/95
Size:48.55 KB
Author:Pavel Hodek, Czech Doomer

H2H Czech Series 2 (H2HCZEK2.WAD)
This is another pwad that I made for deathmatches on H2H in San Diego (619-426-0073). As you can see, it is not a deathmatch specific wad because the original idea was to design something similair to Id's shareware episode. This level is suitable als...Date:07/25/95
Size:52.21 KB
Author:Pavel Hodek

H2H Czech Series (3) (H2HCZEK3.WAD)
This is the final version of the third part in the CZECH SERIES. Since the beta was good, I just threw in a couple of monsters. If you decide to play UV, be carefull with ammo. Sometimes you will have to run into fire for more shells. This was buil...Date:04/02/95
Size:33.26 KB
Author:Pavel Hodek, Czech Doomer

This one has an interesting history. At the beginning I just tried what I can build in 1 hour. So I didn't think about the layout at all. I just placed vertexes all around like mad. And as I found the wad not so bad, I spent another hour with alignin...Date:07/25/95
Size:30.63 KB
Author:Pavel Hodek, Doom Guru from CZ

H 2 H D R O P
Tiny DeathMatch Wad with NEW MUSIC + GRAPHICS...Date:12/29/95
Size:14.98 KB
Author:D. Hopkins ( DHOP & KINGPIN )

This is an Offical wad for the H2HMud International Doomers Competition....Date:04/28/95
Size:59.43 KB
Author:Dave Swift

This is an Offical wad for the H2HMud International Doomers Competition....Date:04/28/95
Size:66.93 KB
Author:Dave Swift

This is an Offical wad for the H2HMud International Doomers Competition....Date:04/28/95
Size:100.07 KB
Author:Dave Swift

This Co-Op WAD is the official Co-Op Challenge presented to the Dooming community at large. Single, 2, 3, or 4 player lmps are accepted as entry. See below for more info...Date:04/28/95
Size:91.73 KB
Author:Dave Swift

Deathmatch & Co-Op Only...Date:04/28/95
Size:123.58 KB
Author:Dave Swift

My latest DeathMatch wad for Doom2. It is good for two players, but is a lot better with 4 people going at it. It is not too big or too small, with a few secrets here and there. Plenty of ammo and other bonuses will be in stock for you and your death...Date:09/13/98
Size:99.93 KB
Author:Nathan Burns (also made behetag.wad)

HALF A CHANCE (hafchans.wad) This WAD may be run directly with either Doom or Doom II.
I hate unfair death match levels. You know them- one player gets a heavy advantage early in the match, blows away the opposition and remains invincible for the rest of the match. Boring... even when it's you. HALF A CHANCE provides limited ammo, me...Date:03/29/96
Size:37.89 KB
Author:Jack Valero

A set of 4 deathmatch levels. I have played these extensively in the past, but I never got around to packaging them up and posting them anywhere. I don't play Doom II any more, but I thought I'd toss these out for anyone who might be interested....Date:01/29/98
Size:69.92 KB
Author:Tony Hafner

A set of 4 deathmatch levels, sort of the sequel to Hafwads. These are levels that were partway built when I started playing Quake and quit Doom II editing. They are all close to complete, but are of varying quality level. Frankly, I don't know how g...Date:01/29/98
Size:88.25 KB
Author:Tony Hafner

That's right, you probably do reconize this wad file. It was origionally a DOOM 1 wad. No I didn't make it, I have no idea who did! If your the person who made this wad, it's a pretty cool deathmatch wad file. I did make a few minor adjus...Date:07/09/95
Size:14.13 KB
Author:the guy who edited this wad

Original doom2 deathmatch wad 2 to 4 players probably better with 4. 8 deathmatch starts so you won't know where the one you just killed will come back to life at....Date:10/04/95
Size:22.24 KB
Author:Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman

This is a 4 level collection from Doomer's House of Carnage. They are octoplex.wad, nyosix.wad, nyoface.wad, and peer.wad I've added some tunes from John Carpenter's movie "Halloween", "BeetleJuice", & "The Addams Family", as well as some sounds I gr...Date:10/29/96
Size:231.17 KB
Author:Jonathan Graves & Cliff Harder

Size:19.95 KB
Author:Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen

Halloween DOOM
You are trapped inside of a haunted house with witches, Frankenstien, a voo-doo man, a skeleton, and bats. Trick or treat bags, scary stories, and other things can help you survive in the house. Pick up the broom and matches to make a fire-broom as a...Date:12/21/95
Size:875.55 KB
Author:Carl Schrammel, Steve Belinkoff, Jeremy Nimmer

Hand of Justice
Cool small deathmatch level... Realy nice (I think..) Four rooms inaccesibles from outside with teleporters in them to arena with.... lots of cool stuff. Must have good jumping skills to get weapons.There is no place to hide in this level, because i ...Date:09/21/95
Size:35.78 KB
Author:Timmy (The J-U-D-G-E)

HANDICAP TRIO (handicap.wad) 3 level DeathMatch wad for Doom II
Don't you hate it when you always win? Don't you hate it even more when you always lose? When it comes to the truly important things in life (such as Doom) some of us are better than others. This wad tries to even the balance with a handicap for the ...Date:03/24/96
Size:101.21 KB
Author:Jack Valero

Hank's Deathmatch Level
There are these guys who like to blow the shit out of each other in this place where all this firepower, ammo, health and armor just so happen to be. Good enough description?...Date:06/10/96
Size:21.54 KB
Author:Henry Chang

Hanslumbik's Fighting Arena!
This is a UNIQUE level that allows two peo ple to play one on one while the others in the game watch while waiting their turn. When someone dies another person meets the winner in the Arena! When you are stuck, just watch the game and wait for your c...Date:11/04/95
Size:40.72 KB
Author:Kristoff Mestdagh (Hanslumbik)

Have A Nice Day!
This level was designed as a deathmatch level. It can, however, be very challenging if you play it one-player. I was using a DeHacked version of Doom2 while I made this, and it's set up for use with it. Without it, you'll probably want to use the IDK...Date:08/18/99
Size:47.65 KB
Author:Jeff Mitchell

My brother was fooling around with a Doom to Quake level conversion program a little while ago. The problem was, most of the levels he tried to convert had architecture that was too complex, special effects tricks, or custom graphics. The result was ...Date:09/11/99
Size:102.46 KB
Author:Steve Robinson

Hardcore Battlezone
Large, fast-paced pure deathmatch level...Date:07/14/95
Size:54.11 KB
Author:Brent & Kent Spillner (Mostly Brent)

HardCore.wad is a medium size level that is excellent for 2,3, or 4 players. The first wad was totally designed by us. We added some graphics and some sounds that are pretty cool. The other 3 levels are new wads by the ultimate wad designer "Dweller ...Date:05/12/96
Size:323.23 KB
Author:Predator and Rambo

This Wad is for DOOM ][ only. A deathmatch level. A small predictable wad. There is a central room with a bfg surronded by four other rooms containing the other weapons. All the rooms are connected. If you want to know any more you'll have to play it...Date:07/15/95
Size:5.17 KB
Author:Chris Donges

Another Doom 2 deathmatch wad. But a good one. All the weapons, and a nasty surprise for naive players. I'll tell you where a secret switch is, but don't tell fellow players. No i won't tell you, i'll show you, watch the demo. It reveals large quanti...Date:05/29/95
Size:16.05 KB
Author:thought process when he wrote this file. He thinks it's IMPORTANT! Were you ready for that one? Ther

The Deadly Harvest
This is a deathmatch level. We've played it for a few days and fragged each other a million times. Though the WAD is deathmatch only, I didn't just put a few rooms here and there, but also did my usual work of texture choosing and aligning to make it...Date:05/05/96
Size:37.32 KB
Author:Grzegorz Werner

HATMATCH.WAD - NEW VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!! (With texture-related problems fixed!)
This is my favourite deathmatch level. I like ultra-small levels and I've been getting around 30 frags a minute whilst playing on this level. It hasn't been tested with over 2 players but I don't think that it'd be all that great seeing as the level ...Date:02/07/97
Size:62.48 KB
Author:Mark Hatton

All around fun fragfest for 3 or 4 players. A little big for 2...Date:12/10/95
Size:797.55 KB
Author:Ray Dana

Fine looking deathmatch for Doom ][. A few points: the midgrates are doors. If you're playing someone who wants to camp up at the megasphere room the teleport in the blood will put you at different angles depending on which way you enter it. That way...Date:07/15/95
Size:90.56 KB
Author:David Davidson (AKA DRILLER)

HawkEye's Deathmatch
Small/medium sized Deathmatch level for Doom ][......Date:05/16/96
Size:14.28 KB
Author:Matt McElroy

HawkEye's Deathmatch ][
This is the sequel to HAWKDM.WAD. Similar in design and concept, these wads reflect my own playing style where a sharp mind, good tactics, and skill get the frags instead of pure luck reminiscent of many tiny, cramped wads....Date:05/29/96
Size:23.49 KB
Author:Matt McElroy

HawkEye's Frag Fest
Inspired by the Danzig series (awesome wads man), this is a small DM wad designed for a fast paced game with tons of frags. E-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:06/14/96
Size:12.84 KB
Author:Matt McElroy

HawkEye's Fragfest
Similar to hawkff.wad: small level, not a whole lot of room to move around...makes for tons of frags! Teleport to Hell to get the BFG....Date:08/27/96
Size:16.67 KB
Author:Matt McElroy

HawkEye's FragFest
Another sequel to hawkff.wad. Your trapped again in a small building trying to survive. Much of of the strategy in this wad comes from anticipating your enemy's moves...Happy fragging =) Send me E-mail if you like it ....Date:08/25/96
Size:7.86 KB
Author:Matt McElroy

Hazzie's Tower of Torture I
My first PWAD, very experimental(ignore the god awful textures :)...Date:06/11/95
Size:26.18 KB
Author:Joel "Hazzie" Morton

Hazzie's Tower of Torture II
4 Circular rooms branching off from a centre chamber....Date:06/11/95
Size:33.23 KB
Author:Joel "Hazzie" Morton

Hazzie's Tower of Torture III
Intense 4 player level in a castle keep. Including up on the ledges....Date:06/12/95
Size:21.34 KB
Author:Joel "Hazzie" Morton

Hazzie's Tower of Torture IV
Intense 4 player level. FAST frags!...Date:06/11/95
Size:22.7 KB
Author:Joel "Hazzie" Morton

Hazzie's Tower of Torture V
Single Player level w/ Death Match in mind... Some neat tricks, fairly small. SATANic church theme......Date:06/11/95
Size:36.1 KB
Author:Joel "Hazzie" Morton

Hazzie's Tower of Torture VI
Total Fragasm level :), 4 player DM in mind! Great Teammate level and 4 player KILL fest!...Date:06/11/95
Size:8.98 KB
Author:Joel "Hazzie" Morton

Hippie Commune Deathmatch
Ten levels designed primarily around deathmatch, however they do seem to be playable for single person. We haven't tried cooperative yet, but it should be pretty keen, regardless. It's honestly intended to be played at Ultra-Violence, especially in d...Date:09/15/95
Size:718.13 KB
Author:Jim Davis, Kevin O'Mara, Matt Malone, Trey Piepmeier, and Chad Roberts

This is my land, not your land, if you don't get off, I'LL BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF!!!!!!
This is the first deathmatch level I've done....Date:08/29/96
Size:5.02 KB
Author:Douglas Lacher

A great 1 on 1 (or 2 on 2) Deathmatch wad for DOOM2. Takes a couple minutes to get used to, but the depth is there....Date:05/07/95
Size:19.12 KB
Author:Mackey McCandlish

A short, small and simple Deathmatch WAD. I've found that smaller is better when it comes to deathmatch. This WAD is like banging your head against a brick's so good when you stop!...Date:03/15/98
Size:9.33 KB
Author:Andrew Orman

Created with the same theme of an upcoming release, which I see as a landmark in my own mapping. And no, that doesn't necessarily mean a landmark in Doom mapping at all! :P...Date:08/21/03
Size:40.45 KB
Author:Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen

HectaDectaGon DM1 "Frakkar"
Pure adrenaline... 1st map for a set of six. Keep a look-out for HectaDectaGon DM2 coming soon... THIS LEVEL HAS AMBIENT SOUNDS SO AVOID USING THE -NOMONSTERS PARAMETER...Date:06/18/98
Size:253.95 KB
Author:The HECTADECTAGON(c) crew

Head-to-Head Deathmatch
Three fairly small, arena style levels to get the heart pumping in the ritual combat of two player, head- to-head deathmatch. You won't have to play for twenty minutes searching through some sh*tty, gigantic map trying to find your opponent (who prob...Date:12/19/98
Size:32.99 KB
Author:Sidearm Joe

PolyHedron Deathmatch Level. Fraggin' in circles for Doom 2. Deathmatch optimized version of Hedron.
Size:24.23 KB
Author:William Richardson

Barrels of Hell
4 player deathmatch with hellish looking stuff imposible for single play if you dont use codes....Date:04/02/96
Size:11.2 KB
Author:Kicker and Eyedol

Tower in HELL
Another deathmatch level. Created in 2 days (10 hours). I added some monsters just for fun. For deathmatch I recommend nomonsters switch....Date:09/08/95
Size:6.3 KB
Author:Andrey Fidrya

it is a bath of hell placed on map 23 because of the sky....Date:01/17/96
Size:17.02 KB
Author:Martin Champagne
this file is for 4 player doom2 there are no monsters...Date:05/26/95
Size:11.7 KB

Hell Deathmatch
8 levels of deathmatch experiment but some are fun...Date:07/05/07
Size:39.09 KB
Author:RIRE INC.
This wad was made by me MIDIGUY,I used edmap 1.31 to make it. It is for doom2,strictly deathmatch.Best used with dwango.If you download it leave it as it is of i wish the worst of cancers on you :)...Date:12/06/95
Size:19.21 KB

Hell's Games
Basicly, you fell down a fissure and found yourself in PENTAGRAM DEATHMATCH. You then get sucked into CENTERPOINT. You get to the elevator and go up to the SPACE STATION. After that, you beam into the DEATH PIT. You escape into SWASTICKA DEATHMATCH. ...Date:06/11/97
Size:66.69 KB
Author:Joseph J. Veldhuis

A fast paced wad with no place to hide. A guaranteed FragFest! Definitely not for campers. Great wad to try out new BFG tricks....Date:03/29/96
Size:165.52 KB
Author:Ed, aka BOLD

Hellhole.wad (for Doom 2)
A relativly small, straightforward Deathmatch level with few bells and whistles. The basis of the WAD is a large, octagonal area with a deep lava pit in the middle. Five accessable pillars rise from the hellhole. There are numerous obstacles to dodge...Date:03/23/96
Size:50.66 KB
Author:Chris Wright

My second wad. Completed May 03, 1996. It is based on the premise that you can (and should) enjoy killing your friends in surroundings that are aesthetically pleasing. Intended for deathmatch. Please E-mail your reviews of this WAD. I'd like to ...Date:05/03/96
Size:109.19 KB
Author:Shawn Smith

HELLYEAH! (legalized version)
Level 2: This level is probably my favorite... Its not too big, not too small.. It even looks good.. Level 3: This is a small, quick frag level.. There are a few secrets to it...try and find em.. Level 4: This is a wad a friend made...I did the textu...Date:06/23/05
Size:98.44 KB
Author:Will Pendleton (MAP02 - MAP06) Ryan Fysse (MAP07)

hellzone.wad v 1.0
This wad it an arena type level, it is a BIG room filled with Shot Guns and Rocket Launchers. To get energy fall down the hole besind the tower in the center and you will hit a teleporter. You may now get life-(or a plama gun) You now jump off. ...Date:09/21/97
Size:3.2 KB
Author:Robbie J. Blake A.K.A: Gunny

This WAD is designed with deathmatch play in mind. There are...Date:04/16/97
Size:63.81 KB
Author:Rich Brude

Decent size Deathmatch level with lots of detail. Should be fun for any amount of players!...Date:01/31/05
Size:27.2 KB

Heptagram Arena
This is my first ewad I ever created. I had this ewad (ex- ternal wadfile) for nearly a year before I decided to submit it to It is a simple, arena-like level shaped in a seven pointed star. In deathmatch you start on one of seven platform...Date:03/10/97
Size:22.36 KB
Author:Robert Eckhardt

Heavy Metal
3 Maps of pure mayhem made strictly for DEATHMATCH...Date:07/31/96
Size:358.38 KB

Hexagon of Death
This is an intimate wad with an interior room (strangely shaped like a hexagon) and an exterior ring around it. Inside the room are 1-way walls so you can see into the BFG area, but they can't see out. I hope you like my use of the default graphics....Date:12/27/95
Size:11.89 KB
Author:Dr. Detroit (AKA Lonon)

A detailed deathmatch wad...Date:06/14/97
Size:145.45 KB
Author:Matthias Heinrichs

Hexen DeathMatch
Small deathmatch level based on Hexen`s first level, good with 2 players,...Date:10/07/99
Size:27.89 KB

Really designed with four player no altdeath in mind. quick kills guaranteed....Date:03/29/96
Size:16.79 KB
Author:Steve DuBe'

quick kills guaranteed....Date:03/10/96
Size:11.51 KB
Author:Steve DuBe'

I originally created this map for Duke Nukem 3D deathmatch. The map was extremely popular. I spent thousands of hours playing it on KALI. Now, I have redrawn it for Doom II deathmatch....Date:05/01/18
Size:32.95 KB
Author:Hans George Campbell

I originally created this map for Duke Nukem 3D deathmatch. The map was extremely popular on KALI. Now, I have redrawn this famous map for Doom II....Date:05/01/18
Size:22.97 KB
Author:Hans George Campbell

This is a pretty simple level. KILL YOUR ENEMY!!! There are many false walls to hide behind and SNIPE!!!...Date:05/05/05
Size:11.87 KB
Author:J. Edwards

A weird rectangle thingy type level. Symmetrical and full of secrets. Made for deathmatch....Date:04/17/96
Size:22.64 KB
Author:Joshua Gunder

2-4 player deathmatch wad with shotguns and chainguns. Lots of hallways and hideyholes.Really, it's a must see....Date:02/02/95
Size:23.31 KB
Author:David Lamb

Welcome to the Elevators of Hell!!, EXCELLENT Deathmatch & Co-Op play...Date:12/18/95
Size:7.01 KB

High.wad or (german) Hoch.wad
I made this wad during a fraggin 4-player-network- session. It's pretty cool, no kidding. It's quite small, but for 4-players. There are LOTS of cool 'n' new effects. look for more description at the end of this file if you REALLY can't wait to see t...Date:04/23/96
Size:168.66 KB
Author:Beni Chan 'Berserker'

The High Lord Challege
Highlord - THE DOOM ][ DEATHMATCH PLAYGROUND - is more stylish and picturesque than everything seen before! Much attention way paid to both gameplay and design matters. Luck is minimized here! Come go fighting to a beautiful place... Where a blood...Date:12/05/96
Size:28.86 KB

Lunchtime at Hill Engineers
This map is the floor plan for Hill Engineers in Dalton, MA. Sounds boring, huh? Well, come to find out, this site of vicious deathmatches is in itself an excellent deathmatch arena. There are many routes and quick corners to run to. This plan seems ...Date:03/24/96
Size:141.01 KB
Author:Mike DeRagon

HI-Low Death (DOOM 2)
A small deathmatch wad. Full of pit falls....Date:11/21/98
Size:8.25 KB
Author:Alastair Montgomery

H I P A F R A G --- for DOOM ][ Deathmatch
Little map, hi-tech design like Doom2 map01, corridors, rooms, but still lots of openings... makes it very high-frag! Ok from 2 to 4 players....Date:11/15/97
Size:15.82 KB
Author:DENIS Fabrice aka DeF-46!

Hire8 first level (DOOM ][ Deathmatch)
hire8-1.wad is a fast level for intense, non-stop DOOM ][ Deathmatch without ALTDEATH ! Recomended for 3-4 players...Date:07/02/96
Size:49.62 KB
Author:Dmitry Tsyapa & other DOOMers from HIRE#8

Hire8 arena level (DOOM ][ Deathmatch)
hire8-2.wad is a fast level for intense DOOM ][ Deathmatch without ALTDEATH ! Recomended only for 3-4 players Level represent a square arena with a hill in the center. Arena arranged gallery with local battle regions. Have a fun !...Date:07/02/96
Size:51.8 KB
Author:Dmitry Tsyapa & other DOOMers from HIRE#8

Hit me with a Super Shotgun
A Deathmatch only wad for Doom2. holes for each player to start in. Each person gets Nice, tight wad, high frag count, balanced weapon load at start points.. Small, high speed, best for 2-3 players. Modification of hitmeinf.wad. I don't know who wrot...Date:09/11/95
Size:10.6 KB
Author:Phillip Edwards

HM2.WAD (Hat Match II)
Simply THE greatest deathmatch level for Doom II EVER (well in my opinion at least.) Try it, you'll love it. It's really small, and you should get around 30 frags per minute (when 2 people are playing.) Also: try playing it in single player mode WI...Date:01/21/97
Size:37.17 KB
Author:Mark Hatton

HM3.WAD (HatMatch III)
The third (and MAYBE last) HatMatch level. This one was designed to be more like HatMatch 1, but it turned out looking and feeling totally new. I still prefer HatMatch 2 myself, although many of my friends prefer the third....Date:01/25/97
Size:29.46 KB
Author:Mark Hatton

The Haunted Manor
A haunted mansion for Death Match play....Date:03/15/98
Size:45.42 KB
Author:Andrew Orman

Hank's Lair
Small DeathMatch WAD good for 2-4 players. Contains a few tricks and cool ideas. I accidently (shoot me!) sent the wrong version of the WAD here earlier. The actual WAD file size should be 68707....Date:03/22/95
Size:29.49 KB
Author:Hank Leukart

I was sitting in SubWay Sandwiches when I looked at the wall, a map of New York and New Jersey was on it. One of the cities was called Hoboken, I thought "WOWOWOWWOWOWOO! what a cool name!" And so I give you this wad....Date:06/06/95
Size:316.98 KB
Author:Mark Cooke

House of Deathmatch v2.0
Deathmatch arena in and out side a house....Date:06/04/97
Size:55.28 KB

Size:5.52 KB
Author:Jose Mancia

Holiday Inn (DOOM II Deathmatch PWAD)
Well, what do you expect?! I went to pains-taking process on my FIRST wad to create a close copy of a hotel. It has A foutain, a pool, several rooms, an elevator, a restaurant, a check-in counter, and a parking lot. Enjoy!...Date:07/31/96
Size:308.49 KB
Author:Kevin (MEGA_LUMP) Chulski

of the Wad * Homicide is a medium-sized, well designed Deathmatch level with new sound and textures. It was laid out on paper 3 times before I even picked up the mouse, and it is chock FULL of cool places to murder people. There are features you won'...Date:03/29/96
Size:173.84 KB
Author:Dan McAleese

"HOMICIDE.WAD" is just another Deathmatch level. It is a beta wad and I need some feedback. Just e-mail me or try to post a message to "J-Dog", there isn't too many J-Dog's out there......Date:07/27/95
Size:25.15 KB
Author:Jason Garoutte (aka J-Dog)

This WAD contains 5 maps designed specifically for DooM 2 Deathmatch 1.0 The chosen skill level changes what weapons are available (see below). MAP 1: Smallish enclosed area with a couple of small halls on one side, and 2 sets of stairs that allow ...Date:12/11/95
Size:80.45 KB
Author:Patrick Hook

Hoover damm'ed
This level is based on a hydroelectric dam, say maybe hoover dam, big rooms,nukage falls and lots of telaporters,passage ways and one big room that is the dam itself, come in and be DAMM'ED....Date:03/01/96
Size:41.71 KB
Author:Jim Tanner

House Of Pain
This is a small and simple WAD designed explicitly for two player deathmatch game for those that love LOTS of BLOOD and lots of FRAGS. If you wanna stay alive you gotta run like hell, or else you'll get fragged in no time. FULL TIME ACTION GUARANTEED...Date:03/01/96
Size:6.56 KB
Author:Sasa Stublic

a really small deathmatch wad, kinda inspired by danzig12, kinda got the idea for it in a dream (yes, i luv the game that much!). this is my first wad. i haven't put too much time in it but i think it's good nonetheless. have fun playin it, i had fun...Date:07/06/95
Size:15.28 KB
Author:shawn hamm

Listed below is complete author information on this wad compilation... Map 1 - Crypt - Author - Smight Map 2 - CES - Author - Smight Map 3 - Connect2 - Author - Smight Map 4 - Why? - Author - Smight Map 5 - Special 2 - Author - Smight Map 6 - Penix -...Date:04/15/96
Size:79.63 KB

Direct from the House of Friends, where high ASCII is not just a colorful dream, another wad pack of 11 deathmatch maps. You might remember some of our other wads as Embolism, Smash21, 125wads, and, of course, Hoss. Well, Hoss2 compiles some more...Date:04/15/96
Size:109.33 KB

Hotdeath version 5.0
Kick ass without the cheesy BFG...Date:07/15/95
Size:250.73 KB
Author:Robert Chapman

The Hourglass of Death!!!!!!!!!!
This is an interesting "experimental" level I cooked up to try out a few new ideas I felt needed a little exploration, the most significant of which invloves a very clever use of teleporters to keep deathmatch opponents in constant contact with one a...Date:07/04/95
Size:35.36 KB
Author:Paul D. Shelton

Well, this level is my house. Nuff Said. :)...Date:11/20/95
Size:30.63 KB
Author:Neil Berg

Hell's House
There were eight in the beginning. Alpha team was sent to investigate the mysterious murders of several civilians. There search led them to the house. Their last radio transmission was over three weeks ago. You are a member of Beta team. Your job is ...Date:09/29/96
Size:5.57 KB

House DM for Final Doom
A house that I made up from scratch. It is not based on any real house but it is quite detailed. There is a refrigerator with icemaker and your pistol doubles as a garage door opener! Also, try swimming!...Date:10/06/96
Size:43.43 KB
Author:William Lawson

House of Doom
These are strictly Doom2 deathmatch levels. There are monsters in the first level, but they are mainly there to guard stuff. Best played when set to respawn, altdeath, deathmatch....Date:02/11/97
Size:27.61 KB
Author:Jason Jones

House Hunting
This is a deathmatch only level for Doom 2. It is based on the layout of my house, and is primarily designed for 2 players. I know there are loads of d/match levels with a "someone's house" theme, but this is different. In this level you not only hav...Date:10/11/97
Size:182.28 KB
Author:Alasdair MacKenzie

It Came From the Garage!" - "¡¡¡MUY MALO!!!
The design for this level came from that of my own house! Of course the limitations of the Doom engine forced me to make some slight changed and my house is more furnished. I also made the backyard bigger for full-on fire-fight fun!(say that 3 times ...Date:02/16/96
Size:178.11 KB
Author:Alan Gamboa (J'ber'nak'l)

Hardcore 2 is a small level that is great for 1 on 1 but isn't bad for 3 and 4 too. Its and ideal 1 v. 1 level if you want a lot of action....Date:07/03/96
Size:15.44 KB
Author:Predator and Rambo

Hardcore 3 is a pretty big level that is excellent for...Date:07/03/96
Size:28.42 KB
Author:Predator and Rambo

Hunt the persion
Designed for Doom II.Hunters setting!!...Date:08/12/96
Size:54.26 KB

The Hunting Grounds
Doom 2 PWAD The aim of this level is simple: Simply hunt down and frag your opponents....Date:02/26/96
Size:11.48 KB
Author:Aaron M. Fisher

Hut of Death
A fun deathmatch wad for DOOM2. Basically a medium-sized arena with a hut in the middle which contains the BFG9000. Ah, a WAD for lamers, you might say. Well, not exactly. You can only get the BFG by entering the hut, and smart players are going to b...Date:02/07/97
Size:4.53 KB
Author:Lorenzo Colitti

Hydro Power Plant
Medium sized deathmatch level with cooperative and single player support...Date:10/07/99
Size:29.08 KB

Hymers College Doom v1.0
If I was to tell you that this level is a copy of the science block at Hymers College, Hull, UK then I doubt if you'd know what the hell I'm on about! Hymers is the school I go to, and me and my mates thought it'd be a cool idea to make the science b...Date:05/24/98
Size:208.4 KB
Author:Nick Giles

Hyper 6: Six levels of Deathmatch
A 6 level DM episode....Date:07/15/99
Size:230.45 KB
Author:Tim James

Deathmatch, so stick a shotgun up someones arse...Date:10/25/97
Size:10.56 KB
Author:Wild & Woolly

This level is based on the library of the university, and I also included the gardens and the outer part of the coffe shop (that big hole next to the gardens). The chapel is not very accurately represented, but it's recognizable. A friend gave me the...Date:06/04/95
Size:48.62 KB
Author:Enrique Zamudio Lopez

IC DooM II Series The Deathmatch Levels.
A 5 level Deathmatch only wad. See below for level by level descriptions....Date:05/30/96
Size:182.23 KB
Author:Ian Cunnings.

A really awesome 7 map wad of all original maps...CHECK IT OUT!...Date:10/22/96
Size:235.48 KB
Author:Iceman from 708 DWANGO

Ichiban.wad [Ichiban is Japanese for "the best"]
Size:561.63 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. 4-D CREATIONS [aka reddawg]

Sniper spots added to icu01.wad....Date:12/08/96
Size:19.01 KB
Author:Travis Hardester

I have taken the time to make this [what I feel] to be the most deathmatch- suitable wad. It has open space for great battles, and a lot of thought has gone into the relationship between rooms, platforms, etc. Please email me if you do or do not like...Date:06/12/95
Size:32.85 KB
Author:Jordan Feinman

It's a Small World
This was my first attempt at level construction, so don't give me any crap. I didn't think it was all that good myself, but a guy I Deathmatch with liked it, so here it is. It's very simple, good for Deathmatch newbies. Just a couple of courtyards, a...Date:10/15/95
Size:23.6 KB
Author:Ian Dendy

The Compactor
This is one of my favorites. The level is most definitely COMPACT. Very small, but lots to do, and plenty of thrills. There's something for everybody here - a big lift, a crushing ceiling, a few little nooks and crannies to hide out in. Don't sit sti...Date:10/16/95
Size:50.33 KB
Author:Ian Dendy

The Back Room
I was experimenting with staircases when I built this one. It's basically a courtyard surrounded by a few hallways. Once again, very small, but very quality (I hope)....Date:10/17/95
Size:50.8 KB
Author:Ian Dendy

Around the bend
Finally! I made a level with a little more room to breathe. My levels are usually very small and compact. It still follows my usual vein, though. DON'T STAND STILL TOO LONG! There aren't to many places to stop and light a cigarette, so be on your toe...Date:10/17/95
Size:59.39 KB
Author:Ian Dendy

The heights
There's a main room surrounded by hallways and windows of different heights, hence the name. There's also the usual courtyard, athough I don't expect it gets TOO much use. I do like the effect of the flashing stairs, though. There's also a couple of ...Date:10/17/95
Size:52.27 KB
Author:Ian Dendy

Easy target
I built this level originally just to show a non-computer friend the basics of Deathmatch. It turned out to be not so bad, so here it is. Nothing spectacular, but it's do-able....Date:11/15/95
Size:46.57 KB
Author:Ian Dendy

id quallity deathmatch level
Size:8.23 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

The IGOR Series for DOOM ][
A fast-paced, ten-level deathmatch pwad for DOOM2; supports monsters w/ respawn (two-player) or nomonsters (three- or four-player)....Date:03/05/95
Size:158.76 KB
Author:B. Vannatta/B. Weldon

Yesterday's Brownies
A medium-sized Doom2 DM level (2-4 players). The layout and style was influenced by my Q3A map "Future Brownie", which was a derivative of my Q2-turned-Q1 level "Farewell to Fudge Brownies". This is very likely my last Doom2 level ever. I o...Date:09/30/03
Size:68.16 KB
Author:Iikka Keränen

A tricky Deathmatch .WAD that adds a lot of strategy into the game. Great for 2-4 players....Date:08/01/05
Size:5.89 KB

I love you, man!
A collection of 5 different types of DeathMatch levels. Rangers in size, recommended number of players, level structure, etc......Date:02/07/96
Size:254.06 KB
Author:FRoGSToMP (JMB)

Welcome to the second DooM ][ WAD created by members of IMAGE BBS. All of these maps were created specifically for DEATHMATCH, but monsters have been added to allow for cooperative play. The first WAD made by IMAGE members is #1IMAGE....Date:05/08/96
Size:856.13 KB
Author:members of IMAGE BBS

Imperial Hobbies
This is a small deathmatch wad of a two story gaming store and its immediate surroundings. With 4 players, the frags come fast and furious! There are also several secrets to give those intelligent players and enterprising explorers an edge! This is b...Date:05/23/96
Size:44.7 KB
Author:Denis Tetreault

Impulse (Deathmatch wad + REALLY Mean Monsters if needed!)
First Major Project, Designed and Constructed on IMPULSE. (It sort of grew - I had to fight it back at times!) WARNING - If you choose to have monsters, They're a pretty nasty bunch, you'll have to be hard to survive. Once you wake them up, all hel...Date:06/07/96
Size:128.85 KB
Author:Paul R. Stevens

id Map01! - Tournament Edition
clean deathmatch level *changes from idmap01.wad* item placement changed from idmap01.wad more deathmatch starts removal of the hideous BFG...Date:02/09/95
Size:21.98 KB
Author:American McGee

This is a great Doom2 Deathmatch Level that replaces Lev 1. You are in this strange place...You hear a loud sound..YOU TURN AROUND AND...find out that you have found a possible escape route that your little "FRIEND" has taken to avoid you from notici...Date:04/07/96
Size:293.59 KB
Author:Jeff Cole (Deathsword)

In Da Face
Size:8.35 KB
Author:Bob Lindemann

* 6 levels made ONLY for DEATHMATCH play. * These levels have been playtested by both amaturers and pros. They're suited for every player of every type. * 6 levels each with its own uniqueness....Date:05/16/96
Size:89.61 KB
Author:Lei Hu - MAP01,MAP03,MAP05 Matt Kankainen - MAP02,MAP04,MAP06

No story, no plot... I just thought this level layout would be cool for deathmatch... =)...Date:05/19/96
Size:34.11 KB
Author:Marcus Wu

Intense.wad for DOOM2 Deathmatch
Intense.wad is DOOM2 deathmatch Designed for intense deathmatch!!...Date:02/08/98
Size:22.87 KB
Author:Jason Anderson

IN YO FACE for DOOM II is a deathmatch only level. It's stricktly move fast and kick ass from begining to end. The level consists of a darkened arena in the center with an upper level all around the rectangular perimeter. The players start in one of ...Date:06/16/95
Size:14.8 KB
Author:Lou Garcia

In Hell
A 4 player Deathmatch for Doom II, works very well for 2 players also. The dark bowels of Hell is the setting for this breathtaking DeathMatch for Doom II. Twin elevators provide access to Hell, where you will find most of the weaponry in the game. A...Date:02/07/95
Size:33.93 KB
Author:Glenn Hopkinson

Iron Cross for DOOM2 Deathmatch
Deathmatch. No doors, no lifts, no traps, no slime, no secrets... 'nuff said! Just go kill. This is a map based on totally symmetrical, simple geometric shapes. I'm not too familiar with Deathmatch WADs, so I couldn't tell you if this is too big or s...Date:11/03/97
Size:27.53 KB
Author:John Wolanski

Tournament style Deathmatch level. Use it for competitions!!!...Date:07/25/96
Size:256.5 KB
Author:David M. Spell

Shadows of Iscariot
This is my tribute and homage to Stragenl's awesome...Date:05/16/13
Size:159.84 KB
Author:Fragmare (Ian McPherson)

I See You
Run and shoot with shotguns, or go for the big guns (no bfg). Problem is, everywhere you find a big gun there is a secret "one-way" wall. They can see you going for the gun, but you can't see them. You better be fast....Date:08/31/95
Size:20.9 KB
Author:Doug Carrigan

The Forgotten Island - Island X
Size:215.57 KB
Author:Brett S. Uglow

Italian Doom - DeathMatch
This is a bonus level for the "Italian DooM" series: it is a DM map, whose layout fits FFA better than duels. It was originally designed by Toranaga and then revamped and completed by me, Ismaele. It is vanilla Doom compatible, but I suggest that you...Date:09/17/08
Size:85.98 KB
Author:Toranaga Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)


************************* NOTE ********************************* ** This is the 2nd e
Four somewhat big levels that are open and with high visibility. High long-range frag potential. Playable with either alt or old deathmatch. *(see below for more level info)*...Date:07/11/96
Size:223.66 KB
Author:Albert Clark

I Dunno What To Name This Thing!!
Well, it's kinda small, and it has quite a few Cacodemons, and it makes a pretty cool deathmatch, as well as solo. I wanted to replace some sounds and music, but I didn't have the time or resources. Maybe next time....Date:01/01/96
Size:37.09 KB
Author:Jeff Lanthripp (Redbeard)

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