Title: House Hunting
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/g-i/househnt.zip
Size: 182.28 KB
Date: 10/11/97
Author: Alasdair MacKenzie
Description: This is a deathmatch only level for Doom 2. It is based on the layout of my house, and is primarily designed for 2 players. I know there are loads of d/match levels with a "someone's house" theme, but this is different. In this level you not only have to put up with your (hopefully) psychotic opponent, but also with the horrific infestation of Aliens which have overrun the place! Just imagine creeping up to a room, shotgun in hand, ready to give your buddy a few more holes to play with when all of a sudden a hissing black shape leaps at you and starts to rip your guts out. Then, as you fight the creature off, the aforementioned "buddy" appears round the corner and blows you away while you're distracted! This level basically puts a slightly more hectic slant on a normal deathmatch, carefully using monsters to make for a frantic, bloody game.

For full playing instruction, see NOTES (below)
Credits: Chris and Gav for playtesting (Hmm, testing. Yes. That's what it was. Testing. Sure.) Justin Fisher for the Alien graphics/sounds (I tried e-mailing you, but I got no reply)
Base: New Level From Scratch (Unless someone else made one out of my house too :)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: ADE II ( A cool DEU port for Doom 2)
Bugs: The Aliens
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