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M-SWIRL (Micro-Swirl)
Fighting arena with crossing channels, surrounding rooms containing safe startpositions, 4-fold- symmetric layout, perfectly aligned textures. Only one weapon at the start, later you find the Chaingun. Pick one out of four maps, the only difference i...Date:04/14/96
Size:89.5 KB
Author:Michael "migru" Grube
Size:60.87 KB

Mafia Dirty Money
Bassically a Beta of a Mafia themed deathmatch wad...Date:05/31/01
Size:626.21 KB

Size:15.58 KB
Author:Daniel Thomas Chard

A very simple level, designed SPECIFICALY for players using TURBO!!!!!!!!!...Date:07/05/95
Size:127.83 KB
Author:Jason Villamil

Size:205.38 KB
Author:Kathryn Taylor [NEMESIS]

This DOOM II deathmatch wad with a mall theme. It should be used with deathmatch 2.0 Includes around 80 new textures (And a movie) 6 new sounds, new music, all weapons but the BFG. Very open level, main mall hall with around 8 stores to fight in. You...Date:08/03/95
Size:300.22 KB
Author:Barrasso and Zep
Deathmatch; no monsters in this wad...Date:08/28/95
Size:24.82 KB

Starship Mamosa for Doom II
So ... you've beaten the hoards on Earth, and have been given a promotion and your choice of assignments. You figure the quiet of outer space would be a nice change. While on patrol you come across a spaceship listing in orbit around an uninhabited r...Date:09/04/97
Size:320.61 KB
Author:Construction and graphics by Steve Mullen, sound modifications by Jeff Kraus

Mancer Extreme
Size:168.54 KB
Author:C. Savage

Mancer Extreme ][
MAP06 - This one is a rocket war! Built just like Mancer02.wad. Works great for 2 player DeathMatch, if you play 3 or 4 player be prepared to hear a lot of Death screams! MAP07 - One of my better levels. This one tends to slow down if you play on 2...Date:02/22/96
Size:223.75 KB
Author:C. Savage

MaNCeRX3.wad (released on 4/21/96)
I noticed a lot of platforms in MancerX2 so I took a different approach on building MancerX3... The file sized stayed small :) MaNCeRX3.WAD continues the classic MancerX tradition containing 5 levels with new music, sounds, and graphics! I do inten...Date:05/23/96
Size:264.14 KB
Author:Cole Savage ( MaNCeR )

Manes1 for DOOM ][ Deathmatch
This is my first videly published level. So before you think that I'm this newbie with a copy of deu who stacks 10 cyberdemons and a bfg in a room and thinks that is fun, let me tell you that this is a GREAT level. there are no HOM's, Tutti- frutti, ...Date:10/26/95
Size:27.66 KB
Author:Daniel Zinsli

Fast, furious, great.. :-) I like to build small 2 player wads, made for -deathmatch , but this is playable for altdeath too. I've had a LOT of fun playing this with my friends, and it has turned out to be a hell of a wad.....Date:01/25/96
Size:20.85 KB
Author:Daniel Zinsli

The Manor Of Pleasure
Hey, you didn't fought it was possible ? But it is. Do you need some recreation ? Here it is. The Manor Of Pleasure has been brought to you as a strange kind of training. Quite many pretty girls are waiting for you, and sometimes some of them may cal...Date:05/27/95
Size:415.52 KB
Author:Dominique Lavergne

Map 01
A small, kick-ass frag-fest of a level. Beware though, it's tough in single player....Date:10/21/96
Size:44.47 KB
Author:Cyril Crocker

Maproom.wad Version 1.0
This is a level that has a new concept idea. In the center of the level is a "Maproom" which indicates where the other opponents are durring deathmatch....Date:06/29/96
Size:161.73 KB
Author:John and Jim Jankowski John Jankowski-

Map Test 2 - Schlagobers Schuetzenfest
Quaketest map 2 for Doom2 Old DM skill5. Rocks. I took some artistic freedom, so don't expect a 1:1 remake....Date:03/17/96
Size:43.9 KB
Author:Marin Gazzari - Kandyman on IRC

marbldm2.wad (Marble Death Match II)
This wad is quite different from the first wad. There is mostly green marble, but this time there is a different structure style. Light is provided by the sun. There is a blue armor vest that sits in the middle of the wad on all skill levels. To ...Date:08/06/99
Size:49.78 KB

marbledm.wad (Marble Death Match)Version 1.8
This is in an enclosed area with dim lighting provided by the sun and lamps. Marble is the main building element, with some exceptions. The activated (red-eyed) skull creates shortcuts while the other switch is for exiting. When I say "shortcuts",...Date:04/08/99
Size:21.79 KB

a average sized dm level with marble every where...Date:12/03/00
Size:29.52 KB
Author:mike "orkface" wynne

The Marina
I had two ideas in mind when I made this... First, I wanted to build a level around a concept. After playing Avatar's DM wads, I decided this was essential to it's success. Second of all, I wanted to try and make a level where you can walk onto water...Date:07/03/95
Size:299.09 KB
Author:Brian Hess

Fast-paced, two- or three-player shoot-em-up deathmatch pwad....Date:08/19/95
Size:33.5 KB
Author:Bridger Flynn

This WAD is a big area good for multiplayer NETDOOM. It's got tons of weapons and no armor---- so be prepared to die LOTS! We've been playing it around here for a few days, and the matches can easily last >>>1 hr....Date:10/10/94
Size:8.58 KB
Author:Mark Griswold

MASO - The Ultimate Czech mikrolevel
I was inspired by discussion on Usenet that was dealing with mikro-deathmatch levels. And because I am limited to two-player deathmatch now, I thought we could have some fast action, too. MASO is a Czech expression for "Meat", or "Massacre" in slang....Date:04/02/95
Size:7.49 KB
Author:Pavel Hodek

The 1979 Chainsaw MASSACRE!!!
TINY Deathmatch level for Doom 2, with 4 chainsaws, do you need more info .... ???? .......Date:01/10/98
Size:17.45 KB
Author:The Dark Lord

This is a pretty fast-paced deathmatch level. It was made for 2 players. I haven't tested 4 players. There is a floating cube on this level and the cube has no gliches. I didn't make the cube the same way as the author of FLOATCUB. It should be a ver...Date:03/04/95
Size:21.28 KB
Author:Ryan Caine

Temple of the Massassi
Got the idea from the Star Wars Jedi Academy triliogy series. The Mass- assi temples where focusing points for the powers of the Dark Side of the Force. The first Dark Lord of the Sith enslaved the Massassi people and forced them to build the temples...Date:12/15/95
Size:47.62 KB
Author:ing Template v1.4. When you release your PWAD, please fill this form

The Forgotten Abbey - Part 5 of the Frag Fest!
Welcome back! I made this level not long after completing my Dark Towen level, because people wanted something that was small and easy... Those of you that have played Dark Towen will recognise the old bullet proof glass trick - This time to make r...Date:06/09/95
Size:8.52 KB
Author:Matthew Mauger

SPACE STATION: Carnifex: Part Eight in the Frag Fest series!
STORY: The story is set in the ruins of a space station, barely holding out against the demons that constantly batter against it's defenses... That space station is Space Station Carnifex. Guarded by a few heros against the terrors of Warp Spac...Date:08/30/95
Size:39.31 KB
Author:Matthew Mauger

Cave Hunt - Frag Fest I
Frag Fest 1 is a deathmatch level, simple in design, but has proven to be very effective to play. Most of the ammo and the megasphere is in the middle, in a depression, and in the caves outside all the weapons are laid strewn about, so you can't move...Date:06/09/95
Size:15.8 KB
Author:Matthew Mauger

Nomen Luni - Part 6 of the Frag Fest series!
I was promising something special for Frag Fest 6, and here you have it. Not quite what it started out as, but after playing GIGAKIL2 by Stealth (respect due, some amazing levels...) I was duely inpired by his ISLEKEEP level, and created this, totall...Date:06/09/95
Size:20.06 KB
Author:Matthew Mauger

DIAMORTAL! - Frag Fest 3
This level basically consists of one patch of grass, enclosed with crates, with numerous weapons lying around. A lot of work has gone into making sure that this level is totally balanced, and the number and placing of the weapons has been critical. O...Date:06/09/95
Size:12.16 KB
Author:Matthew Mauger

Sharonian Temple - Frag Fest 2
This is a simple but effective deathmatch wad (it's rare indeed that I see a brilliant and big deathmatch level!), both aesthetically pleasing and very playable. Many an opponent has fell prey to this level by fragging himself with the rocket launche...Date:06/09/95
Size:13.26 KB
Author:Matthew Mauger

Arena "Shards" - Part 7 of the Frag Fest!
Well those of you that had a sneak peek before reading this, and had played MAT-ARNA will notice that the two were almost indentical. Let me explain... MAT-ARNA is still by popular opinion the best level that I have ever done, yet it was my first l...Date:06/09/95
Size:10.33 KB
Author:Matthew Mauger

Dark Towen WAD - Part 4 in the Frag Fest series!
This level started life several weeks ago, after I'd jotted a few ideas down on paper (the acid room idea and the crossroad/ walkway just beyond it), and in the true Matthew Mauger tradition, it just grew from there. Steven Ross-Watt of Genesis BB...Date:06/09/95
Size:59.8 KB
Author:Matthew Mauger

Totally original. Very open, one center tower with the plasma rifle inside, good spot to play hide & seek. In the four corners are three different things. In two of them there are three stairways that lead to a small platform with health/armor/ weapo...Date:06/08/95
Size:39.14 KB
Author:Jason Poll

No-Match 2 [Doom 2 'DeathMatch' Add-on] From The iNSANE Levels Take 7
This Doom 2 PWAD replaces MAP01 or Level 1, This is made with the deathmatch modem/network player in mind. What this level really is, is just one huge fighting ARENA with lots of hiding places, not to mention, lots of monsters. The object of the leve...Date:04/13/07
Size:8.81 KB

A Very unique DeathMatch Level for DOOM2....Date:02/01/98
Size:52.87 KB
Author:William Green

I recently asked DOOM players what they liked in a Deathmatch level. A lot of people made suggestions. After listening and thinking, I have designed a Deathmatch level that should be challenging and fun!...Date:05/21/95
Size:32.46 KB
Author:Tom Neff

A DOOM II deathmatch only level. This is my first wad, so go easy on me :) Any feedback or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism would be appreciated....Date:07/22/95
Size:13.54 KB
Author:Anthony "Addhog" Coughlan

Maze.wad is just a series of conected tunnels and is no fun when used for single player because there are NO MONSTERS! It is strictly a deathmatch level! There are plenty of weapons to blow the crap out of your opponent...Date:10/06/95
Size:7.33 KB

Evil. Pure Evil. Not Evil as in 'Satanic' Evil, but still Evil. Try a run throu. You will soon find out what I mean. It's dark and twisted....Date:11/18/95
Size:29.7 KB
Author:Ian Finn Tornquist

My first acceptable .wad. This one's for all the times I played SS-MAP.WAD on iFrag, and thought: "I could make a better level than this."...Date:03/07/97
Size:14.76 KB
Author:Matt Sargent

Fun two-player level, small, with plenty of action. Fight it out with shotgun and chaingun, or make a run for the plasma or the double barreled....Date:03/07/97
Size:6.56 KB
Author:Matt Sargent
It has all the weapons in this cool deathmatch wad. There is a main outdoor arena with mazes in it, surronded by a walkway above it. There are also many hidden see-through walls and cool tricks. ...Date:05/05/96
Size:11.7 KB

The Maze -- Revision X
This is a revision of my earlier Doom 2 level. It originally was a fairly good deathmatch level, consisting of a central courtyard area connected to a bunch of large hallways. Well, I ironed out a few irritating kinks (Like the fact that a player cou...Date:03/19/95
Size:11.84 KB
Author:Jeremy A. Statz, Waffle Iron Extraordinaire

MAZE - A DOOM ][ replacement level
This is a DEATHMATCH ONLY wimpy mosters to get in the way....Date:05/24/05
Size:129.86 KB

Moonbase v. 4.1
Moonbase and Biosphere deathmatch level. Kick-ass HIGHLY well-balanced wad; better than Boothill or Danzig (but it's only 1 level)...Date:05/14/96
Size:37.23 KB
Author:Nick Dolezal

Several rooms with cross-connections. There are lots of start points and lots of weapons to keep you happy. It is inspired by DOOM E1M9 but unlike the original I didn't use box-shaped rooms. It is rather the FEEL of the map that reminds me of DO...Date:01/11/97
Size:18.13 KB
Author:Andy Badorek

THE MILITARY BASE Episode 2: Highground
An arena-style DM level. Everything's in view and there's no good place to hide --> this is fast-paced Deathmatch. The ability to move fast and precise is the key to success in HIGHGROUND. The name says it all - don't get too close to the edg...Date:01/11/97
Size:15.49 KB
Author:Andy Badorek

The MILITARY BASE Deathmatch series part 3
This level features my favourite kind of DM-level: the arena kind. There's no searching for weapons or goodies or (yawn) other players, this one goes fragging off the start. Like all my levels, MBASE03 is well designed and extensively tested. Th...Date:03/30/97
Size:42.85 KB
Author:Andy Badorek

Mark & Dave's DeathMatch for Doom 2 (V 5.2)
The beginnings of a DeathMatch episode designed for 2 player DeathMatch....Date:08/16/99
Size:295.76 KB
Author:Mainly I but others as well LEVEL 1 TOURNAMENT Design Richard Williams Build Mark Burlison Testing M

MCmicrocomputer 1995
A deathmatch-only level for DOOM II, designed to be played by 3 or 4 players under the "new" deathmatch 2.0 rules (-altdeath). There is no exit switch: the level is to be played on a fixed time base as enforced by the "timer #" command. Suggested tim...Date:01/22/96
Size:35.83 KB
Author:Corrado "NightGaunt" Giustozzi with some help from Valter "Sesamo" Di Dio

McCram 1 (or the castle)
A large deathmatch level. It's a castle of sorts and although it's large you still run in to each other. You also have to use a bit more strategy than a frag a second wad....Date:11/16/95
Size:89.68 KB
Author:Marc Lawrence

McCram 2 (or Gladiators)
Deathmatch level a tiny bit bigger than frag a second, but don't stop running ever!!...Date:11/16/95
Size:124.14 KB
Author:Marc Lawrence

GamesNet's 2nd official WAD. As far as i know this is the first, and only, wad to have reflective floors. Also includes: real fluttering flag, jelly walls, fish swimming UNDER water, invisable steps, rain, and..AND..Elle McFearSome....Date:04/08/96
Size:91.18 KB
Author:Hugo Elias

me.wad (don't ask, that's just what it's called)
DOOM ][ deathmatch level, it's the best, well, second best deathmatch level cuz NOCHEAP!.WAD is simply the best...Date:02/10/96
Size:35.19 KB
Author:Chris Ward

MechDM.wad (Metal Death Match: Shadow Stalkers)
This is a small level made only for two players. Metal-related textures abound this simple map. The lighting mostly dim or dark, but there are lamps and openings to let in sun light where needed....Date:11/28/99
Size:53.14 KB

MechDM2.wad (Metal Death Match II: Shadow Arena)
This is a level that can handle more than 2 players, but should not be so big that a two player match gets boring. I should warn you that I use a lot of sectors and line defs to get the lighting how I wanted it to look, so have a fast modem and good ...Date:11/28/99
Size:29.94 KB

Semi-Mini DeathMatch Level
Size:63.93 KB
Author:Scott Smith

This is mainly for deathmatch. I have the weapons available immediately upon startup. No pistols aginst plasma guns here... Everybody is on an even keel. Come to life get the weapons & KILL or be KILLED!!!!! If you want fewer monsters in the way, use...Date:06/07/96
Size:96.8 KB

This is strictly Deathmatch. No monsters are included. Plenty of weapons, fake walls, ambush areas. Just about room has 2 exits with exception of the ammo rooms and 1 of the perches. In order to start player one has got to throw the switch directly i...Date:08/02/05
Size:27.37 KB
Author:Tango X

Megadoom.wad (for Doom 2)
This multi-purpose WAD is simply several large sections linked together with a secret underground passageway and a large maze. It promises to be an enjoyable Deathmatch level, with an abundance of weapons and power-ups. Anyway, there's no main theme ...Date:03/23/96
Size:60.01 KB
Author:Chris Wright

Mega Fate For Doom 2 (legalized)
========{Mega Fate For Doom 2}=========== ==Oh My GAWD Fate's Webb... Has Done it== =AGAIN!! HAHA Count em 7 NEW levels For== ===Doom ][ !! All Made From Scratch!==== =======ALL Made For Deathmatch!!========= =But If Everyone ya Know are too Scared==...Date:05/12/06
Size:101.29 KB
Author:Fate's Webb

Great DeathMatch castle with some awesome slime traps. Good Weapons are in hard to get places so you can shoot your enemy as he clumsily goes for the weapon! I've seen a lot of levels, as the Gamer's Alliance DOOM maintainer, and this one is good!...Date:06/20/96
Size:48.68 KB
Author:Joe Knosp and Jesse Sexton

A deathmatch wad based on a design found in MEGA.WAD map 5 (duh) or DWANGO5.WAD map 17. Also third in the NOCHEAP! series. It continues the "bacta tank" theme. More on that below......Date:01/21/99
Size:106.25 KB
Author:Aron "Darkwing" Kerkhof

Claw Fist
This is a mid sized, speed deathmatch map that supposed to be for the Community Deathmatch Project. It's nothing to have a very Doom II feel to it, with a few of my own mapping styles....Date:05/14/08
Size:159.9 KB
Author:Brett 'Mechadon' Harrell

Three DeathMatch levels. Map 1 is two complex buildings. Map 2 is me having fun with RMB. CyberDeamons are nice! Just stay in the dark. Map 3 is me trying to push the DOOM Engine to the limit. If I had added one more sector or light change, you would...Date:06/03/95
Size:76.12 KB
Author:Darrell Bircsak

These levels have all kinds of battle fields from big & open areas to small rooms for shotgun fighting....Date:06/30/96
Size:259.57 KB
Author:ERAN, GUY & RON.

MELEE08 is a smallish but good Deathmatch WAD that's great for any number of players. It features weapon mixes controllable via the difficulty levels, and is generally pretty good. No glitches or badly mapped textures of any kind. I've put some...Date:01/18/96
Size:6.44 KB
Author:Jeremy Statz

Melee levels compilation
This is compilation of all the Melee levels to date. It's perfect for long Deathmatch sessions, and the levels it contains are varied, so anyone's likely to find at least one or two they really like (Though hopefully more!)....Date:07/17/95
Size:91.44 KB
Author:Jeremy Statz
A fairly small DM level for Doom2 that started out as an experiment with lighting. The entire level is lit only by "spotlights" in the walls, complete with moderately realistic shadows (at least, as realistic as you can get with Doom 2). There's...Date:01/19/96
Size:9.66 KB
Author:Jeremy Statz
Melee11 is a medium-to-small DM level suitable for, I think, any number of players. The texture mapping is good, the layout is great, and all in all, everyone who's played on it has liked it. Sorry, but there's no Combat Shotgun....Date:01/19/96
Size:11.54 KB
Author:Jeremy Statz

a Fast pace 2-4 player Deathmatch..Map isnt oversied and if youre a Danzig series fan it is very similar in design and is a Must D/L!...Date:07/16/95
Size:38.41 KB

This wad is an update to my Original Menace.wad with a Good layout and nice Texture Scheme... Menace1 is a small Fast Death Arena complete with Telefrags,Crusher and plenty of Rocket & SShotgun Action! :)...Date:12/30/95
Size:96.71 KB

This is a Sequel to the first Menace wad and I can describe these wads as mini Death Arenas which are designed to be fast paced and is inspired by the infamous Danzig series....Date:12/30/95
Size:69.51 KB

Menace Deathmatch
A Deathmatch level for Doom 2. e-mail me and tell me what you think....Date:07/26/96
Size:44.43 KB
Author:Little Red

Mentzer1.WAD (For Doom 2)
Lots of time and effort was put into the construction of this wad (and the entire series). This is NOT some slapped together mess - Have fun :-) This is a Deathmatch Wad created for Doom 2. All Weapons are available and no monsters are present. Amm...Date:12/24/94
Size:24.63 KB
Author:David J. Hill

Mentzer2.WAD (For Doom 2)
This is a Deathmatch Wad created for Doom 2. All Weapons are available and no monsters are present. Ammo, health, armor, and weapons are spread out to provide for constant action. This is the second in a series of deathmatch wads for Doom 2....Date:12/24/94
Size:21.63 KB
Author:David J. Hill

Mentzer3.WAD (For Doom 2)
Number 3 in a series of Deathmatch wads for Doom 2. There are three Ledges type pit areas connected by halls, rooms, stairs and lifts. All weapons are available....Date:02/14/95
Size:28.88 KB
Author:David J. Hill

Mentzer4.WAD (For Doom 2)
Also know as Carnage City! Another Deathmatch wad in the Mentzer series. Grab a firm grip on your rocket launcher and get ready for the fire fight. There is an outside open area surrounded by other rooms. A couple of hidden ambush areas accompany a...Date:02/14/95
Size:31.41 KB
Author:David J. Hill

Mentzer5.WAD (For Doom 2)
AKA: Tunnels of Death Another deathmatch wad in the Mentzer series. Four tunnels connect all areas of this wad together. Designed for dog fights over valuable territory. All weapons are available, along with the megashere and other goodies. Sear...Date:02/14/95
Size:31.78 KB
Author:David J. Hill

Mentzer6.WAD (For Doom 2)
AKA: Frag Count Number 6 in the Mentzer series. The small size of this wad will run up the frag count. The action centers around the BFG room which has four ways into it, and only one way out. All weapons are included. After playing this wad you ...Date:02/18/95
Size:17.83 KB
Author:David J. Hill

Mentzer7.WAD (For Doom 2) Deathmatch
A.K.A. Its about Time! Mentzer 7 (finally) Well, Folks here is the 7th in the Mentzer series. I know it took a while, but its here and it Kicks ASS!! Without a doubt this is the best of the series. Smaller more compact maps has been the battle cry ...Date:12/06/95
Size:22.49 KB
Author:David J. Hill

MerDoom II
(read this!): To play this level the correct way you must use DooM2. Actually any version of DooM2 will work (1.666-1.9) but to view the demo that has been added you must use DooM2 version 1.9....Date:04/28/96
Size:396.4 KB
Author:AceWingMan aka Brent Ted Peterson

The mother of all deathmatch levels....lots of detail, killer layout etc..better than what most WAD authors consider good :)...Date:07/23/96
Size:142.6 KB
Author:Mange (Charles Cox)

Cool PWAD with METALLICA's albums sleeves on the walls. This is intended to be a DeathMatch WAD, but you may also play single-player, I added some cool enemies (and let me tell you is quite hard to finish)....Date:04/01/97
Size:93.47 KB
Author:Jose Luis Gallardo

Model of Subway station in St.Petersburg...Date:05/05/95
Size:16.66 KB
Author:Peter Porai-Koshits

"METZ" - alternative title "METZ CATHEDRAL"
More than a simple arena, a detailled historical monument in a Doom/Doom2 compliant unique WAD file using compliant patches and textures. Monument is St Etienne Cathedral, the widest tainted glass surface of Europe, located in Metz, France. Outdoor...Date:12/16/10
Size:352.57 KB
Author:Benoit Spacher

These are the only two maps thus far completed for Dan and my deathmatch megawad, MGMYWTC. That name comes from the end of a porn spam I once received about a girl sucking a horse's cock or some such nonsense. This wad, unfortunately, does not relate...Date:03/21/03
Size:28.12 KB
Author:Dan "Danarchy" Woodward & Owen "SargeBaldy" Lloyd

Welcome to my house! It is in Elkhorn, WI. It took about 15 hours to build....Date:04/04/96
Size:22.97 KB
Author:Dana Miller

Size:159.88 KB
Author:Todd Starling

Midian2 Same as Midian1 but with new stuff and bug fixes. ..more rooms Better DM play If you liked t
This is a very good deathmatch level that's made for deathmatch 2.0. It works well with 2 players and it should be awesome with 4, but I haven't tested it. It is a large size level that goes pretty fast. There is a no exit. All weapons are available....Date:04/06/95
Size:96.42 KB
Author:Joe Jenkins (Green Mind)

Midiwads.wad is a compilation of all 14 of my deathmatch wads for doom2.All are strictly death match.Works great with dwango......=D PURE DEATH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...Date:10/10/95
Size:418.79 KB
Author:Midiguy Dale J B

Mike's version of HOBOKEN
Have you downloaded Hoboken and seen many things wrong with it, such as the "door to nowhere". Yeah, the thing that faces west/east into the blue room. The author also seemed to have an obsession with the wall texture BSTONE1. ANyway, I fixed everyth...Date:06/18/95
Size:174.29 KB
Author:Michael Lundy

Mike's Deathmatch Wad 2
Another Great Deathmatch Board! It is a large symmetrical board with many traps and tough to find weapons. Just the right size for Deathmatch! Go out there and get a frag for me!...Date:07/26/95
Size:69.04 KB
Author:Mike McCollum and Chris Thomas

Mike's Deathmatch Castle 1
Huge Deathmatch Board, Great for mass slaughter. Has Castle and Town and uses monsters as weapons!!!!! Teleports, Draw Bridges, and More!!!!...Date:07/26/95
Size:158.08 KB
Author:Mike McCollum and Chris Thomas

MindPhuk was design by hdrambo and built by vengence.. to get the full effect of the wad play it with mosters on skill 5.. thanks...Date:10/30/00
Size:126.1 KB

It's name explains exactly what it is. It is set in a mine theme. I made corridors with support beams and lanterns that flicker. I made a staircase that leads into it from the outside. I made the textures seem right instead of just throwing them in. ...Date:11/20/95
Size:17.52 KB
Author:Neil Berg

Mini DeathMatch for DOOM2
Size:35.1 KB
Author:Scott Smith

Mini DM
A VERY tiny level. Good for DM...Date:10/06/96
Size:7.55 KB
Author:William Lawson

Mini-Pak2 Wad
Size:384 KB
Author:Tom Sanner (Mr.DooM)

Size:20.84 KB
Author:Scott Giesking

Deathmatch-level for DOOM II. 2 Players HUNTING 3 Players ACTION/HUNTING 4 Players PURE ACTION ( GET THE BFG9000 (if you can reach it :-} )) Please email me what you think about this wad....Date:06/08/95
Size:39.44 KB

The Mirror (v0.99)
DooM ][ level 1 Go to my homepage for screenshots at:
Size:24.54 KB
Author:Maarten Hoogveld (

LOOKING FOR A GOOD WAD? look no more...Date:11/19/96
Size:865.9 KB

MISSIL is a DOOM 2 DEATHMATCH map designed for 2 players. Play this NEW QUAKE 2 or QUAKE 3 style map with your old DOOM 2. SUPER-FAST !!...Date:11/13/00
Size:142.58 KB
Author:KIM VIDAL 2000

Blue Hell
Avoid deadly traps and set-ups. Play on ULTRAVIOLENCE mode. Don't use any cheats. Play all your friends DeathMatch with this one....Date:05/11/95
Size:103.5 KB
Author:Mark Anthony Klem

This level was made mostly for deathmatch. Feel free to kill all your close friends in this one. The record on this level is 355 FRAGS in only 2 minutes. Just kidding. ...Date:05/11/95
Size:89.39 KB
Author:Mark Anthony Klem

Size:180.73 KB
Author:Mark Anthony Klem

This level is intended for deathmatch. There are plenty of munsters if you want to play Single or Co-op....Date:05/11/95
Size:101.73 KB
Author:Mark Anthony Klem

Mortal Kombat
This is a Doom 2 Deathmatch WAD inspired by the Mortal Kombat movie and games. This is most evident in the automap once all the outdoors areas have been explored ;)...Date:11/28/96
Size:44.79 KB
Author:Brian Smith

Micro Machines ][
MM2 vs. DooM2...Date:05/27/96
Size:48.81 KB
Author:Sorc, Old Nick

Mega MatlocK
See above....Date:09/04/95
Size:261.43 KB
Author:MatlocK (Kevin Barry)

Mancer01 Special
Here it is, it didn't take long, and wasn't that hard. My final public release Doom2 Deathmatch level. It isn't a new level, but is a remake of Mancer01.WAD. The original plans were to also include a remake of Mancer13.WAD with t...Date:10/27/96
Size:28.05 KB
Author:C. Savage

Size:32.86 KB
Author:Engdahl, Wm. 4-D CREATIONS [reddawg]

Deathmatch level for Doom 2, Replaces Level 1. Take note: you must remove the -nomonsters in yer args in order for the sound effects to work :)...Date:12/02/05
Size:282.53 KB
Author:John Fletcher

The monkey
A strange kind of arena with loads of Hellknights....Date:01/05/97
Size:3.07 KB
Author:Jesper Bohmann

Doom II Deathmatch wad for 2-4 players. Plays ok as a single. It's my first effort and I would appreciate any feedback. (I built it about a year and a half ago for Doom I but never released it)...Date:05/18/96
Size:31.94 KB
Author:James Montgomery

i made a wad that was like 5 levels long and this was the third one. im not posting the 5 level one, broken.wad, cause i dont know if you people want it, but i think this one is worth having. hope you like it!...Date:02/08/96
Size:15.87 KB
Author:Patch Cupka

Anonymous's First Wad (First of many...) * * * * * * * * * * * * * House O' Morbidity * * * * * * *
YOU PRODUCE THE MORBIDITY! Skill levels 1 & 2 -The rocket launcher is the best weapon available (depending on your opinion! >:) ) Many single barrels and few double barreled shotguns are available. A few minor monsters present also. Skill level...Date:01/08/96
Size:34.8 KB

a reamke of a remake: i made a level from my single player wad MORIBUND.WAD into a deathmatch wad called MORIBDTH.WAD. i have taken that reamke and remade it into MORBDTH2.WAD. this level is pretty small and loads of fun. good for one on one or three...Date:08/24/95
Size:16.37 KB

Morbid Doom!
Morbid is a small, fast paced wad designed to stretch even the most hardened of marines to their limits! Includes such features as an "instant lift" and a river of blood :) This has nothing to do with morbdity.wad or morbdth2.wad. :) *There are some ...Date:10/03/96
Size:31.11 KB
Author:Ryan Robinson

MorDor: The Ultimate Deathmatch.
This level was inspired by all the crap that is put out on the net for deathmatch play. Some of the stuff that I download really sucks!! This wad is not the best I have ever played, but it is REALLY GOOD if you are a real Deathmatch Fragger!...Date:02/09/97
Size:194.97 KB
Author:Victor Mills

Morte One.
Deathmatching with a Cyberdemon has never been more fun! Also playable single player....Date:03/12/95
Size:41.47 KB
Author:Eric Riel

The Moshpit
Replaces Level 9 (The Pit) Deathmatch level inspired by the Lenny Kravitz's "Are you gonna go my way?" music video. The switch that doesn't have an exit sign removes access to the BFG9000s....Date:01/17/99
Size:28.7 KB
Author:Mike Fredericks (aka Gokuma)

The Mote 1.0
The Mote In the deepest pits of Hell stands The Mote. A tower of evil, a castle dedicated to all that is base and low. There is only one way out of The Mote... And that's in a coffin....Date:05/30/96
Size:25.45 KB
Author:Graham MacDonald

single DOOM2 dm map wad for 2-6 players kill or be killed , tricky dm play !!!...Date:11/25/00
Size:408.14 KB

Mr.DooM Wad
Size:453.28 KB
Author:Tom Sanner (Mr.DooM)

WELP, THERE'S A FIRST FOR EVERYTHING.. when i started makeing this wad i thought it would be neat to remake a quake2 map...Date:09/04/00
Size:95.95 KB

The first mere deathmatch from my hands. Interesting zig-zag to get to the BFG. Further all weapons included, as well as some monsters. Just to irritate you....Date:12/04/96
Size:19.74 KB
Author:Master T.

The second deathmatch constructed for the benefit of those who like to collect all weapons. A newly picked rocketlauncher provides an opportunity to shoot John's head once more. (Of course you shot him in the Icon of Sin, didn't you?) Sneaky s...Date:12/04/96
Size:21 KB
Author:Master T

Yet Another Doom2 Wad...
This was my first wad file that I've sent out. Although It's simple, it's fun... You Will NOT be able to get the BFG... It's just an illusion... (set back from a warp line, so there is no way to get it) ;)...Date:03/29/96
Size:37.98 KB
Author:Jonathan Dolan

These two levels have been over 12 months in the making. They've been designed, changed, playtested and perfected. All of my beta testers loved them - I hope you will to....Date:11/19/95
Size:205.56 KB
Author:Peter Shackleton

A level where you start in a library, teleport into a small room, then, figure it out...Date:08/04/99
Size:20.46 KB

Small deathmatch wad. I don't know if it's any good. I haven't ever played deathmatch before. There is 1 BFG in the center of the level. It is all perfectly symmetrical....Date:03/28/96
Size:5.73 KB
Author:Leif Muffett

This Wad is my best ever. It contains 2 (yes count them 2) excellent deathmatch wads. One was created by one of my friends and I a while back and one was created totally by me. This wad contains 8 new sounds, 3 new songs, and 1 new graphic....Date:04/07/96
Size:201.3 KB
Author:Eric Brandel -=(Funny3)=-

This is my first Doom 2 WAD file ever, so I hope you like it. It really is not much, but when I get better, I will make better ones....Date:12/02/96
Size:4.08 KB
Author:Nick Fowler

The Best Deathmatch Arena You'll Ever Find
Map01 of this kicks some rare parts of the human body :) Designed for Old Deathmatch !!!...Date:11/25/98
Size:113.99 KB
Author:Dimiter Todorov Georgiev

My Arena 2: OddWorld
A deathmatch level for the original doom2 v1.x, designed particularly with old deathmatch in mind. This wad was finished a year ago, but was not released as I was waiting for Kim Hauge aka BrV-Zokum to include it in the Brotherhood of Vengean...Date:02/14/00
Size:122.97 KB
Author:Dimiter Georgiev

This level was designed to be used as a Deathmatch level for Doom2. Basically you have a castle on an island. This castle is surrounded by a moat. The castle has a courtyard, and there are lots of rooms inside the castle. These rooms even come with f...Date:10/22/95
Size:108.84 KB
Author:Franco Ielapi

My Own DOOM Home
I always thought it would be fun to roam the...Date:06/02/99
Size:83.73 KB
Author:James Laska

This is the Doom ][ version of my Wad file, some of texture's are a little off so if you want the full effect you should play it on Doom I !!! This is a completely blueprint accurate WAD of my house. I designed the level so my friends who don't hav...Date:03/30/95
Size:51.42 KB
Author:Noah Haskell

My version of Santa Rosa Assault
If you've ever played the original SRA, you probably know how slow it runs, how you can shoot through walls, bump into hanging keens, look at misalignment, etc, etc... Anyway, this wad is an improvement of the original. It runs faster, has solid wall...Date:05/29/95
Size:30.29 KB
Author:Michael Lundy

This is not an original level! I modified someone else's! I take abolutely no credit in the design of this wad. The original was unique and fun as hell, but I grew tired of the same old weapons and look, so I "made" this....Date:05/16/95
Size:4.28 KB
Author:Kevin Searle (aka Monolith)

This is a small deathmatch level based upon the theme of level 1, Doom 2. It is best played using deathmatch rules 1....Date:02/10/95
Size:20.27 KB
Author:Robert Thompson and Dainel Farley

Deathmatch level the perfect size so you don't get killed as soon as you warp in but small enough to get alot of frags....Date:08/28/95
Size:31.13 KB
Author:John Jankowski

Nappy wad for Deathmatch. Small, quick & fast, what else do you need to know? Threw monsters in for those who insist on being able to play co-op....Date:04/27/96
Size:17.05 KB
Author:Carl Kidwell

NARC Deathmatch
A perfect level that I intended for deathmatch. Full of weapons, and make sure to check your map for secrets!!!...Date:01/23/96
Size:19.97 KB
Author:Wade Power

Size:72.98 KB
Author:J. Goodner

Natural Born Killers
Natural Born Killerz is the premire DOOM2 PWAD. Even though it currently has only 4 levels; soon 32. Not only are all the levels of the upmost quallity, you are rocked with some of the best MIDI music ever created! I didnt take any lame music; Only t...Date:09/26/95
Size:112.48 KB
Author:Jinxe (

Nuclear Central Version 1.1
Size:41.92 KB
Author:Stephan Ferraro

Deathmatch 2 levels...Date:04/07/96
Size:48.08 KB
Author:John Semanko

Anyone's Frag
Dark and full of acid. Designed for fun to take most of the skill out of deathmatches....Date:08/23/12
Size:14.7 KB
Author:Daniel Thomas Chard

Necropolis (v1.60 2nd Revision)
Size:251.52 KB

Nectarine DM
This is a single DM map I whipped up over a couple of days. I was listening to Nectarine Demo Scene radio ( and suddenly got inspired. It's a brown brick map with some green marble thrown in for good measure. I lke...Date:08/30/01
Size:52.66 KB
Author:Sgt Crispy

Size:237.63 KB
Author:Kathryn Taylor [Nemesis]

Neptune's Kingdom
Size:20.08 KB
Author:Virgil Itliong

NesDeath I
7 maps of pure deathmatchness made by me, Nestea....Date:02/18/04
Size:555.94 KB

The Nest 1.0
The Nest Digging in an old Pictish burial mound in the north of Scotland, archaeologists uncovered a strange underground cavern containing a technology unknown to man......Date:05/30/96
Size:36.51 KB
Author:Graham MacDonald

This one is the 10th in a continuing series of maps that are perfect for net play. This one has a LOT to offer in the way of secret areas, LOTS of guns/ammo (Every gun is in the level at least twice), and WIDE open areas for shooting each other. This...Date:01/10/05
Size:79.87 KB
Author:Jason Silvio a.k.a. The Eternal One

Size:55.76 KB
Author:Stephane DUMESNIL (Paris, France)

NETWORK, a cerebral Doom ][ Deathmatch Level
The newest DOOM level from the Bentworld group. Suitable only for Deathmatch hunts between 2 players. We STRONGLY recommend -altdeath -deathmatch -respawn. A long BULLDOG style corridor. The end rooms are stacked with just enough respawning items. A ...Date:06/22/95
Size:15.32 KB
Author:Peter Kalt and David Walker

This is a wonderful WAD, made for all modes of play. The thing that makes this WAD special is that you will always have enemies to blast. And the longer you're living, the harder the level will get. It's an odd-looking temple that is a square shape. ...Date:06/14/96
Size:179.01 KB

Yet Another Doom2 Wad...
This is yet another wad I've sent out. Although It's simple, it's fun......Date:03/29/96
Size:16.09 KB
Author:Jonathan Dolan

NEWBOXE for DOOM ][ Deathmatch
This level is based on my previous BOXE level. I wanted to keep the fun of the boxing, but make it a little more interesting for deathmatch, so I have added dbl shotguns and armor at each start position. This is really the fight between the BERSE...Date:11/15/97
Size:23.72 KB
Author:DENIS Fabrice aka DeF-46!

Medium sized Deathmatch level. This level has been played for HUNDREDS!! of hours! (it's true, I swear! I'm addicted to Deathmatch). You will not find the BFG or the Plasma on this level, because I think it is more fun without them. (If you got to ha...Date:03/05/96
Size:48.29 KB
Author:Stian W. Sletner

Deathmatch level the perfect size so you don't get killed as soon as you warp in but small enough to get alot of frags....Date:08/11/95
Size:68.94 KB
Author:Jim Jankowski and John Jankowski

defies, it's a tight level good for any number of players in deathmatch. original and altdeath are supported, and if you enjoy large rocket-launcher-wielding beasts in your way you can play with monsters [just a cyber- demon and a sizzle-crac...Date:07/08/96
Size:83.88 KB
Author:Dan Proietti
The lmp files contained in this zip file are of NIN playing against Bar0n in NIN02.LMP. The final frags was NIN 3, Bar0n 9....Date:02/27/95
Size:55.87 KB

Night Fight Deathmatch
Building-to-building fighting in a small industrial park at night. Lighting effects and texture selection add to the "night time" atmosphere. Uses only SuperShotgun, Chaingun and Rocket Launcher for better action. The circular, outside design ensures...Date:09/23/96
Size:48.82 KB
Author:Ken Phipps

This is my third DOOM wad and I named it NITEFRAG because of the dark courtyard and the new night sky. This is a small to medium-sized wad consisting of a big building, a small building, two platforms and a courtyard with a ledge around it. I took a ...Date:12/21/95
Size:34.54 KB
Author:Jay Scott

Excellent deathmatch wad. Its best for 2 or 3 players but can be used for 4. It was designed for Deathmatch2.0 (altdeath). There is a cool elevator with up and down switches. The better weapons are harder to get and all weapons are included....Date:02/27/95
Size:22.23 KB
Author:Nick Lindert

Nothin Much
8 levels. 6 of which are just mods of some of dooms first levels. I should also mention that the levels arnt that good, hence the name "Nothing Much"...Date:08/12/04
Size:170.79 KB
Author:Ben Tybursky

National Microcomputers Floorplan WAD
It's a floorplan of my work! Designed for deathmatch. Works best with 3 to 4 players, but it is OK for two players....Date:06/05/95
Size:41.01 KB
Author:Andrew Lawrence

Newton North High School for DOOM ][ Deathmatch
NNHS is the main hallway, gym, and back corridors of Newton North High School. I started making just to make fun of the school, (which is always nice), but then I read Brian Kidby's deathmatch "FAQ." It said that the best Deathmatch levels can have l...Date:05/19/95
Size:97.82 KB
Author:Owen Williams

My first deathmatch level for doom][. includes: a crusher and a pool....Date:02/07/97
Size:17.81 KB
Author:Fredrik Liset + the Riddler

No Second Chances
Altdeath level for Doom 2. This is quite a simple level. It has 2 reasonably large open areas, several teleports (Mic's influence), *lots* of stairs (Kim's influence), blue & green armour, both types of shotgun, chaingun & rocket launcher. (Yes, the ...Date:06/17/95
Size:16.26 KB
Author:Kimberley van Amerongen & Michael R. Cullen

A Deathmatch wad with interesting tactics and very fast play. Watch your backside or lose it. Has a few neat features that to the best of my knowledge are not seen in any other wad. More below......Date:01/26/96
Size:120.33 KB
Author:Aron "Darkwing" Kerkhof

NoFate Deathmatch #1: The Slaughter
Have you got the guts to compete in the nastiest deathmatch around? I didn't think so.... Accept the challenge. Fulfill your date with Death. For when you step inside these walls of terror, you truly have NoFate....Date:07/15/95
Size:22.21 KB
Author:Scott Amore

This level was made specifically for a Doom2 tourney we held and was received well by the players. It works nicely for anywhere from two to four players -- it's small enough so that you'll never spend too long looking for each other but big enough so...Date:02/29/96
Size:31.08 KB
Author:Nobu Aoki and James Hogan

Nowhere to Hide
NOwhere to Hide is optimized for DEATHMATCH. There's only one room and tons of outdoor arena, Decorativly landscaped with scruffy looking trees.:) No exits!!!!...Date:01/08/96
Size:15.59 KB
Author:Cyber Junkie, Aka Tony Callis

Size:64.61 KB
Author:Keith Seven

Night of the Living Dead part ?
A great deathmatch, single player, co-op level mainly deathmatch....Date:03/17/96
Size:17.58 KB
Author:Robert Oberlander

There's Nomercy when playing this New DMatch Level. It's strickly DMII using only DMII rules. There is no exits on this level. It's do or die until the time runs out!!! This is my first attempt at creating a Deathmatch Level & Not the last! It's up t...Date:04/13/07
Size:12.34 KB

Nonstop Deathmatch Levels ( for Doom 2 )
Seven cool small deathmatch levels for 2 - 3 players. Contains revised NDM 1-4 & 3 new levels. Visit my web-site:
Size:273.68 KB
Author:Michal Mesko

Nonstop action WAD for DOOM II Deathmatch
Doom II Wad for Deatmatch. The simple things in life are often the best... Minimum clutter - maximum action. No dead ends, no megaspheres, no pity. Stop moving and you're dead. If you haven't been fragged for 30 seconds in a 4 player deathmatch, then...Date:09/19/95
Size:7.29 KB
Author:George Filippoff

Non-Stop Deathmatch II
This is another wad based on the SUPERB theme of a wad called "gore1.wad" (I didn't make that), which means: 4 weapons at the start, NO health, NO armor, NO extra ammo, NO Invulnerabilities and other disturbing this. Basically, all is stripped down t...Date:10/04/96
Size:13.73 KB
Author:Ole J. Kielland

Non-stop DeathMatch
This is a DeathMatch wad inspired by the GREAT "gore.wad", by an author unknown to me. The general idea of this wad is to maintain the adrenaline pressure of the players at a maximum rate all the time. You start out in a small niche, with your weapon...Date:10/04/96
Size:13.75 KB
Author:Ole J. Kielland jr.

You're not alone (notalone.wad)
Included is 2 Deathmatch levels.. The first one is small, making it more suitable for 2 players, but the second one has lots of wide open spaces, making it suitable for 4....Date:02/09/96
Size:87.46 KB
Author:Jim Wraith

Notto's Level for DOOM ][ MAP 01
Deathmatch WAD with some twists. Lots of places to Score a TELE-FRAG. There are a couple of places where there are small "Fence posts" right by a tele-pad. If you are standing by one and it drops, it means ...Date:08/20/95
Size:146.15 KB
Author:Scott Armatti (Notto)

Nova's Wad v3.0
DeathMatch PWAD I made while I was BETA testing EdMap 1.24. ALL the Weapons in Doom 2 are in this PWAD, just look for 'em! I used most every feature in EdMap in the the process of making this PWAD. If your playing this with anything other than DeathM...Date:01/12/95
Size:36.24 KB
Author:Andrew Baker

This is the final release of the Nowhere series. This wad contains the first six levels from the series, along with four new ones! ...Date:03/27/97
Size:429.86 KB
Author:The Waffle King (Dan Twomey)

Totally 100 percent DEATHMATCH level!!! For those people who like's lots of room and tons of rockets!!...Date:10/16/95
Size:74.13 KB
Author:B.Obenhaus (Noble)

Totally 100 percent DEATHMATCH level!!! For those people who like's lots of room and tons of SuperShotGun's...Date:12/21/95
Size:18.98 KB

Nukecity for Doom II
Enhanced and revised version of my original Nukecity.wad Deathmatch arena which recreates depraved city environment featuring sky atomic bombing, church, library, tower,appartment building and cinema. Many new graphics.My attempt to keep Dukenukem3...Date:09/08/96
Size:199.12 KB
Author:Eric Tremblay (BLOODSHED) 08/21/96.

Nuke Pit Death Match
Strictly a Deathmatch level for Doom 2, Replaces Level 1....Date:08/27/95
Size:39.21 KB
Author:Scott Johnson

Multi player and Death Match...Date:10/21/95
Size:44.13 KB
Author:Mike Henning

Nutz - The artifical way to play
Medium to small arena for nice 2 player deathmatch. Doesnt really convey a place (see TECHCNTR.ZIP) but has a nice artifical layout that gives a fast deathmatch for 2+ players. This level prolly isnt suited for 4 (maybe even 3) but who knows in t...Date:02/22/98
Size:10.17 KB
Author:Travers Dunne

This is an excellent Doom 2 DEATHMATCH wad....Date:04/02/97
Size:102.32 KB

Untitled (You can call it 'No Where To Hide' if you want)
My first DeathMatch wad. Its nothing much, just a big open space, some pillers, weapons, and YEAH!...Date:09/03/00
Size:6.14 KB
Author:Rob 'Fonz' LoFaso

O'ARENA.WAD, a DeathMatch wad for DOOM2
This is a wad designed for deathmatch 2 (-Altdeath) direct conervsion of 1KDEATHS.wad for DOOM 1, with slight modifications for more enjoyment. One large arena with a hall going around it. Elevators and Megasphere in center! lots of ammo!! Frag every...Date:07/06/95
Size:44.03 KB
Author:Blackadder and The Chairman

here is oct-dm4.wad the last and final version.. the others were test/betas..... look at it and tell me what u think... this is there death match version of octagon.....Date:09/27/95
Size:535.31 KB

octagon (hah with 16 sides) of death
very simple map. sorta reminds people of map07 from DooM2....Date:06/26/01
Size:11.42 KB

This has undergone many changes until it reached its present form, I think it is now at its peak ......Date:06/21/96
Size:18.49 KB
Author:Hagus, Alias Luke Burton (

The principal room has eight sides, every side has a corridor wich lead to diferent rooms, jails, computer room, library, etc. ( youll find some Girls in bikini !! ) ( it is NOT a porn Wad )...Date:08/25/95
Size:171.02 KB
Author:Christian Arnaud Irles

The Octagons (Chuck Norris not include)
A symetrical structure connecting several octagonal areas of varying hieghts. The "main" area has a small, poison stairwell leading up to a small room with the BFG. This room is held up by 4 techno-pillars so not only will a player recieve poison dam...Date:03/30/95
Size:64.28 KB
Author:Scott Armatti

Octogon of Death
The octogon shaped main room has a themed offshoot on each side. The themes allow you to know where you are in the wad at all times. (It's hard to get turned around.) This wad is EXCELLENT because it combines long-range battles with close encounters....Date:12/27/95
Size:27.59 KB
Author:Chris Schulze

The Octogon!
A deathmatch level....Date:10/23/05
Size:3.78 KB

Odashee's Get the Flag
- Designed for Doom II CO-OP mode. - This level is an edited version of FLAG.WAD. Two facing castles each have a "key" in the foyer. The RED TEAM (red and brown) has to cross to the other castle and get the "blue key". Then return, open the RED TEA...Date:09/27/95
Size:20.67 KB
Author:Douglas W. Carrigan

Os of Destruction
Size:13.32 KB
Author:Bjarne Christensen

Offices of Death
This is a floor plan of the office I work in. There are 2 FULL FLOORS of cubicles, offices, libraries, reception areas, etc. AND there is the roof! The elevators and staircases all work as you would expect them to....Date:12/27/95
Size:71.35 KB
Author:Dr. Detroit (aka London)

DOOMED Office 1.0
This is a wad that i created of my office. plenty of deathmatch starts and network action....Date:03/02/95
Size:22.2 KB
Author:Clay Pigeon

Oldschool Duel
Two oldschool speedmaps that were meant for an old-school map project, but no one took interest on the project. There originally was three, but I knocked one off because it was not too good even for speedmap quality....Date:09/22/09
Size:44.03 KB

This level is a recreation of an old west town. Much attention has been paid to the balance and design of this level. There is NO BFG, and the lone plasma rifle is hard to get. Shotguns and super shotguns are everywhere. Chainguns and rocket launcher...Date:03/25/95
Size:28.14 KB
Author:Sachin Pansuria (Sonic) Vlad Tokarskiy (TheImpaler)

Size:58.23 KB
It is for doom2, strictly deathmatch for dwango....Date:10/09/95
Size:28.05 KB
Author:Midiguy (Dale B.)

Return to the Omen
Map1 deathmatch only replacement for DOOM ][...Date:02/22/98
Size:44.08 KB
Author:FraGMarE (Ian McPherson)

OMG Hax Deathmatch
The year is 2056; you find yourself pitted against other warriors in a strange environment where ceilings are an illusion and invisible walls block your shots. Are you prepared to quit this wad in disgust -- err, I mean, Are you prepared to battle to...Date:05/15/05
Size:3.26 KB
Author:Brandon "exp(x)" Del Bel

One Last .Wad.....
A small deathmatch .wad; should be fairly intense. (see history for theme.)...Date:08/23/96
Size:134.9 KB
Author:Shawn Walker

Deathmatch WAD for DOOM2
An excellent level for 4 player deathmatch. The first I have bothered to release....Date:03/16/95
Size:47.96 KB
Author:Russell McInnes (Alias Muscle)

A real funny little map with a lot of excitement....Date:01/05/97
Size:10.38 KB
Author:Mikael G Nielsen

*OUT* with a *BANG*
Here it is! Another awesome deathmatch wad, in the great tradition of Unsafe Haven! This is the first wad you've seen from me in a LONG time, but it definitely rocks!...Date:09/14/97
Size:34.52 KB

Outpost of Hell - DeathMatch
This is a DM .WAD designed for FFA game mode, inspired by my "Outpost of Hell" series: in fact, it has got the same gothic style with some hellish touches. It is a medium-big map with a long red corridor around the main arena in the centre and four r...Date:09/17/08
Size:43.93 KB
Author:Ismaele (Alberto Sposito)

A Deathmatch only wad for Doom2. holes for each player to start in. Each person gets Small arena wad with 8? surrounding rooms, good for 2-3 players. 4 is a little tight. A modification of OVAL, a wad by who knows? Changed lighting, weapon spread, th...Date:09/11/95
Size:19.87 KB
Author:Phillip Edwards

Small...Fast...Brutal... Average life expectancy? Oh about 15 seconds :) This level was produced for the DOOMSDAYIII deathmatch tournament - December 1st 2nd and 3rd, 1995 Two things were considered for this level: Make the action non-stop an...Date:12/18/95
Size:34.93 KB
Author:John Wakelin (SingLMalt)

Over_lrd 01 Deathmatch
Size:13.67 KB
Author:over_lrd (Chris Elly)

Over_lrd 02 Deathmatch
Size:102.32 KB
Author:over_lrd (Chris Elly)

Over_lrd 03 Deathmatch
Size:7.9 KB
Author:over_lrd (Chris Elly)

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