Title: H2H Czech Series 1 (H2HCZEK1.WAD)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/g-i/h2hczek1.zip
Size: 48.55 KB
Date: 04/01/95
Author: Pavel Hodek, Czech Doomer
Description: This is the first pwad that I made for deathmatch tournaments held by H2H in San Diego (619-426-0073). As you can see, it is not a deathmatch specific wad because the original idea was to design something similair to Id's shareware episode.
Credits: ID team, authors of all editors I ever used, Mark Gundy who motivated me to finish some more wads. Honza Sinkmajer for playtesting and instant dying :)
Base: from scratch
Build time: a little over 20 hours
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21gcc, DEU2, DEUTEX 3.1, BSP node builder,
Rating: (4 votes)
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Great map for it's age, this would never work for a deathmatch - this is pure SP / Co-op action right here.x
An ancient map by the author of Galaxia. The architecture is good for early '95, and the gameplay flows well. Despite the directory it's in, it also works as a decent, slightly challenging single-player map on UV.x

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