Title: Classical Carnage
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/g-i/greek.zip
Size: 386.11 KB
Date: 06/02/96
Author: Alun Bestor
Description: You are a team of archaeologists, cruising the Aegean islands. You sail into a group of uncharted archipelagos, evidently colonized by ancient Greeks. While they have disappeared, their buildings remain unravaged by time. You find a debating chamber and government assembly for the nobles on one island; another is dedicated to physical recreation with a stadium, gymnasium, and areas for javelin-throwing and archery; a third is an agora for the islands, with an ampitheatre, house of baths and temple to the god of weaponry. Two peninsulas enclosing a wide bay hold two light-houses warning ships off the sharp rocks which hole your dinghy; on the coast of the bay is a small palace of one of the minor nobles of the islands. You also find that some unknown previous visitor has carelessly left behind their weapons and equipment scattered through the complexes and, since archaeology gets a bit boring, you decide to wile away the afternoon blowing the shit out of each other.
Base: Scratch levels, based on greco-roman architectural styles
Build time: Ages
Editor(s) used: WINDEU32 5.3b, DCK 3.2
Bugs: Lower walls of islands (that ashy stuff) on maps and archery targets on map 2 don't show up bullet puffs - apparently common bug (even in id levels) which I cannot fix:( Drop me a line if you know why, or how to solve. -Possible- HOM on map 6 when in the water looking at complex. (should be solved. You try testing every single position and angle in the level.) Oh, and on level 5 - it's meant to be a game of computer battleships:)
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This is actually a really cool wad. It's one of those rare examples of realism executed well in Doom. The secrets are neat too, and worth finding.x

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