Title: marbledm.wad (Marble Death Match)Version 1.8
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/m-o/marbledm.zip
Size: 21.79 KB
Date: 04/08/99
Author: Reviver
Description: This is in an enclosed area with dim lighting provided by the sun and lamps. Marble is the main building element, with some exceptions.

The activated (red-eyed) skull creates shortcuts while the other switch is for exiting. When I say "shortcuts", I mean four pillars lower. When I say the red-eyed switch is for exiting, I mean a silver "UAC"-marked door opens once the switch activated. You can go through it to exit or get the weapons located there.

Info about other switches:

The switches along the walls lower the weapons in each section, but there's a little trick to it. Watch the demo to get examples of how the puzzle works.

Did you find the secret door? If you did, there are three switches inside of it, along the weapons. When you first open the door, the switch facing you will lower the pillar behind you. The switches to your left and right raise the floor if someone got a rocket launcer. If the left path is lowered and you would like to get it to its original height, just operate the left switch. The right works the same way. If no one went to get a rocket launcher, you can activate a switch anyway. Watch the effect it had on the side you activated it for. (Whenever someone gets a rocket launcher under the crushers, a path is lowered if it was not already. These are the rocket launchers I am referring to.)

The switches in the teleporter room that you have to step on to the teleporters to activate can change the structure of the level. Press the switch on the right to lower pillars. They will stay lowered, meaning more moving room. If you lowered the pillars and decided you didn't like the effect it had, activate the switch on the left to raise the pillars back their original height. If the pillars are not lowered, this switch will have no effect.

If you noticed the switch on end of the dark tunnel, then you found a little secret. Activate it and it will activate the elevator behind you. Only press this switch if you are extremely patient or bored. Ride it to the top, survive the crushers, and you will get my super-hidden surprise. Now the activate the switch to lower the lift behind the item, move to the end of tunnel while avoiding being crushed (It's difficult , I know, but I managed to survive), get to lift fast enough so you don't have to acti vate the switch again, hurry off of the lift when it reaches the floor, and you get to use bonus.

**Newest switches added**

See those those brown structures with chain guns on the top? You can lower those by opening the UAC Door and going straight in the weapons storage building until you see a chaingun at your side. Get to onto platform to see get a closer look at the switches. The lion's and gargole's head will lower a brown column, according to the one you activated, on the left or right side. Columns can be lowered for an infinite amount of times.

If you want to raise the brown coluns again, use the switches that appear when the columns are lowered. Each switch will acti- vate a column on the opposite side it is on. One activation will raise a column 32. These activations can be repeated infinitely.

I hope this clears up what all of the switches do.
Credits: id, and free time.
Base: None.
Build time: 24 hours, give or take for actual building, , with months of time for refinements.
Editor(s) used: Edmap, Wintex.
Bugs: Some walls "eat" rockets at a certain angle.
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Oh man. This map looks okay, but talk about a TEDIOUS deathmatch arena! So cramped!x

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