Title: M-SWIRL (Micro-Swirl)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/m-swirl.zip
Size: 89.5 KB
Date: 04/14/96
Author: Michael "migru" Grube
Description: Fighting arena with crossing channels, surrounding rooms containing safe startpositions, 4-fold- symmetric layout, perfectly aligned textures. Only one weapon at the start, later you find the Chaingun. Pick one out of four maps, the only difference is the weaponry.

D-SWIRL: Double-Shotgun + Bluesphere + Green Armor R-SWIRL: Rocketlauncher + Megasphere B-SWIRL: BfG + Megasphere P-SWIRL: Plasmagun + Bluesphere

Due to the fact that the original SWIRL was to big for fast paced deathmatch, I created this series of smaller maps. The frag quotas (frag/min) are much higher now. Obviously the Plasmagun is most effective, Bfg shortly behind (>3.2). DSG is in the midfield (2.6) while the Rocketlauncher is a bit unsuitable for this layout (1.6). These scores are for 2 player deathmatch. Maybe more than two players will have other results.
Credits: Andy Badorek for play-testing The authors of DETH and ZENNODE id Software for the game
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Editor(s) used: DETH383
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