Title: Hoss2
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/g-i/hoss2.zip
Size: 109.33 KB
Date: 04/15/96
Author: Various
Description: Direct from the House of Friends, where high ASCII is not just a colorful dream, another wad pack of 11 deathmatch maps. You might remember some of our other wads as Embolism, Smash21, 125wads, and, of course, Hoss. Well, Hoss2 compiles some more of our best picks from 125wads. Hoss has gained a bit of prominence, so we'd like to plug a few more of the same type of our frequently played wads.
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^The comment above was obviously made by one of the authors to toot their own horn. This would probably be seen as a "poor man's Greenwar" even though this is older - Every map is one color, they're all -very- generic in appearance. The layouts are decent, but nothing amazing by any means. 3x
This is by far and away the best wad ever made for multiplayer.x

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