Title: Jungle ][
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/j-l/j2doom.zip
Size: 1.07 MB
Date: 09/03/95
Author: /│ n t and his Jungle ][ Pwad Production Crew.
Description: This DOOM II map is a deathmatch wad with a jungle island theme. The setting and ideas are based on my favorite chat BBS, Jungle II, where it carries Game Connection. This map contains new graphics, new sprites, new weapons, sound effects, and a new junglish soundtrack. This map should be used with deathmatch 2.0 (-altdeath) and respawning monsters (-respawn). Be sure -nomonsters parameter is removed, so that the map has man-eating sharks. And you thought Gilligan's Island was fun to watch! Wait until you laugh hard with this awesome creation. :)

Map features:
* A big island surrounded by a shark-infested ocean. Also, a tiny island near by.
* Wooden and stone buildings.
* Munden's Bar.
* Overhead speakers that the players can use.
* Banana and palm trees with goodies.
* A wooden dock.
* Game Connection center with interactive computers.
* Eidble/Usable food: Coconuts, bananas, and cakes.
* The Club with sexy hula dancers.
* Dark dungeon.
* Ladders.
* Players as hairy apes.
* Realistic bathrooms! You can hide too!
* Unbreakable windows that can be opened and closed!
* Open windows with curtains.
* Shootable ceiling fans.
* A small lifeguard tower.
* "Well of Youth." Hint: Fountain of Youth.
* Sewer storage building.
* A grafitti wall that players can read.
Credits: id Software for making the awesome game.
Barrasso and Zep -- Authors of MALL.ZIP. Inspiration, and I had to steal some graphics.
Authors of BOOTHILL.ZIP -- Inspired me to make a deathmatch pwad.
Wendigo -- His cool pwads, DESTROYR.ZIP and MARINA.ZIP.
Pit -- Ideas, graphics, sprites, ANSI (endoom), J2DOOM.EXE, and tester.
The Dragon -- Sounds, ideas, and tester.
Grungy -- Midi soundtrack and tester. (GMIDI was used).
Tarzan -- Sound clips, tester, and SysOp of Jungle II BBS.
Python -- Sounds.
Cricket -- Proofreader of these texts. :P
Watcher -- SysOp of Jungle II BBS.
2224 on Baud -- His funny coconut macros.
Town Azusa Pacific University -- My school and internet account.
Rest of the DOOM Pwad Authors, excluding the ones who created horrrible pwads.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time: 4 short weeks. (School is around the corner!)
Editor(s) used: DEU v5.21 and hacked DEU ][ for DOS
BSP 1.2x
NWT 1.3
Neopaint v3.0/3.1
Bugs: Hall of Mirrors (HOMs) when far away in the ocean. My map is too big. Sorry :). I hope there are no bugs. I am a bug, but please do not raid or step on me.
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quite a worked deathmatch map for 95'...funny sounds and hud pic.... x
A funny old wad, DM would be fun here!x
It ain't that bad of a deathmatch level as long as you have lotsa players, but the music and sound fx are really annoying.x
Awful level, but its interesting to read the credits section, which is a fascinating glimpse into a long-forgotten world of BBSes and telephone internet access. All these little Hitler sysop people were lords of nothing. The level itself is neither fish nor flesh; it's not quite elaborate enough to be a "headquarters" level where people could hang out, but the design isn't conducive to deathmatch play. Terry Riley's "A Rainbow in Curved Air" is overrated.x

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