Title: Godless 3: Kevorkian Litanies A Berry Creek Software Production
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/g-i/godless3.zip
Size: 337.34 KB
Date: 12/31/97
Author: Chris Bilski and Blain Newport
Description: 8 levels of DM fun. Godless 3 is a step back from the insanity of Godless 2. Most of the levels are somewhat larger and easier to get around in. They're still slaughterfests with four players, but with two, you can actually have hunting / stalking matches on most of the maps.
Credits: Id Software John Carmack deserves special thanks for his commitment to the community and technical idealism most recently demonstrated by the release of the DOOM source code. Ben Morris (DCK) Olivier Montanuy (DEUTEX) Robert Fenske Jr. (WARM) Bob Boyer (DWELLER2.WAD) Marin Gazzari (KANDYx.WAD) Brian Vannatta (DANZIGx.WAD) Brian Weldon (DANZIGx.WAD) Bill McClendon (Blain's DM Guru) Wayne Hart (Beta Testing) Shawn Riggins (Beta Testing) The DOOM community. From what I've seen in Usenet, there's occasional infighting and cliquishness, but overall, I'm proud of the effort the remaining groups and individuals continue to put into DOOM. And finally, a special thanks to the hackers. Id never intended for users to make their own DOOM levels. I just can't express how grateful I am to those people who hacked out their secrets. You changed the gaming world forever. And thanks again to Id Software. You chose to nurture what most people would have sicked a pack of lawyers on. In your own way, you are heroes.
Base: New levels from scratch Actually the first map's rocket alcoves were cut and pasted from MAP01. In addition, numerous structural ideas were taken from the DWELLER, DANZIG, and KANDY wad compilations.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.2 (still the best) DEUTEX (also still the best) WARM, Win95 PaintBrush, and NeoPaint (UR)
Bugs: E1M1 slime bug has been noted on Map 8 and probably occurs elsewhere as this wad contains a few Pentium Optimized levels (lots of visible sidedefs and linedefs). Any others that slipped through should be reported immediately.
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Nice deathmatch maps with monsters, so you can have some fun in singleplayer while looking at the cool architecture.x

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