Title: Judas (DOOM ][ Deathmatch)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/j-l/judas23.zip
Size: 26.11 KB
Date: 01/20/96
Author: brian vannatta (Stragenl on IRC)
Description: Judas23.wad is a fast-paced deathmatch PWAD designed for any number of players. The layout emphasizes 3-D action in that players can maneuver themselves conveniently among varying degrees of vertical and horizontal displacement (i.e. you can jump around a lot).
Credits: Steve Grecni (grecni@bobcat.ent.ohiou.edu) - Steve put a few ideas and some great play- testing into this level. Much thanks to him - be sure to check out his GIDEON*.WAD series for DOOM ][ Deathmatch. Brandon Weldon (weldon@helios.phy.ohiou.edu) - I let him use his computer again (since I finally got my own). Playtesters from #deathmatch on the IRC: - DaScott - Dweller - Goof - Krusty - Spam - Yyzden id Software - The MASTERS...
Base: Map23 is a new level from scratch; Map22 is based on igor9.wad Map06.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU v5.21, DETH v2.666, WARM v1.4
Bugs: please report any to vannatta@bobcat.ent.ohiou.edu
Rating: (13 votes)
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One of the most overplayed maps in deathmatch history, but it IS very well designed. If you want to be in a tournament, practice here, because there's a 100% chance of it being on any tourney maplist. Map22 (the filler map Brian mentions in the description) looks like the start to a decent SP/Coop map, but would be tedious as hell in Deathmatch.x
An absolute classic in doom deathmatch. This map requires a lot of brainwork while playing, and very fast paced. If you a Duel player who likes hard challenges, careful, both smart and technical play, then this map is for you. Absolutely legendary. - Bpy6[iddqd]x

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