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Jungle ][
This DOOM II map is a deathmatch wad with a jungle island theme. The setting and ideas are based on my favorite chat BBS, Jungle II, where it carries Game Connection. Th...Date:09/03/95
Size:1.07 MB
Author:/│ n t and his Jungle ][ Pwad Production Crew.

Lots of time went into making this level not only a joy to look at but a joy to deathmatch in. It is a fairly simple design, and has been used in both 2 and 4 player matches. There are monsters because I like them in deathmatches ...Date:02/17/95
Size:32.22 KB
Author:Dario Casali

Size:40.26 KB
Author:Daniel Thomas Chard

Jam level #1
Just one large deathmatch level, with alot of Grateful Dead pic's....Date:11/29/95
Size:210.27 KB
Author:jeff martin

another small intense deathmatch level. Best suited for altdeath, It contains all of the weapons,very little health and armor....Date:02/03/96
Size:14.2 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars

another small intense deathmatch level. Best suited for altdeath, It contains all of the weapons,very little health and armor....Date:02/03/96
Size:17.04 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars

pure Deathmatch fun !!!...Date:08/14/96
Size:106.96 KB
Author:Richard Jaspars

Just another PWAD for DOOM 2...Date:04/15/96
Size:28.17 KB

5 great deathmatch level...Date:04/30/98
Size:173.83 KB
Author:Jose Mancia

Size:10.35 KB
Author:Jose Mancia

J.C. House: DeathMatch Wad
This is my old house. If you make a mess, clean it up. I love playing house wads the best. There aren't that many i've found so i made my own. Features on/off light switches. Hope you enjoy....Date:04/01/95
Size:20.2 KB
Author:joey cato

this file is for jddm1.wad it is the update for jddm.wad...Date:04/13/96
Size:52.56 KB
Author:James underwood

Judgement Day: Bug Fix and Extra Map
It was pointed out to me the other night on DWANGO that there was a minor bug in JDGMTDAY.WAD. It seems that you could get stuck in the room with the crushing floor if your health was above a certain level. Unfortunately, the "slow damage" option ...Date:06/03/95
Size:117.33 KB
Author:Bill Derouin

Maybe, somewhat, kinda, in a way, like an evacuated Imperial weapons testing facility....Date:05/20/95
Size:31.64 KB
Author:Timothy A. Harris a.k.a. JedaiYet

The Jekyl Series for DOOM ][
This is the first pwad in the Jekyl Series for DOOM ][ Deathmatch. Jekyl8.wad supports both monsters (use respawn) and nomonsters effectively....Date:02/02/95
Size:19.29 KB
Author:B. Vannatta

This is a Deathmatch level only (as if you hadn't guest from name). Its designed for fast play and high frags. Have fun!...Date:01/08/96
Size:20.65 KB
Author:Andrew Fischhof

Yellow Nanny Nang (Final Release)
Doom 2 DeathMatch .wad...Date:08/27/95
Size:27.81 KB
Author:Julian Farber

JFL18 for Doom II
18 maps from my best pwad for Doom II....Date:04/21/97
Size:312.97 KB
Author:Jean-Francois Lesperance

John Hardin's Deathmatch Wad
I built this WAD file to play deathmatch with my friend. I wanted to have a simple map with a few places to hide. This is my first release, so it is quite simple and may even seem stupid. I like it....Date:03/17/96
Size:20.28 KB
Author:John Hardin

A NIFTY deathmatch wad. :A preview of the upcoming project :called DCDwango Look for it soon!...Date:05/05/96
Size:12.85 KB
Author:Spam Javelin (spamjav)
This wad is meant mostly to be played as a multiplayer D-Match Wad, although you can also get a few kicks and surprises playing solo or coop....Date:08/05/95
Size:24.37 KB

Let's see now...well, its got a lot o' that sandy brick crap, some lava and no plasma gun. There's lots of new sounds (offspring deaths (really cool, from "bad habit":) and an NIN soundtrack). Ummm...Oh yeah, also to beat the level you shoot John Rom...Date:07/23/95
Size:141.5 KB
Author:Justin Kramer

JKN's Levels
20 all new, made from scratch DEATHMATCH levels combined into one wad. The first few are great in action but don't exactly look fan- tastic, but hey, I'm still learning! I got much better as I went along. They are made for killing more so than trying...Date:07/23/96
Size:425.55 KB
Author:Joe Nordby

Octagonal DeathMatch
THIS IS THE ONE YOU WANT! At the time of uploading, I consider this to be my ultimate DeathMatch WAD. The general shape is an octagon surrounded by a ledge, with four "rooms" on the outside. Each room is interconnected. In order to get the plasma gun...Date:01/17/97
Size:17.94 KB
Author:Jamie Markle

Pit Stakeout
This level is mainly for Deathmatch (The Only Way To Play) but you can play single and Co-op if you have to. :-)...Date:01/25/96
Size:4.37 KB
Author:Jeff Patch

Jungle Fever
What me and my friends think a deathmatch level should look like.....Date:11/01/95
Size:14.77 KB
Author:James Foster

JoJoBeat: DeathMatch Wad
Features: Hell's abyss, Snipe spots, central battle room, trap control room, and more! * SPECIAL FEATURE * This wad has a crushing ceiling and enclosing walls that can be activated via a control room. Use the skull switch to bring the red walls ...Date:04/01/95
Size:32.11 KB
Author:Joey Cato

THIS is the updated final version of my first map....feel free to e-mail me with any thoughts or suggestions, hate mail is cool too....Date:05/12/05
Size:22.87 KB
Author:Dustin Tise (BatteryHuman)

Size:14.61 KB
Author:Jose Mancia

Josh's Deathmatch #01 (May, 1996)
Deathmatch level (level 01, DOOM II), best for 3/4 person matchups. Pleasant outdoor setting with wide open areas and assorted mazes. Secret areas for those who look hard enough (or have level editors)....Date:05/01/96
Size:53.2 KB
Author:Josh Phillips

Josh's Deathmatch #02
A maze with narrow hallways in which the players can hunt down each other with the only available weapons: rocket launchers....Date:05/10/96
Size:15.04 KB
Author:Josh Phillips

This is a game based on a mid-evil sport by the same name... Joust....Date:09/29/95
Size:6.7 KB
Author:Kim Nguyen & Cameron Bruce dm1
it's a deathmatch wad. fer deathmatchin'....Date:02/09/05
Size:44.76 KB
Author:jake gilbert

DOOM ][ DEATHMATCH WAD This is my first Deathmatch wad, but I hope there will be more from this stable. After playing several I hope I have been able to bring together the best elements of those into this one. Hope you like it. Feel free to mail me y...Date:02/26/95
Size:32.2 KB
Author:Jamie Adams
lots of small wads....Date:08/07/95
Size:189.92 KB
Author:James Thomas Katic

Judas (DOOM ][ Deathmatch)
Judas21a.wad is a REVISION of judas21.wad - ALL of the deathmatch starts are now active (this greatly improves the overall flow of the level). GET THIS PWAD *INSTEAD* OF THE ORIGINAL JUDAS21.WAD!...Date:01/14/96
Size:19.17 KB
Author:brian vannatta (Stragenl on IRC)

Judas (DOOM ][ Deathmatch)
Judas23.wad is a fast-paced deathmatch PWAD designed for any number of players. The layout emphasizes 3-D action in that players can maneuver themselves conveniently among varying degrees of vertical and horizontal displacement (i.e. you can jump aro...Date:01/20/96
Size:26.11 KB
Author:brian vannatta (Stragenl on IRC)

Jumper01 for DOOM ][ Deathmatch 2.0
A large central area with a rooms going away and leading back. A few tricks 8) so listen and keep your eyes open. How do your legs feel cause this level will give your marine a leg workout. See comment section for additional information....Date:04/28/95
Size:69.73 KB
Author:Andrew Tremblay

Jumper02 for DOOM ][ Deathmatch 2.0
A large central area with huge stairs and big passage ways leading away and back. A well marked exit prevents accidents. Some jumping involved but not a bone breaker like jumper01.wad. See comment section for additional information....Date:05/01/95
Size:37.41 KB
Author:Andrew Tremblay

This is my first wad, and I created it for Deathmatch. It has a couple large running areas that you get to run around and the blow the "JUNK" out of each other. I've made a couple of tricks, and traps around the level where you can get your opponent ...Date:07/25/95
Size:30.52 KB
Author:Justin Whittet (Monkey Man)

This is a DeathMatch for Doom II and accomodates up to 4 players. It is a dark night, you and your buddies sneak into the junkyard to duke it out. This level is a junkyard and has an office in the center. The WAD is not huge and not too small, lots o...Date:07/07/95
Size:16.17 KB
Author:Glenn Hopkinson

The Junkyard
Tight DM level set in a junkyard. The plasma rifle is held up by an electromagnetic crane. To get it down, go into the crane and turn off the magnet. A coupla secrets thrown in this wall and that one with some goodies, but nothing game- unbalancing....Date:02/04/96
Size:68.11 KB
Author:Brian Hess aka Wendigo

Junkyard II
This is a DeathMatch for Doom II and accomodates up to 4 players. It is a dark night, you and your buddies sneak into the junkyard to duke it out. This level is a junkyard and has an office in the center. The WAD is not huge and not too small, lots o...Date:08/21/95
Size:22.33 KB
Author:Glenn Hopkinson

Just Death
Size:170.41 KB
Author:Scott Smith

Justin (DOOM II Levels)
These levels are for DOOM II! They are deathmatch levels modeled after the openness of map 07....Date:06/11/95
Size:92.22 KB
Author:Justin M. Mahoney

The Jumpin' Bean
Doom 2 Deathmatch PWAD. Contains Two buildings and a open field with a sewer tunnel running around the entire area. Has all weapons, but by flipping a switch the BFG can be blocked off if it is used too much...Date:09/09/95
Size:71.67 KB
Author:Seth Williams

= Level 1 - Crush =
Large arena with 5 crushers & sniper room. Includes BFG that can be barred up. Also has a long, dark sniper room....Date:02/20/05
Size:45.82 KB
Author:Jordan Russell --> jordanr

J_ROOM4.WAD - 14 fun levels for DOOM II DeathMatch! Most levels have monsters (if you enable them) and are meant for DeathMatch. J_ROOM9.WAD - 4 DOOM II deathmatch levels...Date:02/18/05
Size:266.9 KB
Author:Jordan Russell (jordanr)

I have had this wad kicking around for a year and a half and I thought that I'd upload it for kicks, who knows? Maybe someone is still playing Doom II. That thing in the north room that kinda looks like a mountain is where the level got it's name. Th...Date:01/31/97
Size:75.52 KB
Author:James Snow

Kaiser's stupid deathmatch maps
Size:202.14 KB
Author:Samuel (Kaiser) Villarreal

The really big level with two huge rooms and tunnels connecting them. (I'm feeling original today.)
Big. Many monsters. Two central areas, with tunnels connecting them. Design of tunnels based on the many subway tunnels I have been in. Use the -Turbo option to increase your speed, otherwise it will take quite a long time to get through this level. ...Date:10/19/95
Size:43.73 KB
Author:Thomas Schrantz (Design), Jeff Burton (Items and Monsters)

2 ultrafast Deathmatch levels for DM 1.0, skill5. Listen to Ash's "Trailer" when playing....Date:03/17/96
Size:60.06 KB
Author:Marin Gazzari - Kandyman on IRC

Kandy2 - Dinner or Lunch?
2 very fast Deathmatch levels for DM 1.0, skill5. If you know any better, please let me know, too....Date:04/09/96
Size:61.6 KB
Author:Marin Gazzari - Kandyman on IRC

Kandy3 - Bumsen im Kabuff (Why???)
2 nice Deathmatch levels for DM 1.0, skill5. One for the brain, and one for the trigger finger:)...Date:04/28/96
Size:73.19 KB
Author:Marin Gazzari - @Kandyman on #deathmatch

3 Deathmatch levels for DM 1.0, skill5. Unlike any you've ever played! Includes Kandyguy.wad to change the player's graphics to the sargeant's (gray until he dies, turns player's color then). Run Kandyguy.bat to append the rest of the sprites (3.3 me...Date:06/12/96
Size:224.2 KB
Author:Marin Gazzari - @Kandyman on #deathmatch

This is KAOSWAR! This is a compilation of six ORIGINAL wads by myself. Alot of cool ideas, new sounds, and music. Only a couple of the levels are suited to 1-on-1 deathmatches, so if you are into H-T-H only, then don't both- er with this one... LVL 1...Date:01/25/96
Size:476.94 KB
Author:Sartori==-=-=-= =- =- -- - - - - -

Deathmatch level for Doom2...Date:03/27/98
Size:390.9 KB
Author:Mr Ginger

This is KASM! A Very DEEP pit is the centerpoint of this level......Date:10/26/95
Size:21.26 KB
Author:Sartori==-=-=-= =- =- -- - - - - -

Kick Yo Ass!
Kick Yo Ass! is a DOOM II deathmatch only level without any monsters except your friend-become-prey. It's stricktly move fast and kick ass from begining to end. The level consists of another arena (12 sided) surrounded by a deep moat (below) & hallwa...Date:06/15/95
Size:29.11 KB
Author:Lou Garcia

KCF2 for Doom II
Deathmatch, 3 or 4 player...Date:03/18/95
Size:36.7 KB
Author:Casey Clayton

Keen: The wad.
Hmm, i guess it is okay for Deathmatch... There are no bad guys in it, so DM would make sense. =) It is actually the floor plan of my house. For some reason the outside wouldn't go in, so it is inside only, missing a few closets....Date:10/23/95
Size:10.42 KB
Author:Negative Creep (

I originally made this map as an exercise in building complex maps in DEU II. It took for ever to get the lighting effects and texture alignments correct. I started running out of RAM while working on the level so I left the outside of the castle pre...Date:02/02/95
Size:161.48 KB
Author:Kurt Dillard

Keep Moving I (for DOOM II)
Purely deathmatch! Designed to keep you and your opponents on your toes. In deathmatch mode everyone starts with one of four weapons and you keep that weapon... until you die. Ammo at one end, health at the other, and plenty of frags in between. Watc...Date:11/12/94
Size:22.98 KB
Author:Joe Liccel

This wad is Deathmatch. A few wall is Japan anime image. Do you know Japan anime? JAPAN ANIME DOOM!!!! :-)...Date:02/04/97
Size:497.03 KB
Author:Yukio Ide I build level map MAP01.

Episode 1 deathmatch wad...Date:10/07/95
Size:58.33 KB
Author:Kennith Reeves

KewL !
This is a neat place to run around. Its like a courtyard. Run around and kill your foes. Neat ideas that just make it fun. Some special effects to kill snipers....Date:03/26/95
Size:244.94 KB
Author:Mark Cooke

Hot DooM II DM! Yo guyz thiz iz a DeathMatch *ONLY* Wad. And, for 2p- DeathMatching, it's really good. I tried a lot of known excellent deathmatch WADs(the MARKRM series, LEDGES...) and I like this one, too :-) BTW, if you don't know, "kewl" is a way...Date:12/21/94
Size:8.17 KB
Author:Hubert Seiwert

Kewlio, sequel to kewl
This is the sequel to kewl, if you liked it, you will love kewlio, if you hated kewl, because of dead ends and no ammo, those are no longer problems. With no dead-ends, and lots of ammo, comes kewlio. This is a deathmatch wad....Date:04/16/95
Size:206.71 KB
Author:Mark Cooke (Apollo on DWANGO)

The Gauntlet (unoriginal name, but original level)
A semi-new deathmatch concept: a cross between Dogtag and Mountain King. This one has the speed of FragTag and the scoring strategy of Mountain King....Date:11/21/96
Size:118.71 KB
Author:KaOtIk FunK
DOOM ][ DeathMatch only wad...Date:05/22/95
Size:17.18 KB
Author:Mark M"uller

Kickin (DOOM II Deathmatch PWAD)
This is my second .wad file and I thought it turned out pretty good. It's a small deathmatch .wad for two or three people. All the weapons are included but you're out in the open for any big weapons. We played the level quite a few times and there ar...Date:05/29/95
Size:13.62 KB
Author:Craig Jeffords

Kiev Series
Medium-sized DOOM II Altdeath levels for 3-4 players. BTW, my first real levels ever made. And don't say I didn't warn you; try out these levels before you play them. The exits are easily reachable because I think that you should not play with wimps ...Date:01/26/97
Size:185.73 KB

Deathmatch Wad for Doom II This wad is the latest version of Kikass. v1.6 This introduces a couple of imps, a couple of extra rooms, and a vantage point. v1.1 It fixes those bugs, No more teleport in front of the stairs!, and has been improved fo...Date:03/01/95
Size:11.16 KB
A Great DEATHMATCH WAD! For DooM II!...Date:05/06/95
Size:12.46 KB

Kill em'
This is the follow on to my last wad,...Date:04/22/96
Size:32 KB
Author:Ryan Newton

13 wads of the BEST deathmatch wads EVER! Try these! AWESOME!...Date:03/24/95
Size:124.2 KB

Designed for deathmatch....Date:01/12/96
Size:110.28 KB

Designed for deathmatch....Date:01/12/96
Size:144.23 KB

Designed for deathmatch....Date:01/12/96
Size:146.13 KB
Author:Kilowatt (Terry Duke)

Designed for deathmatch....Date:03/22/96
Size:117.99 KB
Author:Kilowatt (Terry Duke)

DeathMatch 2.0 wad for Doom ][...Date:12/05/94
Size:17.78 KB
Author:David Anderson

King Deathmatch!
A deathmatch wad made for original deathmatch skill 5. I've tried to make it so that it plays well with 3-4 players as well as 2....Date:11/09/97
Size:65.09 KB

King Deathmatch!
A deathmatch wad made for original deathmatch skill 5. It's meant for 2 players....Date:11/09/97
Size:45.57 KB

King Deathmatch!
A deathmatch wad...Date:11/09/97
Size:45.19 KB

King Me
This single level has the order and effect of a fast paced deathmatch wad. The music in this wad is somber. The sound effects are very intense and are NOT for the light at heart. Every spot that contains a powerful weapon also has a spot that one can...Date:01/30/96
Size:654.2 KB
Author:Kingme (DWANGO in Denver)

King Me 2
Kingme_2 is very fast and has good snipe points. The music is of the "Techno" type and was reduced by 300K to keep the wad small for download. The pillars in the middle of the court do lower. The BFG is obtainable by taking the blue teleport in the n...Date:02/17/96
Size:163.81 KB
Author:Kingme (DWANGO in Denver)

King of the Mountain
Try to control the hill in the courtyard. Release a certain special character and make it much more intense. *** PLAY AS MAP01 ***...Date:05/20/97
Size:135.38 KB

This is a deathmatch. It's time to kick some ass!!...Date:10/12/95
Size:968.04 KB

Kiss My Crosshairs
This one should be good for a change. So many PWADs I've seen look like they've been thrown together in a couple hours. Dark circular arena with large spiral staircase in center under main skylight. Various concentric corridors, rooms, and lifts at d...Date:03/06/95
Size:31.83 KB
Author:Timothy A. Harris a.k.a. JedaiYet

Pretty Kitty Deathmatch
A Deathmatch level for Doom 2. e-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:05/26/96
Size:36.29 KB
Author:Michael Reed

KK-SNIPE, the sequel to A1-SNIPE!!
Well, I haven't done a WAD for a while coz one I was working hard on and looked really kewl stuffed up! Noooo! :( So I stopped creating WADs (This was after I did A1-SNIPE) Then one day, AsM had given me the suggestion to do a sequel to A1-SNIPE, so ...Date:12/02/95
Size:98.59 KB
Author:Kowalski and A1 Stud Muffin :)

Spud 'Em
Actually Designed for a friends birthday party where we will play this WAD. Completely silly with nice snipey bits...Date:10/03/96
Size:28.67 KB
Author:Kowalski - Author of Outside, A1-SNIPE FunDm, Silly, Pitfall, The totally shite Zone 3 WAD (My first

Stairway To Hell
Well, this WAD is all about bases. There are four segments, each with a different colour. The idea is to 'claim' a staircase of a certain colour and then defend it. At the top of each staircase is a teleport to a segment of the centrepiece, which has...Date:10/03/96
Size:49.54 KB
Author:Michael Hopkins (Aka Kowalski)

a pak of all types of deathmatch levels made by Klaus...Date:11/09/96
Size:1.29 MB
Author:Peter Gozon a.k.a. Klaus

Koko, Deathmatch WAD for DOOM][
Size:26.4 KB
Author:Kyle Ver Steeg

MoRtaL KoMbaT
Doom 2 Map 1 with some new twists! Lots of action and intense battles. This one is best played with more than 2 players. *** PLAY AS MAP01 ***...Date:05/20/97
Size:12.62 KB

OUR FIRST PUBLISHED PWAD All the designs are based on the theory of (FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION). That sounds cool, OK OK we did look for playability, lighting (especially shades) texture, variety of spaces (different architectural designs) and some sound...Date:02/27/96
Size:146.29 KB
Author:Fraidoon Sarwary aka (Warblade), Harash Sarwary aka (Cinder )

King of the Hill
Tight DM wad with sort of a fort in the center....Date:03/01/97
Size:13.92 KB
Author:Boomer and Slaytan

King Of The Mountain
Deathmatch level for Doom 2, Replaces Level 1....Date:07/18/96
Size:53.66 KB
Author:Jeff Larson

The Kronikil's Vol. 1
Superior Doom2 Deathmatch Wad compilation! Six wads in one. 1,000's of hours have been spent playing these levels, strictly for die hard deathmatch fanatics! Keep up the tradition!!...Date:12/02/95
Size:354.16 KB
Author:Fred Carrillo a.k.a. Kronos

The Kronikil's Vol. 2 (Sneak Preview-BETA)
This a one wad Beta of the soon to be released The Kronikil's Vol. 2 deathmatch series. This will give you the flavor of what is to come!!...Date:02/09/96
Size:143.98 KB
Author:Fred Carrillo a.k.a. Kronos

A four level pwad for doom][....Date:07/16/95
Size:398.54 KB

Size:49.43 KB
Author:Jason "Hellbent/Grotug/Jacobi" Root

Size:47.73 KB
Author:Jason "Hellbent/Grotug/Jacobi" Root

Size:45.78 KB
Author:Jason "Hellbent/Grotug/Jacobi" Root

Size:48.12 KB
Author:Jason "Hellbent/Grotug/Jacobi" Root

Size:41.32 KB
Author:Jason "Hellbent/Grotug/Jacobi" Root

Size:43.51 KB
Author:Jason "Hellbent/Grotug/Jacobi" Root

4 teleports, 4 players, make for a fearsome fragfest in this architecturally stimulating wad....Date:11/21/03
Size:9.62 KB
Author:Jason Root (Hellbent/Grotug)

This WAD started as an experiment in gun-activated switches that manipulate textures. I borrowed a cool texture technique from Brian Martin's DDAY3_3.WAD. You'll know what I mean when you see it. A small map suitable for massive amounts of death. The...Date:04/14/96
Size:108.62 KB
Author:Pete Tomlinson

Labyrinth of reckless thoughts
This level is especially made for Deathmatch with rules 2.0 (respawning items). Single player and multi-coop is also great, but the level might be a little bit too small in this cases....Date:09/12/95
Size:43.94 KB
Author:Gereon P.J. Meuser

Great DEATHMATCH level! Beaucoup de fragging, all the weapons, small sneaky hidey-holes! Watch for 1-way trick walls and teleport strategies. The plasma gun is hard to get, but worth it. :) There's only enough monsters to keep the chickens from hidin...Date:04/29/96
Size:25.29 KB
Author:Lance Mohring (

Laser Quest (Deathmatch WAD)
This WAD is based on the floor layout of my local Quasar, (called laser quest). I made a wad for Doom 1 ages ago (my first DM wad) and this is an updated Doom 2 version. This one has a couple of surprises - two hidden foot switches which make the who...Date:01/22/96
Size:22.94 KB
Author:David Harvey (alias Kenobi)

Deathmatch wad consiting of an inner rocket arena, and an outer bullet weapon pit. Has the Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Chaingun, and Rocket Launcher....Date:12/12/96
Size:31.28 KB

Designed for DeathMatch. Layout inspired by Dead Simple Level #7 of Doom][. Best if used with DM2.0 option, All weapons present except the BFG-9000. (Has NO Place in DeathMatch!)...Date:02/01/95
Size:8.37 KB
Author:William Bingham (Lazarus)

Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms was just a nickname we came up with because in the original, three of the rooms were in the shape of a clover, a diamond, and a horshoe. However, DOOMcad has some problems with its PREFAB mode and it screwed up our level completely....Date:02/17/96
Size:12.96 KB
Author:Andy Jackson/Reed Hawker

Loop De loop (v1.78)
There is no story. There is no theme. Just a plain deathmatch wad. I think its bloody excellent for my third attempt.... hope u do to. :-) I spent a lot of time "perfecting" this wad so I hope _SOMEONE_ will enjoy fragging their friends' butts into a...Date:02/08/96
Size:23.38 KB
Author:Josh Widjaya

A fast-paced deathmatch level for Doom ][. If you are the first to find it, the really nice illusion will cause you to have to say goodbye to your friends. Remember...don't jump unless you have to....Date:09/27/96
Size:10.2 KB
Author:The Witch Doctors

Ledges of Doom II
This level is a conversion of LEDGESI for Doom II. It adds 2 teleporters, the super shotgun, barrels and some dark hallways and rooms. The textures have been changed and aligned correctly. The monsters have been redone so you can play with monsters a...Date:02/26/95
Size:15.38 KB
Author:Neil R. Bonner

Ledges of Doom II
This level is a conversion of LEDGES-X for Doom II. It adds some teleporters, rooms, more weapons, etc......Date:09/03/96
Size:26.8 KB
Author:Agustin Guevara

Ledges-3 of Doom II
This level is a conversion and enhancement of LEDGES3I for Doom II. It adds 4 teleporters, the super shotgun, barrels and some special light effects. The textures have been redone and aligned correctly....Date:08/02/95
Size:17.15 KB
Author:Neil R. Bonner

DeathMatch level for DOOM II, designed for DEATHMATCH 2.0 rules. Conversion from original DOOM I level - LEDGE__I.WAD If this wad looks familiar it's because, although the level was created from scratch, much of the ideas and level design was shame...Date:03/07/96
Size:15.36 KB
Author:Craig Webb

DeathMatch level for DOOM II, designed for DEATHMATCH 2.0 rules. Conversion from original DOOM I level - LEDGY__I.WAD This wad is a follow up to my Ledge level. I hope you're a good jumper because I've provided a lot of unique leaps that you will n...Date:03/07/96
Size:61.5 KB
Author:Craig Webb

Lemmings Doom v3.5
I started a year ago but i never finshied it so i say what hell this would make me do something!...Date:08/20/01
Size:1.84 MB

Levels - Final Release
Designed for deathmatch, in a way multilevelled. Had to change floor height of Deathmatch starts, you could skip into them before, bad idea......Date:08/09/96
Size:39.99 KB

The Librarian's Keep
Small little deathmatch map I made over the course of a week or so. Works with Vanilla Doom 2. Plays nicely with about 4-6 players. Architecture could probably be better in some places, but oh well. Oh, and gadzooks!...Date:06/13/19
Size:54.59 KB
Author:Stefano "Rolpa" Pinti

The Library Deathmatch
A small level for Doom 2 that just plain rules in deathmatch...Date:12/26/95
Size:7.7 KB
Author:Shad Williams

This is one of my first pwads I ever created. Even though it's simple, I still think it's one of the most fun. It's a lot of dark, tight corridors brimming full of weapons. Happy fragging!...Date:04/23/96
Size:4.69 KB
Author:Jeremy "Stretch" Shelley

Lictor's Deathmatch Dungeon
Size:22.66 KB

Lil' Piggy
Lil' Piggy! The next installment in my "piggy" series. This wad has a similar structure to piggy.wad yet gets a completely differnet feel to it as I have added a few ideas to old ones. Use this wad in 1-on-1 matches for a really "fair" match. I tried...Date:02/08/95
Size:5.51 KB
Author:Kirk Yokomizo

Lincon95 tourney
This level was used in the doom2 tourney at the Lincon95 convent. It's a deathmatch only with all weapons but the hideous BFG ( the plasma dosn't have to much ammo either ). And there is no exit, so if you wich to se who fragged who most times, we re...Date:06/07/95
Size:35.44 KB
Author:Mårten Lundgren, Jesper Hansson

LinkMax v5.1
Size:710.32 KB
Author:Mats Attnäs

LinkMax ][: The Sequel
It's the greatest DeathMatch experience ever! 30 levels, that I guarantee you haven't seen before! And it's all for DOOM2! Need I say more!!?? ...Date:01/19/96
Size:399.06 KB
Author:Mats Attnäs

New Dethmatch Wad
Just a new deathmatch pwad that I hope will be enjoyed by all....Date:11/19/95
Size:118.42 KB
Author:Jon Elofson

Littlefang v2.0
Littlefang. First stop on your journey to the Planes of Desolation. A lone wooden keep stands at the center of a grass-covered slab of rock that floats through an endless cloudy sky. The gate that brought you here closes behind you with a familiar fl...Date:01/23/96
Size:434.15 KB
Author:Jesse Nutter

Live to Die
Deathmatch WAD....Date:07/08/95
Size:100.39 KB
Author:Paul Pennington

I ordinary version of the "courtyard" type of DM map I made this one a while ago and it is actually my 2nd dm-wad. I released it on doomshack first and forgot about Please don't flame me for this one since I won't care...Date:09/26/98
Size:56.22 KB
Author:Martin (cocoon) Friberg

Just a DM wad that I threw together on a sleepless night. :) It's sorta like a keep, though there is no outside....Date:07/30/96
Size:200.43 KB
Author:Zeb Shultz a.k.a. DeathMonger

An arena style DeathMatch level. Plain and perfect training for mousers. Good placed weapons, strategic points. For 2-4 Players....Date:03/05/96
Size:53.74 KB

Lunatic Fringe
Size:158.21 KB
Author:Jim Schuster (aka Xenophobe)

Lobofrag for DOOM ][ Deathmatch (V. 1.1)
Lobofrag.wad is a small (ish) deathmatch level designed for continuous action and lots of frags. The level was carefully constructed to compliment the frag count with gameplay and tactics - not Cyberdemons and BFG's ;)...Date:03/03/96
Size:26.52 KB
Author:I. Cumming

Size:188.25 KB

LONDON1.WAD, a 7-level DeathMatch wad for DOOM2
These wads were designed for deathmatch 2 (-Altdeath)...Date:01/14/96
Size:180.66 KB

Lord of the Centre
This is one of my early gimmicky levels. The significance of the name is simple - all players start at the edges of the map, and then commenses a mad scramble to get to the centre. Once you're there - guard the BFG warily. Everyone will be after your...Date:07/10/96
Size:12.13 KB
Author:David Jewsbury

Watch. Because if your opponent sees you first, he can follow you and destroy you. Listen. Because in this not too big, not too small level, you can be heard from anywhere in the level, through the many passageways connecting everything. Watch your b...Date:08/01/95
Size:33.04 KB
Author:Ryan Robinson

THa LouNGe
CooL DooM ][ WaD made for DeaTHMaTCHeS! BeST with DM 2...Date:10/17/96
Size:93.6 KB

Sequel to Lounge.Wad.. Contains new sounds, textures, and music from Descent and Duke Nukem 3D! Level sorta resembles a radioactive factory.....Date:10/14/96
Size:225.11 KB

The Lucid
A small level designed for fast fraggin' 4 player action! Influenced by DANZIG17 and IGOR9....Date:03/18/96
Size:15.79 KB
Author:Jeremiah Bean

A FUCKING GOOD TIME...Date:02/24/96
Size:171.71 KB

A FUCKING GOOD TIME...Date:02/24/96
Size:113.53 KB

A FUCKING GOOD TIME...Date:02/28/96
Size:118.45 KB

ITS FUCKING INSANE...Date:03/05/96
Size:81.09 KB

A FUCKING GOOD TIME!!!!...Date:03/12/96
Size:110.3 KB

Deathmatch only level...Date:07/04/96
Size:9.07 KB
Author:R. Buster a.k.a Cono

Deathmatch only level...Date:07/04/96
Size:17.83 KB
Author:R. Buster a.k.a Cono

This level is special made for DEATHMATCH play this level with a minimum of 3 players else this level is no fun to play. [more secrets than you think!]...Date:05/30/96
Size:14.45 KB
Author:Theo Luwema

Leave Me Alone
Purely made for Deathmatch, no monsters here dude. *The story so far: You thought you got away from that maniacal soldier who wouldn't die last level, but guess what, he's back, this time with a vengeance; KILL or BE killed dude........Date:05/30/05
Size:22.04 KB
Author:Matt Simmon

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