Title: The Hourglass of Death!!!!!!!!!!
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/g-i/hourgl1.zip
Size: 35.36 KB
Date: 07/04/95
Author: Paul D. Shelton
Description: This is an interesting "experimental" level I cooked up to try out a few new ideas I felt needed a little exploration, the most significant of which invloves a very clever use of teleporters to keep deathmatch opponents in constant contact with one another. The big room with the trees and the blackwall texture contains a ring of teleporters blocked from direct access by these little partitions. When a player in another section of the level walks over a lindef, one of these partitions falls and allows the oponnent access to the teleporter, which, in turn, teleports them to the other player's location. I've tried it out a little in deathmatch play and it has proved very exciting. Another theme I tried to explore in this one was the use of linedef triggered hiding places where players can wait in ambush. If you have any constructive criticism concerning this wad, e-mail.
Base: d On Level 1
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never-before-done concepts (as far as i know) and amazing gameplayx

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