Title: MaNCeRX3.wad (released on 4/21/96)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/mancerx3.zip
Size: 264.14 KB
Date: 05/23/96
Author: Cole Savage ( MaNCeR )
Description: I noticed a lot of platforms in MancerX2 so I took a different approach on building MancerX3... The file sized stayed small :)

MaNCeRX3.WAD continues the classic MancerX tradition containing 5 levels with new music, sounds, and graphics! I do intend to continue making WADs until Quake comes out! I'll also be making a Duke3D level every here and there.

MAP11 - A very fast paced map. The BFG9000 is a great weapon to have here but be careful! You probally will just miss unless you are real good, the pillars usually block shots... 2 - 4 player recommended.

MAP12 - A remake of one of my older levels. The level came from one of the levels in my old Smokepak.WAD. I remade it and now it looks and plays a lot better. 2 - 4 player is recommended.

MAP13 - This is one of my favorites! This level is fast paced with any ammount of players and usually involves a lot of startegy. The BFG9000 can be powerful on this level. Watch your back! 2 - 4 players recommended.

MAP14 - You may reconize this as Mancer02.WAD at first. Don't be fooled! One you turn around from the start position. You'll able to see the massive outside! Look out for anyone who goes and trys to get the plasma, it can be *VERY* deadly! 2 - 4 players recommended.

MAP15 - My newest WAD. This level is fast paced and flows much like Mancer13 (MAP13).. There is a BFG9000 but you'll have to go through some pain as usuall.. (40%) 2 - 4 players recommended.
Credits: Id Software, for Doom and Quake.... They are both great games!

Everybody on #DeathMatch for listening to me babble. Drop by the channel sometime!
Base: A level from scratch
Build time: Much too long
Editor(s) used: WinDEU 5.24
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